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Chapter 1: An Identity Revealed

Harry was loping down a forest path on the back of Azrael when an owl swooped down upon him and released a letter into his care before careening wildly into a nearby tree.

"Errol," Harry sighed and reined Azrael in, thankful that his horse didn't spook easily, "you would think the twins would snitch Hermes more often."

Sliding out of the saddle Harry awkwardly picked up Errol and draped the disheveled owl over the saddle before remounting and wheeling Azrael toward home. He wondered if Blaise was back yet, but doubted it; she probably wouldn't be back until around dinner. Blaise and Trevor had gone to visit some distant relative leaving Harry lesson free for a few days. His father was also out that day, dealing with some business that he considered Harry to be too young to come along for.

So far summer had been great even though Trevor was making sure that they kept up with the basics of the muggle schooling they were missing out on as well as advancing them in their magical studies. Trevor had also mentioned teaching them to duel, but he wanted to build up their arsenal of spells first as well as wait for his friend who was a dueling master to come and help. Harry dismounted at the stable paddock and lifted Errol down before leaving Azrael for one of the hands to take care of; he would have groomed Azrael himself, but he also wanted to get the aged owl inside without too many seeing. In his room Harry laid Errol down on the bench under an open window and unrolled the parchment addressed to him.

Our Dear Harry, Mum is practically bursting to meet you and Blaise. Do grace us with your snakish presence this Saturday. Floo to The Burrow around noon and do bring your fathers. Gred and Forge.

Harry broached the letter at dinner, and to his and Blaise's delight they would be allowed to go and their dads were free to come as well. Harry jotted off a quick reply after dinner and sent it off with Trevor's owl, Hibou; Ciara was out hunting and Errol had left earlier after doing a bit of recovering. It would be interesting to see where the twins lived because it was an all wizarding home. Maybe the twins could come to their house sometime Harry thought later as he readied for bed. The mansion was a great place for pranks and it was more of a challenge to prank the alert guards, which made things more exciting; of course the twins would have to watch what they said about magic and the wizarding world.

Friday Harry spent under the strict tutelage of Sensei working with practice swords. In this muggle age of guns swords really had no place, but Harry was proud to be learning the art of swordplay from Sensei. He also had a good idea that knowing how to sword fight would come in handy for when he was in the wizarding world seeing as how the wizarding world sometimes seemed closer to the middle ages than the modern twentieth century.

They also practiced the move Harry had tried on Blaise while at Hogwarts, except they now used a bar for Harry to work with. Harry was currently running at the stationary bar set at around Blaise's shoulder height and grasped it while throwing himself up so that he flipped over the bar but did not let go. If Harry had been practicing on a person his momentum would have forced the person to bend backwards and hopefully fall as was intended; the problem was for Harry to make sure that he didn't go down with them, so he was trying to figure out how to time everything just right under Sensei's watchful gaze. It would have been a hell of a lot easier if he had someone to practice on since the bar didn't move with him, but it also would have been a hell of a lot more painful for him and his partner.

The Leaky Cauldron was packed as the time neared noon, what with the lunch crowd bustling in from a day of shopping and all. Little kids could be heard exclaiming excitedly on what they had bought or were going to buy while witches and wizards stood around gossiping on the latest news and spells. Harry, Blaise, Trevor, and Manuel walked quickly through the pub, and the ensuing throng, towards the large fireplace in the back.

"Remember," Trevor instructed, "throw the powder down into the flames as you step into the fire before calling out 'The Burrow'. Keep your arms at your sides and hold still. Don't try and bend your knees or brace yourself for a fall because then you will fall. When you arrive merely step forward out of the fireplace and move aside, we'll go in two groups with a minute in between. Harry, you and Manuel will go first so that Blaise and I can follow if you mispronounce the destination."

Nodding in understanding Harry and Manuel exchanged glances and rolled their eyes. As if they hadn't understood the first time. But Trevor wasn't quite finished yet.

"Harry, watch your father as you travel. I don't know how floo might affect someone without active magic. Be ready to cast a flame freezing charm or stupefy and hold on to him. The travel lasts only moments so I don't expect any problems, but be alert."

Taking the offered Floo powder Harry tossed the sparkling green dust into the flames and pulled his dad in behind him while calling out "The Burrow" as clearly as he could; all the while trying not to choke on the ashes spinning around him along with the warm emerald flames.

Harry almost gave into the temptation to close his eyes to keep out the ash but resolutely kept watch over his father who seemed to be fine if not a bit nauseous, a feeling Harry identified with. Within seconds the travel was over though and the ground was firm and no longer seemed to be spinning beneath them. Quickly Manuel and Harry stepped out of the flames and away from the opening of the fireplace to allow Trevor and Blaise to come through, covertly scanning the room they had landed in for any danger as they moved. The room was safe even if the furniture was a bit well worn; but the atmosphere was cozy and invitingly lived in, allowing both Harry and Manuel to relax their alert stances just in time for the twins to come bounding happily into the room.

"It does seem that our guests," Fred began

"Have just stumbled through the floo," George picked up

"Absolutely spiffing to see you," they finished together as they exuberantly shook Manuel's hand then Trevor's after he came tumbling through the Floo with Blaise.

"Boys," came the sharp yet warm voice from the doorway to the room where a motherly looking woman was wiping her hands upon an apron, "give them some space to move from the Floo now. I'm Molly Weasley and the twins are Fred and George, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Manuel inclined his head slightly and took over the introductions, "the pleasure is ours. My name is Manuel and this is my son Harry, his friend Blaise, and her father Trevor."

"Well come into the kitchen then," Mrs. Weasley continued, "and I'll introduce you to the rest of the family though my two eldest sons won't be in till a bit later."

In the kitchen Manuel and Trevor found themselves being introduced to Percy who greeted them with a solemn air as if recognizing their power; Ron on the other hand merely gave a sullen hello before leaving the room. Ginny was last to be introduced and though she was slightly timid around Harry and Blaise they could see the slightly mischievous look in her eyes and the twins didn't mind all that much that she tagged along as they trooped down to the lower field to play a pick-up game of Quidditch, they didn't bother to ask Ron or Percy to play. They hadn't been playing long when Ginny spotted two figures coming up the road and the five broke off from the game to fly down and hover near the two eldest Weasley children.

Bill grinned and nudged Charlie as he saw five distant shapes heading towards them and Charlie shaded his eyes against the sun.

"There's the twins and Ginny," Charlie said, "but who are the other two with them?"

Bill too shaded his eyes and froze in recognition though he recovered before Charlie could notice; it was all over for him now. Bill could see the moment Harry and Blaise realized who he was and the implications it possibly held. Yet neither of them faltered and greeted him as if they had never met before, they weren't going to say anything yet something which Bill was eternally grateful for. His family though he was a Curse Breaker for Gringotts, which was partially true as he occasionally freelanced for the Goblins. It appeared that he would have to face Manuel and Trevor later with some truths about himself. What Bill wasn't expecting to happen was to walk into the Burrow's kitchen to find Trevor sitting at the table talking with his father as if they had known each other for a while with Manuel sitting there listening intently and interjecting a few occasional comments.

"Oh hello dears," Molly greeted her eldest sons and drawing attention to them, "I see you've met Harry and Blaise. Arthur, this is Blaise Zabini, Trevor's daughter and Manuel's son Harry Potter."

Bill suddenly felt faint. Harry Potter and Harry Darkov were one in the same. Things had just become even more complicated and Bill could feel Manuel Darkov's assessing gaze trained steadily on him.

"Hello," Bill greeted faintly, hoping they would play along as he firmly shook their hands, "it's a pleasure to meet you."

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