I know New Year have passed, but then, it's still January and it's a fan fiction, so anything can happen!


Chapter 1: Invitation

5 people are sitting in front of a table, and on the tables are five pies. All them have a grumpy face. Then one of them picks up his fork to get a piece of pie and eats it, swallowing it with a disgusted face.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" shouts the host of the show. "We have a winner!!!!"

"What are you watching on TV?" Roy asks Falco.

"Pie eating contest for people who don't like pie," the bluebird replies. He turns off the TV and shouts to Peach, "How's the New Year party coming along?"

"It's going along fine!" she replies. "We still have a lot of food to prepare and the decorations also. If only Kirby would stop eating the foods I am preparing, we could get it going faster."

"Are we the only ones participating in this party?" Zelda asks her.

"Well, if you have any friends out there, you can invite them too,"

Falco thought for a while. "I know just the guy to invite."

In 10-Lives Apartment, Reed is inside his room, all bored out. "Tomorrow is a new day, and I'm over here not doing anything. I got no friends at all and therefore, nobody is inviting me to have some fun." He hears a knock at his door and went to open it, finding Susanna the transvestite behind it. "Hi, sweety Reed! Do you have plans for tonight?"

"No… What do you want?"

"I was wondering… If you are bored tonight, then come to my night club and enjoy the New Year party there!"

"Thanks for your invitation… I'll think about it…"

"See you tonight!"

Susanna walks down the apartment and met Falco. "Long to no see!!!! It's Falco!!!"

"Yeah, it's been a while."

"Wanna come to my night club tonight?"

"Actually, I was planning to invite you to my house for a New Year party."

"Ooooooh! That would be great! I'll think about it first. Perhaps being with familiar people is better!" With that, she left for her 'work'.

Falco walks up to the apartment and knocks at Room 010. Reed opens the door and is surprised to see Falco. "Why! I was wondering who is it!"

"Wanna come to my house for a New Year party?"

"That would be better than going to Susanna's club! I think…"

Falco turns to the wall. "Is the wall fixed…?"

"Yeah, I covered up the wall with plaster. I did it secretly without letting the landlord know."

"Okay, if you want to come, then see you at evening 6:00."

Falco goes to another door and knocks. A shy girl peeks out from behind the door, "Yes…"

"Still shy as ever, Priscilla? You want to come to my house for a New Year party?"

"I can go… But I need to… get dressed up…"

"It's your choice." Falco then goes to another door and knocks. The door opens and a green hideous monster wielding a sickle steps out. "EEEEEKS!" shrieks Falco when he sees him holding the sickle. The monster throws the sickle and Falco quickly ducks under it. The sickle flies forward and stabs a hornet.

"Man! Don't frighten me!" says Falco, still trying to recover from the shock. "Anyway, do you want to our New Year party?"

"That is fun," says the monster, Mr. Binko. "I go with Ms. Lump,"

"Okay, don't forget to come by 6:00."

"Oh no! I late! It is 12:00!"

"I said 6 PM, not 6 AM!"

Falco leaves the apartment and heads back home, but then he stops and thought. "Should I invite the landlord?" He thinks back the times when the Smashers are living in this apartment and how annoying the landlord was, and then he shook his head and continues leaving.


Surprised that many old characters from "Times in 10-Lives Apartment" are returning, eh?