To answer a reviewer's question. You should have read "Times in 10-Lives Apartment". These characters are new and not from anywhere else. Therefore, it means only one thing, which you should be able to figure out.

Chapter 3: Party

"Okey-dokey, everything's ready!" announces Mario. "Let's-a party began!"


There was a knock on the door.

"I'll open it," says Luigi. He went to the door, and before he touches the doorknob, the door falls over and on top of Luigi…

"I'm here!" shouts Susanna. "The boss let me have a day off!!!! Let's go wild!!!!!"

"Why in the world did you invite her… or should it be him…?" whispers Bowser to Falco.

"Nobody stopped me…" he replies.

A few minutes passed and Reed arrives. "I'm late, am I?"

"Oh no, you're not! You're not even welcomed!" Ganondorf tells him.


"Did you take me seriously? Come in!"

After another while, Priscilla comes in and she's dressed up as a clown. "Hello, kiddies!!!! Let us play together!!!!"

"You don't have to dress up like that…" says Game & Watch.

"But remember that her character changes along with what she wears," Marth reminds him. "And by the way, where's Roy?"

"I think he went to fetch her girlfriend."

Luigi had just finished fixing the door. "That's better." Then there was a strong knock on the door. In fact, it is so strong that the door fell over on Luigi again.

"I knock too hard?" asks Mr. Binko. "Perhaps you did, dear," says Ms. Lump.

"Come in!" Fox tells them. "It's great to have a couple around here!"

And so, they all began the party, without Roy…

"Where did he go?" asks Link. "He said he went to fetch Lilina," Game & Watch tells him.

"But isn't it taking too long?"

A loud boom is heard outside, and then the door opens, a burned up Roy and a good-looking (and beautiful) Lilina walks in.

"What happened?!" Link asks in surprise. "I tried to show off in front of Lilina by doing some sword tricks, but accidentally sliced our car engine and…"

"Which car?" asks Captain Falcon.

"Okay, to be precise… Fox's motorcycle."

"Phew, what a relief…"

"No!!!! The bike!!!!" screams Fox

"Sorry…" Roy pardons.

Being a patient and kind fox, Fox forgives Roy. "Never mind… Don't show off like that next time…"

And everyone resumes the party. Kirby shouts across the room, "Can anyone pass me a pie?"

"Okay!" replies Popo. "Catch!" He throws the pie across the room and it flew over Kirby and hits…

"Who did it?!" screams Zelda with a face full of pie pieces. Popo is already hiding under the table.

The phone rings and Ganondorf goes to pick it. "Hello? Oh no… Listen, I lost track of how many times you have called us, but please stop calling the wrong number!" Then he hangs the phone.

"Why do we always get the wrong phone calls ever since Pizza Palace opened?" asks Dr. Mario.

"Simple, our home phone is 212-1212. Pizza Palace's phone number in 212-2121, so it's easy to make mistakes."

The party goes on and on. Some of the adults are even drunk.

"Okay, let's play king!" says Susanna. "We will decide who will be who! There will be a king, queen, and two passersby!" She puts four paper cards on the ground and tells four people to pick it. She and other three picks it…

"I'm passerby A!" says Dr. Mario.

"I'm passerby B!" says Captain Falcon.

"Yeah! I'm the queen!" shouts Susanna in joy. She gets up does a victory dance.

"I'm the king," says DK. "So I have to give out orders to any of you three?'

"Right," Susanna assures him.

"Light? I guess you mean right. Oh well… Can passerby A give me a banana?"

"Ha! Simple enough!" laughs Dr. Mario, who got up and got DK a banana.

"Can you please make it more interesting?" Susanna asks DK.

"If you insist… Then can the queen…"

Susanna winks her eye, trying to look cute… "Can the queen kiss passerby B?" commands DK.

"Yeah! I love too!!!!" shouts Susanna. "What do you think you're saying?! DK!!!!!" screams CF. Susanna grabs him and…

The following part is too sick to mention, so please use your imagination.

Now we move on to the kids.

"I wonder how alcohol tastes like," wonders Young Link. "They say it tastes terrible," says Kirby.

"How'd you know?"

"I tasted it before."

"If you can, then I can!"

Young Link sneaks to the table to get a bottle. When his hand is about to reach one, a boomerang flies forward and smashes the bottle. Young Link turns around to see old Link watching him. "No beer for kids," says Link. "Now run along and drink something else!"

"Sorry…"Young Link quickly runs off.

"It's amazing…" says Marth. "Are you drunk-proof or what?"

"Not sure…" says Bowser. "I'm one of the few people in my bloodline that is immune to drunkenness. I drank two whole bottles of beer already and my mind is still going well."

"Kiddies" shouts Priscilla. "I'm gonna show you a magic trick!"

"Yeah!!!!" cheer the kids.

"I'm going to put this pie into the box and turn it into something else!" She puts the pie into the box and says some magic words. She puts her hand into the box again and pulls up…

"Tada!!!! A puffball!!!!"

"What's Kirby's doing inside the box?" asks Ness. "She told me to go inside and eat the pie when she puts it in," Kirby tells him. "Then she pulled me up to make you think the pie turned into me…"

"Smart trick…"

Yoshi is lying on the ground with a big belly. "Boy, so much food… I still want to eat more…" He got a bottle of soda and drank them all, and then throws it away, only to hit a drunk Mario.

"You bad-a boy!" scolds Mario. "You must-a pay for hitting me!" Mario charges at Yoshi while screaming some unknown language. Yoshi responds by burping out carbonate bubbles at Mario, stopping him in his tracks. "You bad-a boy!" Mario screams again. "I will get-a you!" Mario runs out the room and returns with a gas mask. "Now you cannot-a get-a me with your evil floating balls!"

Mario charges at Yoshi again. To protect himself, Yoshi fights Mario back. "Wake up! You're drunk!"

The other adults, who were also drunk, decide to join the fun. "Total war out there!" shouts Luigi. "Let's fight for our country!"

"Yes!!!!" shouts the drunken ones.

"They have gotten the women and children!"


"I say we fight for peace!!!!!"


"We must all fight to protect our precious things!!!!'


"And they have kidnapped my brother!!!!!"

"Oh nooooo!!!!!!!!"

"I say we fight!!!!!"


All the drunken ones charge at Mario and Yoshi and started a battle while those with their senses watch from the side.

"Men are like this…" mutters Peach, but then she notices Samus and Ms. Lump among the fighting crowd. "Okay, a few women too…"

Bowser stands on the side watching the drunken mobs fight while drinking beer by himself, "Heh, I'm no drunkard." He takes another sip.

Priscilla is still playing tricks with the kids. "Can I have a volunteer?"

"I will!" Jigglypuff raises her hand. "Now please do come up!" says Priscilla.

Jigglypuff walks up in front and Priscilla says, "I will pull out some strange stuffs from her ear!"


Priscilla reaches her hand into Jigglypuff's ear and pulls out a yellowish crispy stuff. "Can anyone guess what this is?"

"I know!" says Jigglypuff. "Please don't answer since you know it by yourself," Priscilla tells her.

"Um… That's an ear booger…" points out Ness.

"Congratulations! You got it correct!!!!"

Nana whispers to Popo. "She's really crazy when dressed as a clown…"

"Right… I would prefer that she come as a dancer or something else…"

Then Jigglypuff announces that she will sing to everyone. "NOOOO!!!!!" shout the other kids as they pounce at Jigglypuff and tape her mouth.

"Only do it when we are going to bed…" Pikachu tells her.

The adults are still beating the lights out of each other. Falco throws a vase at Fox, who ducks it and then punches Falco straight in the face. Peach desperately runs to catch the flying vase, and succeeded. "Phew… You jerks better not mess with this vase!!!!" Then a shoe flies straight into her face.

Game & Watch is using his special technique of launching black hot sausages and burning everyone. "Owww!!!!" screams Mr. Binko. "My butt is burning!!!!"

The fight continues to go on and on. "I can't take this scene anymore!" shouts Lilina. "Please stop fighting!"

"They won't stop fighting that easily…" Roy tells her.

Susanna jumps into the air and performs an amazing belly flop, squashing Marth and Reed underneath her.

The kids are running around like wild, playing "Catch". Priscilla is doing some strange tricks, amusing herself. Besides the kids, only Peach, Zelda, DK, Roy, Lilina, Bowser the drunk-proof, Yoshi (he escaped the fight), Priscilla, and Dr. Mario are in their senses. And all Parry is doing is eating cookies and drinking water.

"This is enough!!!!!!" screams Zelda. She proceeds to stop the kids from running around like wild. "Have you kids got enough?! The house is a huge mess already and you're making things worse!!!!!"

"Don't stop us, Zelda!" says Young Link. "Kirby is the ghost and he's coming to get us!"

"Listen to me!!!" Zelda shouts at him, but Young Link escapes her grasp and continues to running spree.

"Don't just stand there!" shouts Peach angrily. "Somebody do something!"

"Right!" says Bowser. "We can't just stand here and do nothing! We must not be instigators and encourage people to fight! We stop them!"

He and DK charges into the fighting mob and joins the battle. Peach slaps her forehead. "They're only making things worse…"

Lilina really had enough. "AERO SPELL!!!!!" She casts a powerful wind spell and it blew everyone and everything into the walls. And so, everyone was silent…

"Why must all of you make things terrible!" she shouts angrily, also with tears in her eye. "I was hoping for a fun party! And yet, you drunkards made it a war!!!! Is that how you start a New Year Party!!!!!????"

"Lilina is right," says Roy. "This is supposed to be an enjoyable party, but because of alcohol addict, everyone started a war."

Luigi, who is still drunk, shouts, "They took my brother!!!!! I must save my brother!!!!"

Reed points to Luigi and says, "Your brother had been hiding under your pant all along!!!!"

Luigi pulls down his pants and shouts, "My brother!!!! Can you hear?! Please stay alive!!!!"

"Eeeeeeeewwwwwww!!!!!" shriek the girls as they quickly cover their eyes.

Parry, who had been spending a quiet time, looks at the clock. "10 minutes until New Year."

He turns to everyone and shouts, "Get ready! New Year is approaching!!!!"

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Master Hand and Crazy Hand pops out. "I see that you all have prepared a New Year Party!" says Master Hand.

"PARTY!!!!!" shouts Crazy Hand.

"It's only ten minutes until New Year," says Master Hand. "Let us get ready for a start of a new year!"

The drunkards all shout out, "New Year is here!!!! We must fight it off!!!!!"

"Hmmm… To much alcohol, eh?" asks Master Hand.

"Right…" says Dr. Mario.

"Only 5 more minutes!!!!" calls out Parry.

"Looks like it's the only way now…" says Master Hand.

The next scene shows the outside of the mansion. A lot of slapping and screaming are heard before we return into the mansion.

The drunken ones are lying on the ground unconscious. "Well, that should keep them down until they're back to their sense," says Master Hand. "We can do the New Year without them."

"30 more seconds!!!!" calls out Parry.

The second hand moves closer and closer to 12… Until…

"Happy New Year!!!!!!" cheers all those that are awake. "YEAH!!!!!!!"

Fox raises his head from the ground. "Uh… We lost the war…" And then he collapse again.

Ness uses PK Flash to create a brilliant firework in the air, forming a shining text of HAPPY NEW YEAR.



Well, this is a short story. I know, the ending is really weird, but I'm pretty much out of ideas.









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