Lily (Potter) yawned and stretched. In a house on Greenbird Road. Again. She fell back onto her pillows, feeling annoyed. It was going to be a long day... It was Boxing Day and she knew that she was facing another long and frustrating day without her best friend. This put her in a bad mood and she was on the point of Apparating to her real home before she heard a noise behind her. It was a soft crack. She looked and saw nothing. Her year with James should have taught her to be cautious and wary. It hadn't and she sat back on her bed.

"Morning, Lily," the bed chirped pleasantly. Wait.

She turned around a pulled the Invisibility Cloak off of James Potter. She narrowed her eyes and tried not to smile. She tried not to think of him as her husband. That would make her act out of Lily Evans' character. One look into those hazel eyes and Lily felt comforted. He was there, that was what mattered. Her eyes filled with tears as he kissed her and she woke up from the dream.

Another frustrating and realistic dream. Another almost. She was getting really tired of Lily Evans' life. She wanted to go home!

Lily Evans smiled as she woke up on the 27th. Another day. Then she felt the familiar nausea and groaned as she walked to the bathroom. One thing she wouldn't miss was morning sickness. As usual, James sat with her and squeezed her hand. He looked so guilty and apologetic as she stood that she had to laugh.

"You look so funny when you do that," she commented.

"I'm just really sorry," he told her honestly.

"Tell that to your wife," she said, "she's the one whose going to struggle the most."

James' face turned white and he looked scared, "I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to her."

Lily nodded, "I can understand that now. I'm sorry about before."

James smiled weakly, "It's in the past."

Lily smiled at the irony. "Why do you love her?" she asked suddenly, speaking in third person.

A familiar smile crossed James' face, "How can I not?" He told her.

"And how could she not love you?" Lily sighed to herself, "She must be so stupid."

James glanced at her as he sat down on the couch. She looked worried and alone. He wanted to help but how could he if she didn't tell him how? He looked into the emerald eyes that he had loved for so long and realized something: being there was a comfort.

"I don't know why you kept loving me when I was so terrible to you, but whatever it was that made you do it; it's powerful," she said softly.

James nodded, as he leaned over her. "I think it's time you went back," he said softly.

Lily looked at him in confusion, "How do you know?"

"Call it sixth sense," he smiled as he kissed her cheek.

Lily felt giddy and her heart speeded up. She felt the world sliding, as though she was Apparating and as she blinked she was on her bed in Greenbird Road. Alone. "I love you," she whispered, her voice getting lost in the wind. "You don't know how much."

Lily Potter felt the familiar feeling of sliding and braced herself. She was going home. She arrived back giddily where she belonged.

Her husband grinned down at her, "Welcome back, Angel."

The rest of Lily Evans' holiday passed uneventfully and she missed talking to James and missed her comfortable bed in Godric's Hollow. Finally, it was time to return to school, on the 9th of January. She pushed her trolley determinedly towards the barrier and was licked onto Platform 9¾. She saw the familiar steam train and all her peers. She saw her husband and felt lonely again. She debated whether or not to run into his arms but decided against it. She settled for staring at him mournfully.

"Lily!" Sydney cried out to her. "Any good reason you're staring longingly at your worst enemy?"

Lily looked at her friend. "Hi Syd," she said, trying not to think about losing her.

"Any good reason?" Syd persisted.

Lily wiggled her eyebrows suggestively, "We'll see about that."

Sydney grinned as she led Lily to an apartment. "Thanks for the Christmas present, by the way."

Lily grinned, still thinking of a messy-haired Marauder, "My pleasure." It was a good thing Sydney didn't ask more questions...

The girls chatted enthusiastically on their way to Hogwarts, Lily half listening. Just before the train came to a stop, the Marauders came into their apartment. James looked around nervously and made his way over to Lily.

Lily smiled to herself as she pulled his hand through his hair nervously, "Hi Lily. Um... I wanted to ask you if you wanted to come to Hogsmeade with me next week."

His face was pink and he looked very anxious.

Lily pretended to think about it. After ten seconds of absolute silence, with every eye on Lily, she spoke, "Sure, I'd love to."

Every jaw dropped, eyes widened as she smiled up at him, "Really?" James looked completely shocked.

"Some things you just can't explain. Some things you can," Lily shrugged.

James just smiled, "That was cryptic."

Lily smirked back, feeling a sense of peace, "You'll understand one day."

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