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Summary: The pain of events in the past caused one of the Swat Kats to leave. Now those events have come back to haunt him and he must make a decision about his future

Pain, fear, cold, the three constants which that have made up my exisitence for an undetermined period of time. I don't know how long I've been chained in this cell, all I know is that the dim bulb in the hall outside my cell never changes. I feel fear almost more then I fell pain. I'm afraid because I know that eventually my captors will return and when they do they will beat me again.

A shiver racks my body and I try to curl into a tighter ball in order to conserve what little body heat my body is producing. All I'm wearing is a pair of jeans and it is so cold. As I move I reopen some of the most recent wounds on my back and I gasp slightly in pain. Eventually I drift off to sleep but I don't sleep long before I am awakened by the clanking of the solid steel as it opens to admit my captors. Immediately I am awake and trying to move away from them. I don't get far before because of the iron cuffs that hold my wrists and ankles to the bed.

My eyes widen in fear as the largest of the figures looms over me. He is my primary tormentor and the one who arranged my capture. That's right I wasn't always a prisoner. I had a life once, a partner, friends, a job… Not anymore though, not since he took me prisoner. The kat leaning over me ripped my life from me. A whimper escapes my throat as Dark Kat leans down and gently cups my chin in his paw. He turns my face to the left to examine the deep claw marks that he had put their on my first day of as his prisoner. He has never allowed them to fully heal because he wants to make sure I am scarred there for the rest of my life.

"I could stop your pain Jake. All you have to do is agree to work for me." His voice is soft. "It doesn't have to be this way. You were top of your graduating class at Megakat University and the third highest ever in the history of the school to graduate with a dual major in physics and engineering. Feral was a fool for pushing you to the side. Work for me and prove it to him."

I am so tempted to listen to him in order to make my pain stop. As quickly as I consider his offer I reject it. Chance would never forgive me if I gave into Dark Kat, if I betrayed the dream that he and I started together. I narrow my eyes and try to find enough bravery to speak.

"I won't work for you!" I hiss quietly. Dark Kat's face darkens immediately but I continue to speak. "Somebody will find me you psycho and when they do you will pay for what you have done to me." Dark Kat chuckles quietly.

"No one is going to come for you Jake. Do you have any idea how long it has been since I had you brought to me? IT"S BEEN MONTHS BOY!" I collapse back on bed in shock.

"Months?!" I whisper brokenly. Dark Kat's smile widens and I know without a doubt that he isn't lying to me

"Almost four months to be exact." He whispers. My body is shaking and try as I might I can't get it to stop. My mind is spinning, trying desperately to comprehend how Chance hadn't found me yet

"You are lying." I whisper desperately but Dark Kat shakes his head.

"No one is coming boy. You can either give in and work for me or I can continue to torture you until you give in."

"No, I won't." I don't know why I say it but my words causes the smirk on Dark Kat's face to disappear.

"Have it your way then. Creeplings, take him!"

"No!" I cry out and try to twist away form their grasp as four or five creeplings advance towards me. The sudden movement tears open more of the slashes on my back and I whimper as Dark Kat leans over me and grips my wrists.

"You aren't going anywhere my dear boy so make it easy on yourself and come quietly." He reaches up and strokes my cheek in an almost comforting gesture before moving away again.

"Only you have the power to make this end Jake. You can give up your useless ideals and start working for me. Your friends have obviously given up on you so what do you have to loose?" Dark Kat chuckled softly at the look of denial on Jake's face as he turned to toward the door of the cell. "Creeplings, bring him, if he won't give up willingly then we will have to break him to our will."

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