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A/N: This is part 2 of a three-part story, this part deals with Kim being pregnant, and the disappearance of Drakken, who is due to be married in a couple of months, when the story starts, Kim is eight months pregnant. This story picks up one year after How To Plan A Wedding.

The Incredible Disappearing Drakken


Kim Possible

One year after Kim and Ron's marriage, life couldn't be going better for the happy couple, until a hysterical Shego shows up on their doorstep in the middle of the night, with bad news. Drakken has disappeared from the home the two share on the outskirts of town, and to make matters worse, Kim is eight months pregnant with what will be she, and Ron's first child, and the pregnancy hasn't been an easy one, on either of them.

Will Kim and Ron be able to find Drakken, and keep Kim's declining health in tact? Read, and find out.


Night fell on Middleton, Colorado, bathing the town in a soft light, several people were winding their way home, ready to ease in for the night. One of the few that was still up, was a young man, who lived atop one of the most popular restaurants in town, his name, Ron Stoppable, and the thing that was keeping him up, was his wife, Kim, who, currently, was eight months pregnant with their first child.

Kim had been checked into the hospital again tonight, the pregnancy was taking a toll on her health, she had been in, and out of the hospital more times in the last five months, than she had ever been prior to their marriage. First with a low blood pressure, then with bleeding in places where she shouldn't be.

Ron had kept himself up worrying at night, confiding in his best friends, Bonnie Rockwaller, Drakken, Monkey Fist, and Shego, about his worries that Kim was going to die before delivering this baby,

"Hey, take it easy," Drakken had said to him the last time, when Kim had been checked in for vaginal bleeding in the seventh month, "you're working yourself up over nothing, I'm sure of it."

"I'm thinking not," Ron had replied, "there's something more going on here, otherwise, the doctors wouldn't have admitted her, again!"

Ron had been right, unfortunately, Kim had almost gone into labor that night. Once again, she had not followed doctors' orders to stay off her feet, and in bed, instead, she went into the restaurant to run the bar that night, and had to be taken out in an ambulance after only an hour.

Tonight had been no different, instead of the restaurant, it was Club Banana.

Kim had been wanting to go to Club Banana for a few days, and buy some new maternity clothes, but Ron had asked her to stay in bed,

"It's no big, Ron, really," Kim had said, "it's just a shopping trip to Club Banana."

"At least use the wheelchairs, Kim, I have a bad feeling about this." Ron had replied, but he might just as well have been talking to a brick wall, the information went in one ear, and out the other, and once again, she was in the hospital for the same thing that put her in there a month ago.

Ron was sitting behind a huge claw-footed desk, typing onto the embedded keyboard, and looking at the monitor in front of him, he was writing in his journal, the same one he had been keeping since they had moved into this new apartment:

18 June,

Kim wound up in the hospital again today, only this time, I think it was worse. The doctors are still keeping me in the dark about how bad Kim's health is being affected by this pregnancy, they won't even tell me what's causing all of the bleeding, and low blood pressure, they just explain it away as, ' the rigors of pregnancy,' but I know there's more to it than what they're telling me, or not telling me, as the case may be. Dr. Workman told me that if a mission were to come up from now, until the delivery date, that Kim should be sidelined, who would I take with me to fill-in for her, Monkey Fist had volunteered on the last one, helping me bust Gemini again, and the one before that, it was me, and Shego, taking down the Seniors, I almost wish that Kim would hurry up, and deliver this baby, so I can stop worrying, I feel like I've aged twenty years in five months, but I know, you can't rush Mother Nature, or Father Time, the baby will come into this world, when it's ready, and not until then, so until that time, I'll continue to worry, for the safety of Kim, and for the baby as well, I just hope that everything turns out all right, and that I'm just overreacting.