Chapter 6

The New Parents

Ron was still in the air over the Atlantic Ocean when Wade called,

"How's Drakken?" Wade asked, appearing on a small screen, located in the pilots console of the cockpit,

"Dementor drugged him with about 50cc's of Thorazine, so he's still on Dream Street, how's Kim?" Ron said,

"That's the news I'm about to give you," Wade said, "It seems there was a hitch in the delivery."

"What kind of a hitch?" Monkey Fist asked,

"A Kim almost died kind of hitch." Wade said, causing Ron's head to snap around to the monitor, and begin shouting,


"Shego took care of it, she was able to revive Kim, don't ask me how, I don't know." Wade said,

"I do." came a groggy voice from behind the pilot's chair,

"JESUS CHRIST!!" Ron screamed, nearly jumping out of his chair, "I thought you were asleep?"

"I just woke up, but the Thorazine is still making me a little unbalanced." Drakken said, holding himself up against the door frame,

"Okay, so how did she do it?" Ron asked, his attention focused on Drakken,

"She concentrated all of her enormous power into Kim's body, and channeled it through there, to find out what was wrong, and fix the problem." Drakken said,

"Will there be any effects to Shego?" Ron asked,

"It takes a lot of concentration, and a huge amount of effort." Drakken replied, then ploughing forward, "If she holds the connection too long, it could kill her, along with Kim."

"Wow, I never knew that Shego had that in her." Ron said, his eyes bugging out,

"How do you think she never bruised during those fights with Kim over all those years." Drakken pointed out.

Meanwhile, at Middleton General Hospital:

Kim had been moved into a recovery room, while the doctors looked at Shego,

"How is she?" Kim asked,

"She really put a strain on her body doing whatever she did in there," the doctor said, "but she'll live, she's just exhausted."

"That's good news." Kim said, turning to look at Shego, who had just been brought into the room,

"If all goes well, Mrs. Stoppable, you should be released when your husband shows up to take you home, but I'd say for you to be careful, you're still healing, and it's going to be somewhat difficult for a few days." the doctor said looking at Kim,

"And what about Shego?" Kim asked,

"We'll have to keep her overnight," the doctor said, "like I said, she really put a strain on her body, and she completely wore herself out, so she needs to get her strength back."

"I really should thank her for what she did." Kim said,

"You already did, by rejoining us here," the doctor said, then, he added quickly, "what did you say her name was?"

"Shego, I'm not sure of her real name." Kim said,

"Shego . . ." the doctor said, clearly thinking, "of Team Go?"

"Used to be, she works with me now." Kim said,

"You've got a heck of a friend there." the doctor said, looking over at Shego, who was starting to stir,

"I know." Kim replied, watching the doctor move over to Shego's bed and talk to her. Kim caught Shego looking over at her while the doctor was talking into his notes. With a quick smile, Shego gave Kim the thumbs up, and turned to listen to what the doctor was telling her.

At Middleton International Airport:

Ron had brought the plane down safe and was taking it to the hangar it was normally housed in, as soon as that was done, he got out of it, and into the waiting Sadie,

"I'm taking you to the hospital sweetie, Wade just called me." Sadie said, turning herself around and pointing down the highway to the hospital, which was located on the other side of town,

"Sadie, call the hospital, and tell them we've got a man with us that needs a little medical help." Ron said, turning to face Drakken,

"What happened to Drew?" Sadie asked, noticing Drakken's body sagging in the back seat,

"Dementor wacked him with about 50cc's of Thorazine, I'm surprised he's still moving." Ron related,

"I'm on it as we speak." Sadie said, causing them to move faster.

At Middleton General Hospital:

Kim was about to go to sleep, when a commotion came from the direction of the emergency room,

"Doctor, you're needed in the ER right away." a nurse said, poking her head into the room,

"What's up?" the doctor asked,

"We got a man coming in, he's been heavily drugged." the nurse relayed,

"With what?" the doctor asked,

"About 50 cc's of Thorazine." the nurse said,

"Get trauma room three ready, I'll be there in a minute, what's the patient's name."

"Drew Lipsky." the nurse said, pulling her head out of the door, and disappearing from sight. Kim turned to look at Shego, who was awake, and had heard everything,

"Uh-oh," Shego said, "I just hope that Ron, and Monkey Fist made it to him in time."

In the ER:

The emergency room crew had brought Drakken into trauma room three, and were beginning to work on him, Ron was giving the desk nurse Drakken's information,

"Full name?" she asked,

"Drew Theodore P. Lipsky." Ron replied,

"Date of birth?" the nurse asked,

"I don't know." Ron replied,

"Skin color?"



"Six foot."


"Two hundred pounds."

"Thank you Mr.?"

"Stoppable, Ron Stoppable." Ron replied,

"We had a Mrs. Stoppable in delivery a few hours ago."

"I know, my wife." Ron replied,

"Would you like to know where she is?" the nurse asked,

"Yes, I would." Ron replied,

"Room 138, down the hall, and to your right." the nurse said. Ron took off down the hall, toward Kim's room.

Back in Kim's room:

Kim and Shego were deep in conversation, when Ron came into the room,

"Kim." Ron said rushing to her bedside,

"Hey." Kim replied, seeing Ron sitting down at her bedside, still in his mission clothes,

"How are you feeling, hon?" Ron asked,

"A lot better now, thanks." Kim replied, then she watched, as Ron walked over to Shego's bed, leaned down, and kissed her on the forehead,

"Did you come up with a name?" Ron asked, looking at his wife, who smiled,

"Brenda Michelle Stoppable." Kim said, smiling, "I used Shego's middle name Michelle, as out daughter's middle name."

"Thanks Shego," Ron said, looking down at the raven-haired beauty, "if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have my wife anymore, and I can't even think of my world without her in it."

"No big," Shego said, brushing the compliment aside, then, she added, "How's Dr. D.?"

"He's okay, just a little disoriented." Ron explained,

"Who did it to him?" Shego asked,

"Professor Dementor, he wanted the fusion reactor so he could make a bomb out of it." Ron said,

"It must've been some breakthrough he found." Shego said, looking at Ron,

"What do you mean?" Ron asked,

"Well, Drakken said that he found a frequency through subharmonics that will allow him to contain the reaction." Shego said, smiling,

"I already know about that, Wade figured it out, and tweaked it a little for him, it should work perfectly now." Ron replied, making Shego smile.

Two weeks later:

Kim and Ron had gone to Stockholm to watch the presentation of the Nobel Prize for science, which had been awarded to Drakken for his breakthrough in nuclear fusion as an alternative form of energy.Now, several of the fusion reactors that Drakken had designed were up, and running all over the world, but the first one, was put up in Middleton,

"Welcome, ladies, and gentlemen, to the presentation of the Nobel Prize for science," the speaker said, in a loud voice, so that everyone could hear him,

"This prize is awarded to the scientist who has made major breakthroughs in their respective fields, and today, we have only one recipient, please welcome, Dr. Drew Theodore P. Lipsky, of the Middleton Science and Health labs."

The applause was deafening, especially from the area where Kim and Ron were sitting, the noise was so loud, it had awakened their daughter, Brenda,

"Shh, it's okay, pumpkin, mommy's right here." Kim said, picking up the newborn baby into her hands, and singing her back to sleep.

Ron watched, as Kim held onto their daughter, and he thought to himself, as Drakken accepted his award, and stepped from the stage,

'Finally, I've got what I've always wanted, a woman who loves me for who I am, not what I am, and a family that I would gladly give my life for, I'm finally a happy man.'

A/N: And thus ends this story, I know the ending is a little fluffy, but I needed to have Ron show something about the way he felt at that moment, if you ask me, I think it was needed, Ron had opened the story worrying over Kim's pregnancy, now he can be at ease with his wife, and daughter.

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