Disclaimer: I do not own Peacemaker Kurogane or Ruronin Kenshin.

lolo: Yes, Umeko likes Ryouma a lot. I was asked the question about Umeko's psychic powers in the Japan Bulletin. I have answered it in the fic. Umeko had a near-death experience after falling into a river while looking for her Ryouma's grave. Somehow, she got her ability about then.

Maeko: Ryouma DID get assassinated. I also a bit hazy about what's going on in the Choushu camp etc. The Choushu and Satsuma guys are anti-bakufu and anti-each other, until Ryouma got them to sign a peace treaty. OF course, the Shogunate supporters aren't gonna take things lying down... Get volumes 3 and 4 and find out, I don't wanna do too many spoilers... Except PMK Ryouma was killed b'cos of his attempt to get the Ichimuras away from the Shinsengumi by a former Choushu page.

Kurohi: Got the Mandarin version from my neighborhood corner newsstand. By the way, I live in SEA. Dunno how things are on your side of the world...

Relax. I have NO intention of killing off Tetsu, Suzu or Saya... In fact those rumors about Tetsu getting seppuku-ed freaked me out. Still waiting for vol 5 to be released. (Twiddles thumbs)

New Kyoto Post

Working for a Brighter Future!

Issue 29


FINAL ISSUE! We of New Kyoto Post regret that recent developments had rendered it impossible to deliver our papers to you. Our delivery personnel can't make it through the predicted cannon and musket-fire this season. As such, we will cease publication with this issue. Welcome to the new era of peace and prosperity (sweat-drop).

Nami, secretary to Umeko

P.S. To the young, dreamy captain with the two tag-along brats, watch out. I and the gals overheard a rather sinister conversation between your boss and another Choushu guy. You and your men are expandable. Don't go losing your head over the tax-free future promises. Two things are certain in life: taxes and death. Get my drift?


Our leader Sakamoto-sama's wake will be held at Toba Fushimi. Everyone coming to pay their last respects is come in full regalia. Bring the goods! To the worm who had the nerve to murder our beloved leader, Sakamoto-sama. We WILL hunt you down and make you and your kind suffer! We swear upon our honor! Got a nice bonfire waiting for you…

Sakamoto's supporters


Skilled shamisen master and Choushu military advisor, Sensei Takasugi Shinsaku, has passed away peacefully on a battlefield outside Kyoto's outer city limits from a chronic illness. We mourn the passing of a great man and acknowledge his many contributions to society. Sensei Takasugi was a remarkable poet, musician and above all, a military strategist. He has previously led a military uprising in the December after the Ikeda-ya incident. Unfortunately, it was a disastrous defeat.

His students are ready with their instruments to dedicate their victory song to their late sensei. Hopefully, under Saigo-san and Katsura's instruction, it will be a victory song.

Okita Ill with TB

Sources have confirmed that Okita Souji is ill with tuberculosis. His fan club was seen having a bonfire outside the city limits. Club members were seen hastily burning so-called gifts they had received from their idol, like his discarded candy boxes and stained handkerchiefs.

We remind everyone that TB is highly contagious. (Kenni, you better go for a check-up at Kitsu-dono's. You were very close friends with Sou, right?)

Shinsengumi Third Captain Back?

Saitou Hajime, formerly Third Captain of the Shinsengumi, was seen back at the Shinsengumi premises after his defection with Itou several months ago. Chief Kondo announced that he is to resume his previous post and duties without facing any disciplinary action. Saitou's former patrol was under the command of Second Captain Nagakura since his defection.

(Nagakura: Yes! Finally, a break! No more japes from Saitou's ahous about my height!)

However, according to the Vice-chief Hijikata, Captain Nagakura will be commanding his own patrol as well as the First Patrol due to Captain Okita's illness.

(Nagakura: WHAT? I'm already over-worked! Faint…)

Umeko's Kitchen

Umeko is very distraught by what happened to a very close friend of hers. She is going about town with a naginata and attacking redhead youths and tall large men. Eek!

"Umeko-san! I'm Himura! I was with you then!" (Runs for safety) "Ne, I don't want to draw my sword on you! Katsura-san's asking if you saw anything useful there where Sakamoto-san was…"

(Umeko collapses in tears)

Nami: Nice going, Battousai… Now she's gonna be wailing for the next three hours. Shouldn't you be running off to attend a wake or something?


Long Live the Emperor! We need cannons, rifles, swords and other weaponry in near future for battle, I mean, re-enacting battles. Weapons must be fully functional. We also need skilled seamstresses to tailor banners. Contact us Kyoto History Society c/o this paper.


To Shishio. We regret that we cannot agree to your terms. Kindly stop threatening to release our confidential client information or things will get very hot for you… Seriously…

Personal Ad:

Everyone! My page is not responsible. He was at Umeya at that time picking up some soup takeaway for Sensei Takasugi. He actually escorted her to Sakamoto's door after finding her wandering about the riverside lost, as usual. Ryouma's followers, quit trying to challenge him. He's already in a foul mood from the bad news and is liable to draw his sword on you.

– Katsura

Personal Ad:

Kenni! I can vouch for Tetsu-kun. He was with me and Saizou the whole day. He's been very upset about what happened. He keeps babbling something about Ryouma promising to tell him about some Peacemaker thing… Tetsu! Have you been hanging around with that person? (Scary Demon Okita mode)


(Tetsu: Sorry, Okita-san!)

Personal Ad:

Sou (if you're reading), I finally figured out how sick you are when I learnt that Sensei Takasugi is ill with TB and NOT a bad cough like you guys insist. WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME? I should never have dueled with you! It is downright dishonorable to duel with a very sick man! Kitsu-dono recommended a nice hospital in Edo for Sensei Takasugi. The name is Edo TB Hospital. PLEASE admit yourself. DON'T make me put you in there!

P.S. I just got a clean bill of health from Kitsu-dono. So have all your Umeya fangirls. I don't know about your Hijikata-san or your fellow wolves though. What did your official doctor say?


Ex-hitokiri wants a skilled smith to forge special sword. Contact Himura c/o this paper.


Hitokiri wants special killing sword. Will pay handsomely once my masters see things my way and agree to my terms. Contact SM at the corner print shop.

Paid Ad:

Hey, Fire-breath, do this job for me and I'll talk Aoshi-boy into letting you on the team. Help me remove a certain rival establishment, the one with the Sakura Box candies and purple parasols. The occupants will be away at a wake this evening according to my very reliable sources. Especially that red-haired guard.

Grandpa O.

Urgent Message from Neighborhood Psychic Emiko

Got this from a guy who forgot to leave his name. But I believe you folks will know him.

Friends and comrades. Sorry for going off like that. I leave the future of our nation in your capable hands. By the way, Iron Boy and Kenni are not responsible for what happened at my old dump. It is that what's-his-name … Hey, has anyone seen Sara? I hope she's okay… Umeko, don't cry for me. Your bro needs you to help manage his men's meals and board.

Author's Notes:

Yes, it's the start of the end for the Shinsengumi and the bakufu. Takasugi died in1867. Don't know if it were in battle. I got the idea from the RK OVA where we see him falling off his horse after coughing up blood. Talk about dramatic.

(Historical Fact) Shortly thereafter in January 1868, the Boshin War (War of the Year of the Dragon) started with the Battle of Toba Fushimi in which an army led by forces from Choushu and Satsuma defeated the ex-shogun's army and forced the Emperor to strip the last shogun Yoshinobu of all power. Okita died of TB after he went into an Edo hospital in 1868. The war ended in early 1869 with the siege of Hakodate, Hokkaido. The defeat of the armies of the former shogun (led by Hijikata Toshizou) marked the end of the Meiji Restoration; all defiance to the emperor and his rule ended. Hijikata died in battle. Nagakura and Saitou were known to have survived the Restoration.

I HATE history research, but heck, this ficcie was fun! (I covered until the PMK vol 4 and RK OVA's Toba Fushimi)