Apologies for the delay: I lost faith in Andromeda after I saw season 3, and it's taken this long to get back into the mood to write it.

Friends and Family
Part three: Without Remorse

"Winnipeg Drift welcomes free-spending raiders."
-Sign in every landing port on Winnipeg Drift

"I swear to god, I'm going to kill both of them!" Beka passed back and forth across Dylan's office like a caged tiger, "No one, and I mean NO ONE takes the Maru without my permission!"

"Try and relax." Dylan rolled his eyes, "Orion's being questioned as we speak: once we know where the others have gone, we'll go after them and get your ship back. The main question is; why would they take off like that?"

"You think whoever it is who took Mary and Travis made contact with them?"

"I think it's a distinct possibility: why else would they go A.W.O.L and steal your ship?"

"That's not all they took." Andromeda's holographic form appeared on Dylan's desk, "I've just finished running a complete inventory: we're missing a nova bomb."

"WHAT!" Dylan sat bolt upright, dropping the flexi he was holding; "Are you sure?"

"Yes." Andromeda nodded, "I've gone over the inventory six time: Nova bomb two is missing from Harper's lab. As there are only three people with access to that room…"

"Harper." Dylan nodded, "Why would her steal a Nova bomb?"

"Everybody ready?" Orion asked as he strapped a forcelance to each hip, "I've been here a few time: it can be a little rowdy."

"I've been here before." Tyr lifted his Gauss rifle over his shoulder, "Someone should stay behind and keep an eye of the ship: we may need to make a quick get away."

"I guess that will be me." Mark nodded, "I know my way around this system, even about a few slip-points they don't like to advertise."

"Hey, don't worry." Harper did his best to reassure the other man, "We'll get them back."

The inside of Winnipeg Drift looked like a cross between a shantytown and an arms depot: crudely built sharks lined the sides of the wide corridors, while traders and merchants competed with each other to sell passes by all manor of weapons, most of which were outlawed by almost every planet in the Known Worlds. Tyr, unsurprisingly, nodded to a few acquaintances as the three of them made their way to the rendezvous point indicated in the message Generntex had left for Harper with the port authorities.

"I'll wait outside." Tyr looked round, "Generntex knows me, and will probably be on the look out."

"He'll most likely know what I look like to." Orion nodded, "It's up to you kid."

"Yippy." Harper moaned, then reminded himself what was at stake, "Anything happens, you guys come in guns blazing: I want Generntex to pay for this."

The bar was dark and full of smoke that burned Harper's throat and made his eyes water. He stood at the counter just long enough to be served, then headed for the nearest unoccupied booth.

"Well Mr Harper, I am impressed." Generntex slid onto the seat next to the young human, "I honestly didn't think you'd show…"

"Where are they? I want to see them."

"There has been, a complication: the Drago-Kazov grew impatient, so they took delivery less than an hour ago. I can still offer you a hansom price for the Nova Bomb…"

Harper's gun was drawn in the blink of an eye, and the seat cushion either side of Generntex erupted, followed closely by a third shot that landed square between his legs, burning his trousers.

"That was close!" The Nightsider protested, "I get your point!"

"What point?" Harper asked, "I missed."

"Rest assured, I will not." Tyr placed a heavy hand of Generntex's shoulder; "We will continue this discussion back on the Maru."

"And if I do not wish to leave?" Generntex asked.

Orion responded my picking up a barstool and silently twisting it into a bow.

"Ok rat-face, I'm going to make this very simply." Harper stood in front of Generntex, who was chained to the bulkhead as the Maru drifted in space a short distance from the drift, "You tell me what I want to know, without hesitation or any attempt to lie, or I start to cut-off delicate parts of your anatomy." To emphasize his point, he activated his nano-welder, "And then, after I'm done, I'll give you to Tyr to play with, and I know you've read his rather impressive résumé. And if there's anything let, I'll give you to Orion to turn into modern art."

"Now Mr Harper, I under stand that you're a little upset right now…" Generntex protested.

"A little upset?" Harper pressed the nano-welder against the bulkhead just millimetres from the Nightsiders ear, sending sparks flying, "I am so far beyond upset right now. You've got me in an apocalyptic sort of mood, and when you finally die, you can tell all the angels in heaven that you never saw evil so singularly personified as you did in the eyes of the man who killed you. I'm going to cause you so much pain, you'll think it's a occupation!"

"Mr Harper!"

"No more talk."

"Well?" Tyr asked when Harper finally returned to the cockpit.

"Generntex may not be good for anything other than begging for his life now, but he talked." Harper whipped his hands and grabbed a bottle of water, "The Drago-Kazov have Mary and Travis, but they're still on Winnipeg Drift: the transport sent to collect them isn't due for a few hours."

"You sure he's telling the truth?" Mark asked.

"I grew up on Earth, I've been tortured by professionals, and infested with Magog eggs: I know a lot about inflicting pain." Harper had a rather dark look in his eye, "I don't like what I had to do, but there is no power in this universe that can stop me getting Mary and Travis back. I'll take on the entire Drago-Kazov Empire on my own if I have to."

"I assure that that will not be necessary." Orion sat cleaning his Forcelance, "We're all in this, to the end."

"Agreed." Tyr nodded.

"Agreed." Mark drew his own Forcelance and checked its charge.

"Good." Harper nodded, "Let's go get them back."

To Be Continued…