Still You


Unmei Hime

Summary: Ryuuzaki Sakuno never thought that she would meet Echizen Ryoma after all these years. Worse, she never thought she would fall to his charms again. But fate works differently. A one-night-stand with Echizen Ryoma left her wishing she could just disappear. What with her wedding just a week away.....

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Chapter 1: One Fine Day

It had been a hell of a day.

No, that was an understatement. It had been the most horrible day ever.

It was as if she suddenly found herself in another place and another time without any recollection how she ended up there in the first place. A parallel dimension. Yes, that was it. Like that defunct TV show, The Sliders.

And she was scared too, the kind of dread that she only felt when she watched that movie with the kid who could see dead people.

Maybe she was just overreacting. Maybe her mind was just playing tricks on her and she would wake up from this nightmare, unscathed.

But that was wishful thinking.

She couldn't deny it.

The truth was like a slap on the face.

She, Ryuuzaki Sakuno had slept with Echizen Ryoma.

The Echizen Ryoma. Top seeded international tennis player who bagged Wimbledon three times in a row. The Echizen Ryoma who had everything any man would ever want in this mortal world. Name it, he had it. Women practically begged just to spend a night with him. And not just plain women mind you, from actresses, to models, to princesses – all were his for the taking. Literally with a capital L. Undoubtedly, he was the most eligible bachelor in town.

And he was way out of her league.

Echizen Ryoma equaled an unreachable star that glitters with the words fame and fortune permanently attached to his name.

With all that, she could never imagine even in a hundred years what a woman like her had done to deserve such a thing.

A one-night-stand with Echizen Ryoma.

Sure, she had known him way back in junior high. He was just starting to be noticed as an awesome tennis player then. She even had had a huge crush on him. Just a typical teeny bopper thingy. She gave him obentos and cakes that she painstakingly cooked. She also made sure she came to all his matches sometimes even in his training. To top it off, she even joined the girl's tennis club because she thought she wanted to be like him even though she didn't have any talent. With hard work, she thought maybe she could be good in tennis. Then, she could measure up to him and he would finally notice her.

But that was also wishful thinking on her part. He never did notice her. All he thought about her was that she was the coach's granddaughter who a lot of times pestered him with tennis tutorials and errands like going to the old shop that replaced racket-strings.

And he was a snob even before fame. A boy with an arrogant attitude matched by an equally arrogant face. But then, maybe his attitude had to do with his skills. He was so good that a lot of people were impressed, if not threatened with his skills---senpai and opponents alike.

She never thought their paths would cross again after all these years. She never thought she would ever fall again to his charms. For Pete's sake she was already twenty five years old! She was a woman now with a promising career, not a girl with pigtails who didn't know what she wanted.

What a big mistake. Never ever try to challenge fate. Because it just strikes when you least expect it and leaves you beaten and totally wrecked.

Perfect example?

She, Ryuuzaki Sakuno, who was dense enough to sleep with Echizen Ryoma.

She slept with him and her wedding was just a week away.

How did it happen?

It all started when she woke up that morning and found herself on the floor.

Thinking about it now, maybe she should have taken it as a sign that something bad was going to happen.

"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!"


With a loud thud, she woke up. Eyes still sleepy, she vaguely wondered why she was crumpled on the floor.

The digital alarm clock which she set exactly for six o' clock was still talking nonstop in its robotic voice. Her hand automatically reached out to it on the bedside table and pushed a button that made its irritating voice stop.

Following her usual routine, she made a few stretches, headed toward the bathroom and took a quick shower.

Leaving alone in her studio apartment for the past five years, Sakuno was used beyond compare to her everyday schedule and found no difficulty following it provided her bestfriend Tomoka didn't crash in her place for a sleep over. Not that she mind. Her friend only visits her every once in a while when Tomoka was not busy with her own affairs or finding a boyfriend for that matter.

Speaking of boyfriends, the thought struck her that she would soon vacate her place and would be moving in with her longtime fiancé-soon-to-be-husband in a week's time. She wondered how her life would change being a housewife and all. But it was still a week a way and she needn't worry that much, after all marriage had its own challenges.

After grabbing the bottle of milk in the fridge, she poured herself a glass and another bowl for her cat, Ayumi, who was still sleeping peacefully in her basket.

She went to her closet and got a pair of faded Levi's jeans and a white baby-tee shirt. Sakuno had always been a simple woman and that simplicity was widely emphasized with how she dressed up. She was never fond of make-up, thinking the pores in her face couldn't actually breathe whenever she had it on and made her really uncomfortable. And not putting on make-up saved a lot of time. Thus, after applying a small amount of baby powder to her face and neck, she put on her favorite strawberry-flavored lip gloss. Her shiny, dark brown hair which was still long, though it now only reached the mid of her back was left as it is, hanging loosely against her shoulders and back. She made a mental note to tie it in a ponytail after it dried up. In less than fifteen minutes, she was all set to go. She grabbed her white sports bag and tennis racket and left the house.

The day was Saturday, and she already planned her day the night before. She would need to drop in the office to submit the article she finished last night, after that meet her grandmother for lunch. Her afternoon would mostly be spent working out in the gym or the tennis club and then meet her fiancé for dinner. Then after a few hours go home and watch TV or maybe start reading the mystery novel she just bought last week.

"It's the start of summer. Such a fine day," Sakuno thought, looking up to find a clear cloudless sky with the sun shining bright. After a few moments, she tucked herself in her car and started driving; not knowing what surprises awaited her in this particular day.

a/n: Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed the first part though this was mostly musings on Sakuno's part. I'm new in the TeniPuri fandom, so please pardon me if I've had mistakes here and there. I've become fond of the Ryoma-Sakuno pairing after watching a few episodes of Tennis No Ohjisama. And I thought they make such a cute couple. So here I am, starting a fic to satisfy my own wonderful vision about them. Reviews and criticisms would be greatly appreciated. I'm still struggling with my writing so please bear with me! A lot of thanks to my beta Kerrie-chan!