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The Choice

Chapter One

"Kouga, we thought that you were going to wait until she came to you. If you do what you're planning, then she isn't going to have a choice of whether or not she wants to come. She would hate you for it and I doubt she would give you any pups. Women are finicky that way. You know that from your sister. Come on, Kouga. If you do it you would be making a big mistake and ..." Kouga lashes out at Ginta. "You were saying? I'm doing it. I can't stand to see my mate falling for mutt-face. Every time I see them together for any reason...it makes me sick. I can't stand seeing dog-turd and my mate together anymore. At least if I do this she won't have a choice on who she has to obey anymore. I'll be back. I have to be quiet and I can't have anyone besides me there when I do it, besides Kagome that is."

Kouga takes off in a whirlwind, leaving the rest of his pack at the den. Ginta shakes his head, a worried expression on his face. 'I hope you know what you're doing, Kouga. I've never doubted your decisions before, but I can't shake the feeling that you're not making the right choice.' He walks farther back in the den and rejoins the others in order to tell them what their leader's decision was.


"Inu-yasha, SIT BOY! Were stopping here. I know you were hurt. We're all tired and I need to treat your wounds." Inu-yasha scowls when the spell finally lets him move. He opens his hoari so that Kagome can reach his side and scowls some more. The others just roll their eyes and start setting up camp. Shippo watches the scowling hanyou and his Okasan for a few seconds longer before he shakes his head and goes to help Sango, Kirara, and Miroku set up camp and start a fire.

"Why do you always have to put up such a fuss when I try to treat your wounds, Inu-yasha? I don't like you being hurt." Inu-yasha looks at Kagome out of the corner of his eye for a second before he quickly turns his head so that it is facing forward again. "Feh. You shouldn't care. They don't need to be treated. It's just your incessant whining about them that makes me let you touch them. I can't stand your whining; it hurts my ears." As soon as Kagome finishes, Inu-yasha stands up, slips his hoari back on, and jumps into a tree. 'Hmm, Inu-yasha. Don't you care for me at all? I thought that maybe, after all this time, you would love me, or at least trust me a little, but you can't. You've been hurt and refuse to get close to the fire again, even to warm yourself.' She shakes her head lightly, grabs her backpack and heads towards a small pond. "I'm going to bathe, guys. Sango, would you like to come?" "Thank you anyways, Kagome, but I'm just going to go to sleep. You know how much I need it." Kagome nods her head, smiles softly, and continues towards the pond.


'Oh, good. She's alone. Now I can give her some of my blood, and then wait until she changes into a wolf-youkai.' He grins and watches as 'his mate' bathes. She finishes and starts to get her clothes on. He throws a small ball of powder and watches as she collapses. He grins at this, runs over to her, and makes sure that she wasn't hurt when she fell from the sleep powder. He adjusts the mask on his face and looks down on her. 'Oy, my Kagome. You're finally going to be my mate.' He uses his fangs and bites down on his arm so that it bleeds and opens her mouth. He lets his blood drip into her mouth and makes her swallow by holding her nose. She starts to wake up as he's licking his arm and he panics a bit before grinning and running off before she wakes.


"What in the world happened, Kagome?" Inu-yasha jumps down from the tree he was in and lands in front of Kagome. "What took you so long wench?" He sniffs the air lightly and looks pissed off. "And why the fuck do you smell like wolf!" Kagome looks very confused at this last part, but forgets about it and sits down. "I don't really know. I went to get dressed when I got out of the water, but I don't know what happened after that. I just remember waking up on the ground with a weird taste in my mouth." She goes to rub a scrape on her arm, but looks confused when she realizes that it's healing.

Nobody notices this besides Inu-yasha, but he quickly realizes what must have happened. 'Shit! I'm going to fuckin kill Kouga. Damnit!' Everybody looks up at Inu-yasha's growl. "What's wrong, Inu-yasha?" Everybody looks a bit confused at his very pissed off expression. "I'm going to kill that fuckin mutt face." 'My MATE! Fuckin WOLF! She's MINE! No forced blood bond is going to change THAT! MINE!' "Who Inu-yasha?" Kagome has a warning tone in her voice and Inu-yasha's eyes start flashing slightly. "You know damn well who. He's trying to take you. He forced a blood bond on you. I'll be back in a couple of days. I have a fuckin mutt to kill." His eyes flash red some more and his claws get a little longer as he starts to take off. "SIT BOY!" He snarls and goes crashing into the ground. It doesn't phase him much though as he jumps up again and tries to run off. "SIT, SIT, SIT! You can't kill Kouga, Inu-yasha! I don't even know what a blood bond is!" He growls and tries to get up and run off again, but Kagome quickly puts a stop to this. "SIT! SIT, SIT, SIT, SIT!"

Inu-yasha's ears flatten against his head as he listens to Kagome rant and slowly sit up. He winces at the pain in his back and growls. 'MINE! Angry mate, not good, but what is she fricken mad about? She can't actually want to mate with that fricken wolf, can she? NO! SHE'S MINE! MY MATE, NOT HIS!' He gets up, growls and starts to run off again, but the warning glint in Kagome's eyes stops him and he whimpers quietly. "Now, since you've finally calmed down, Inu-yasha, 'mind explaining what a blood bond is and why you're so pissed off?" He growls, but doesn't explain. "I'll explain, Kagome." The voice coming out of no where startles everyone for a moment, but then they realize that it's just Myoga.

Kagome glares at her stubborn hanyou before turning slightly so that she can listen to Myoga's explanation. "I can understand why my Lord Inu-yasha is so mad. A blood bond means that Kouga made you drink some of his blood and that you'll slowly turn into a wolf-youkai, and since he's the leader of the wolf-youkai...Well, I believe you get the idea Lady Kagome. You'd fall under his control and your choice in the matter of whether or not to obey him would be taken from you. He could order you to be his mate and you would have to do obey him. The blood bond would be in effect until he's dead, another, stronger, youkai forms a blood bond with you, willingly, or you mate with someone else who has a very strong will.

"Inu-yasha obviously was going to evoke the first choice. He was going to kill Kouga, but that wouldn't have reversed whatever changes had already happened before he was able to. Also, that would have brought the whole wolf clan down on m'lord's head. The only options you really have left is to form a different blood bond with someone who is stronger then Kouga, a willing one, or to mate with a very willful person. You have a choice to make, Lady Kagome. One that I doubt I would appreciate at your young age. Either turn into a wolf-youkai, turn into a different type of youkai, or mate. I don't relish being in your position right now, Kagome. Youkai don't normally make blood bonds with humans because most of the time they don't have the will to handle it. Now, I believe that it is time for me to go." Myoga nods to Kagome and runs off before anyone can stop him and before any trouble can ensue.

A few moments after Myoga has left, Kagome asks Inu-yasha a question that isn't like her at all. "Inu-yasha, do you think you can you take me to Kouga's den? I have someone to kill and it really can't wait..." Kagome's eyes are a little bit red as she gets some of her stuff together. She picks up her backpack and turns towards Inu-yasha. She looks even more pissed off then he does. All of a sudden, Sango grabs Kagome and Miroku grabs Inu-yasha. "Get the fuck off me! I wasn't going to take her! She's too much of a weakling!"

Miroku sighs, lets go of Inu-yasha, and decides to go help Sango with Kagome, a very different Kagome then the one all of them knew and cared for. Miroku decides that he doesn't want an early death, though, when he notices the dangerous glint in Inu-yasha's eyes. Inu-yasha jumps over to where Sango is struggling with Kagome and nudges her out of the way. He grabs Kagome and plops down on the ground. She doesn't stop struggling though, and he bites her lightly on the shoulder. She surprises everyone, including herself, but not including Inu-yasha, by whimpering and stopping her struggling.

Inu-yasha puts his mouth close to Kagome's ear and says what he wants to tell her just loud enough for her to hear. "Stop struggling; you aren't going to kill Kouga. You're too weak, so just stop. What happened before when you wouldn't let me go kill him, huh? You were standing in his defense before you even knew what he had done, but now that you do know, you want to kill him. Just stop, my Kagome. Killing Kouga wouldn't help anyways. Calm down already. Wanting to kill someone isn't like you. Breaking my back with sits, that is you, but not wanting to kill Kouga for wanting you as his mate." He growls lightly at this last part, but she has already calmed down and quickly falls asleep in his arms as they sit by the fire.

He blushes slightly when he realizes this, but decides to let her sleep. He picks her up lightly and tries to put her down on her sleeping bag, but can't because she is gripping his hoari in her sleep. He blushes a brighter red, walks over to the edge of the fire, sits back down, and growls at anyone who comes close. 'MY MATE! She's ours, you IDIOT! Form a blood bond between you that will override that other weak one. She's already starting to get some of the outside features of a wolf. You can hear that stupid tail forming under her skin. Bond her to us, we have the rite! She's OURS! Do it already. We had an intent claim on her and Kouga chose to try and override it! She would hate me for it. Besides, just because I had an intent claim on her doesn't mean that she would want to be my mate. She looks so innocent sleeping in my lap. I couldn't blood bond with her, it would be like taking some of her innocence.

'You IDIOT! Behaviors are the first things to change, you saw that when you bit her lightly on her shoulder in order to show your annoyance. Do you really think that she would hold onto you in her sleep, or even have fallen asleep in the first place, if she didn't want to be your mate? It doesn't matter anyways. You're already her mate. You just need to claim her, Idiot. Blood bond with her already. It would be a weak bond, but it should easily over come a wolf's!' Inu-yasha looks at Kagome, a Kagome with her hand wrapped in his hoari and decides to do it, despite his reservations contrary to it.

He uses one of his claws and slits open his arm. Blood starts dripping from it and he opens Kagome's mouth so that it lands inside. He holds her nose and she swallows as he licks the remaining blood from his arm and it heals. 'Oy, Kagome, I hope I'm doing the right thing and that you aren't too mad at me. I love you too much to have you really mad at me for too long.' He watches her sleep for a while longer before dozing off himself, something he never does.


Kagome wakes up in Inu-yasha's arms and blushes as she remembers what had happened the night before. She wags her tail and her ears twitch as she realizes that Inu-yasha is still asleep. 'Wait, ears, a tail?' She looks confused and reaches one hand up to the top of her head and the other down to the end of her spine. Her eyes open wide and she yanks on the appendages that hadn't been there the night before. "Eeep! What the fuck!" Inu-yasha's ears flatten against his head and he startles awake, as does everyone else. Inu-yasha notices the ears, blushes bright red, and refuses to look Kagome in the face.

"We're going back to the village, now. Let's go." Kagome looks pissed off and stomps off. "You're almost as bad as Kouga, Inu-yasha. Why didn't you think to ask her? She wouldn't have been as mad and it definitely would have been a stronger bond. Now, the two different kinds of youkai blood that are in her are going to be battling for control and it's going to make her even madder at you. You're an idiot, Inu-yasha." Inu-yasha watches as Sango stomps away from him after Kagome.