Okay…new fic! Like I need anymore…hehe…this is actually semi-old. Wrote this last year, never put it up. This is a set of journal entries, VERY short…sorry…about Hatori and his life after Kanna. Insinuated HatoriXTohru. Is it gonna happen for real? Maybe…anyway…here's the first entry! Enjoy!

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"Powder Memories"

December 20: Snowflake Tears

I never realized how much I hated snow, but still, it intrigues me. Each delicate white flake melting into nothing more then water. That's not what she told me. She told me something much more becoming, though it all fell away in bits and pieces. She spoke such simple minded words, such as those of a dreamer, and I believed them all, for her outlook on like was something I had never witnessed. All for love, right? Wrong. The love that lay dormant in my heart was fueled by her eyes, her voice, her touch and though I loved her, I only brought her pain. Kanna, my love, my snowflake, you feel so gently into my life, until the fires of Hell grasped you and pulled you down into a limitless abyss, melting you with talons for hateful. You cried those snowflake tears that night. You wept for me, and I, for you. Why did I cry for something I knew could n ever come to be? All for love was all for nothing, and in the end, I returned with nothing, which is how I plan to live life now, with nothing and for nothing.