Welcome to the Dragon!
Now don't let the name fool you
I assure you, there are no fearsome beasts here
Unless you think the old dog in the corner
The one standing on her hind legs
To nibble at that fellow's bread while he's too drunk to notice
Is fearsome

Welcome to the Dragon!
It's a cold night, but the fire's warm
Pull up a chair, if you can
It's a bit crowded tonight, being Saldo Grubb's birthday
He's got no mathoms this year
But he'll buy you a drink, or two without noticing
Just wish him a happy forty-sixth! (He's fifty-two)

Welcome to the Dragon!
There's a song starting up in the corner
But it'll reach the other before the end
Don't know the words, you say? Make up your own!
You look like you have a tale or two to tell
And we do love tales here
Tales and songs- feel free to use a table as your stage

Welcome to the Dragon!
Maybe you're tired? Had a hard day?
Maybe you're lonely, looking for a friend?
Need a good drink? Best ale in two farthings!
Cheer up, my friend
You're at the Dragon now
And the Dragon will always be here for you

Welcome to the Dragon!
Or should I say…
Welcome home!