A/N: Here's a brief epilogue. The main point of this post is actually to alert those of you who have this fic on story alert that the sequel is up. Please tell me what you think of the summery for the sequel, when you get there. As you my have noticed, this fic's title has been changed to How We Survive: The Runaway. The sequel is called How We Survive: Winds of Change. And now, a brief scene with the Hogwarts staff for your entertainment.


"So you mean to say he hid under our noses for a year, single handedly stopped Quirrel and the Dark Lord from getting the philosophers stone, and ran off with out anyone noticing?"

"We though he'd be asleep for a while yet-" Dumbledore explained patiently.

"That horrid little brat!"

"Severus, you're being far too harsh on Harry. He made it clear from the start that he hated being used as some sort of symbol. It's hardly as if he owes it to us to stay here."

He glowered at her, but didn't reply. The Gryffindor head of house was not an easy person to argue with, and his true reasons for being irritated weren't things he wanted the rest of the staff to know.

He hated being bested. He hated that he hadn't caught Potter at his game. Most of all he hated how he'd let his guard down. Potter knew far too much. The boy's cunning was admirable. And he hated that too.

"Has anyone figured out what charms he used? Just the fact that he made it passed the obstacles shows he must be rather skilled-"

"Fillius! Not now. Do we have any idea where he is, Albus? Or how to find him?"

"No, Pomona, I'm afraid not. We'll just have to wait for him to decide to return to us."

Severus Snape did not comment, but as he strode down an empty hall to the dungeons, he though If he returns to us. It's not as if we can assume-

"He'll be back."

Snape spun around, and found himself looking at the Bloody Barron, floating in mid-air where an unfathomable expression.


But the Barron didn't answer, and seconds later he was gone.