Heir of an Unknown Heritage

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry potter though I wish I did but that's not the issue. The story line and all original characters are with in my own ownership though with proper questions asked anyone may use any of them; I am looking for someone interested in helping me turn this into a trilogy. E-mail me if you are interest or IM me at LadyMaryTravis

Rating: R

Pairing: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy

Summery: Harry Potter has been at Hogwarts for 5 years now. It was the summer before his sixth year and something unexpected was to happen on his birthday. You see Harry did not know that along with the heir of Gryffindor from his father's side of the family also came being the heir to a very rare race that is thought to never exist. Harry will soon find out that these creatures do in fact live and are looking for their rightful king. Could they be the answer to helping him destroy the dark lord or maybe help him forget that his role is savior of the world and leave to rule another world?

Chapter One:

It was another hot day in the small neighborhood of Private Drive. Many homes seemed to be abandoned for the summer as many families had gone to vacation resorts to beat the terrible heat. Number 4 Private Drive how ever was as busy as ever. Outside we could see a boy about 15 working in the scorching heat as he tried to salvage any plants struggling to serve from the burnt earth. His baggy shirt and loose jeans did little to hide the muscles protruding from his clothing as he worked. Over the years the shaggy black mane had lengthened and was pulled back with a short piece of leather. His brilliant emerald eyes sparkled from under the taped black framed glasses. His name was Harry Potter but he was more then just a mere boy, he was the boy who lived… a wizard of great power.

The clock just inside the window he was under chimed 12 times telling him it was noon; he slowly pushed himself up and wiped his hands off on his pants. He stalked towards the door and pushed it open. He grimaced at the smell of bleach and heavy perfume. His Aunt Petunia was walking briskly back and forth through the kitchen mumbling to herself. "Aunt Petunia I have finished the front and back lawns. I have washed the car and re tarred the roof "Harry spoke softly with a tired air to his voice. Petunia simply glared and placed a plate of bread and leftover eggs from that morning on the table. "Eat and then go shower I will not have to smelling up my clean home. Me and Vernon are taking Dudley to the beach for two weeks and I want my house intact when we get back" she spoke harshly as she ushered him upstairs.

Harry slowly walked towards his room and once inside fell to his small bed and sighed. He would have the house to himself for a whole two weeks why his "family" went to the beach with out him. He turned his head to see the calendar and saw that tomorrow would be July 31; his birthday. He smiled to himself as he sat up and changed into some cooler and cleaner clothes. He heard his uncle and cousin come in from shopping. How his cousin could fit through the door was beyond his own mind as he had gained an extra 40 pounds over the first part of the summer. A loud banging was heard alongside "Boy get down here!" Vernon Dursley yelled out. Harry stood and moved as quick as his tired feet would allow him tell he came down to see all three of them at the door with bags and trunks. "We will be trusting you to keep this house clean, and no funny stuff. We have stocked this house with two weeks worth off food. Stay inside at all times. We don't need the neighbors knowing we left you here" Vernon said before leading his family out to the car and soon pulling out and driving away. Harry simply waved once before locking the door and heading to the kitchen.

It was the around midnight when Harry finely came to his room and sat down on his bed. He watched the clock as it stuck 12 and started to ring. He smiled softly and watched the window for the normal flight of birthday owls. What surprised him though was when the clocked stopped sounding a scream filled his ears. He noticed soon after that the scream was coming from him and the pain he was feeling. He thrashed out on his bed as he felt his bones snapping in and out of place as if they were re arranging themselves. His k-nine teeth started to sharpen and his eyes started to glow as his hair flashed with streaks and magic crackled like lighting around him the color of blood. All was lost to him as his magic took over and cocooned him in a shield of blood red light and he knew no more as he passed out.

It was around 8 in the morning that emerald eyes broke their seal of lashes to open and reveal deep unknowing pools. Harry groaned as his soar body moved to sit up. His hands came to catch his head which felt as if small goblins were mining with in his brain. He looked around with blurry vision until he found his glasses. When he could see clearly he noticed six owls waiting patiently outside his window only four of which he recognized. He walked to the window and pushed it open allowing them to one by one swoop inside and sit on his desk and chair. The first was an old grey barn owl way beyond his prime. His name was Errol and he was Ron's family owl. He patted the old owls head and relieved him of his rather large parcel and letter. Harry broke the wax seal and unfolded the parchment to read the letter from one of his best friends:

Dear Harry,

Hey Mate Happy Birthday! Wow your 16 now and by wizarding standards you are a legal adult. You can do magic outside of school now, man your lucky I have to wait tell this winter. Well any way mom says hi and has sent you a birthday cake and sweets to hold you tell school since Dumbledore wont allow you here this summer. My present is also inside but you have to open and see. Fred and George also said to tell you one third of their profits have been deposited to your account personally. I never knew it was you who helped them. Well write back soon and see you in September.



Harry smiled at the small note and opened the large box to see a mountain of homemade chocolates and a large chocolate cake. Under all that were a stack of Quidditch magazines and a set of figurines that fly about playing a miniature game. Harry smiled as he placed all the contents onto his desk and walked to the second owl. A large dark brown barn owl hooted softly as Harry took the small letter from it's leg. He broke the wax seal and read the elegant handwriting of his second best friend:

Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday! I can't believe you are 16 and a legal adult in the Wizarding world. I know that you are thinking I forgot your birthday but this owl was not going to be able to bring your present so I am having it floo mailed to you. I bet you are wondering what I got you, well since you might as well know me and my family got you an entire new wardrobe to wear for the coming school year. My mother was commenting on your baggy clothes and well we decided to buy you 16 years worth of fitting clothes. It should be their by the time you wake up left in multiple boxes in your living room. I hope you enjoy today and I will see you on the train this September.



Harry smiled at his friend's gesture of new clothes and couldn't wait to see what she picked out. He sent off the first two owls before going to the next brown eagle owl. It had the Hogwarts crest around it's neck. He broke the seal as he watched the bird lift off and then looked down at his O.W.L results and his Hogwarts letter:

Hogwarts School

Of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf.

Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International

Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that your O.W.L results have been recorded by the ministry and a copy has been sent along with this letter. We are glad another year is coming and hope to see you on the train come September 1st. In closed is a list of NEWT classes you may choose from please send the list back a.s.a.p. so that we may send you the correct book list.

Yours Sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

O.w.l. Results for Harry Potter

Divination: Exceeds Expectations

(NEWT Level allowable)

Potions: Outstanding

(NEWT level Allowable)

Transfiguration: Exceeds Expectations

(NEWT Level Allowable)

Care of Magical Creatures: Exceeds Expectations

(NEWT Level Allowable)

History of Magic: Outstanding

(NEWT Level Allowable)

Defense Against the Dark Arts: Exceeds Expectations

(NEWT Level Allowable)

Charms: Exceeds Expectations

(NEWT Level Allowable)

Harry grinned and jumped while yelling with joy. He had gotten five E's and two O's. All that studying had paid off in the end. He smiled down as the last page of the letter met his eyes and he picked up his quill to check off all the classes he wished to take in NEWT level along with others he wanted to study.

Sixth Year and NEWT level Class Choices

Potions: X


Transfiguration: X




Care of Magical Creatures: X


Charms: X


History of Magic: X


Dueling: X

Astronomy: X


Myth and Lore: X

Wandless Magic: X

With the list done Harry read over his choices and seeing as he was doing three more classes then last year, and six out of the ten were NEWT, he was sure he wasn't going to have many free periods. He laughed softly as he sealed the list and sent Hedwig out with the letter while going to the last owl he recognized as one from Sirius and Remus. He opened it and smiled longingly at the curly handwriting:

Dear Harry,

Me and Remus wish you the best of 16th birthdays. We're sorry we can't be with you but the order has us across the country talking with the elves and werewolves. Our present to you is that we have bought you a young stallion Pegasus that is housed at Hogwarts for you to ride and fly when ever, he doesn't have a name so don't forget to name him for us. See you soon pup. We both love you deeply and will come see you soon.


Sirius and Remus

Harry smiled at the small note and was shocked at the present they had gotten him, now he couldn't wait to get to the castle and see his new pet. He looked down at the remaining to two owls. One was an elegant eagle owl and the other was a silvery white hawk owl. He took the letters off both and the small package off the eagle owl and sent them on their way. He seemed worried as to who they were from and opened the small package to find an elegant pendant inside in the shape of an anaconda made of a rare silver and had emeralds for eyes. He gasped at the gift as he ripped open the letter that came along with it:

Dear Harry,

I know you are wondering who this is and why such a gift was given to you but for now I will have to leave you guessing as it is not time to reveal who I am. Just know that I am someone you know and have been around for years. I am giving you this pendant as a birthday gift as well as starting the courtship for your hand in marriage as you are now old enough to be courted. I will write again soon please be well my love.

Sincerely and with love,


Harry was shocked to say the least but he slipped the necklace around his neck and blushed softly as he held it close hoping it was true that someone out there might love him. His emerald eyes fell to the last sealed letter clasped in his hand as his nails once more broke the seal he opened the parchment very carefully to see very neat and elegant writing slowly appear on the paper but it is what it said that was making Harry feel faint:

Royal Family DeVella Potters

To His Majesty Crown Prince Harold James DeVella Potters,

It is an honor to finely write to you with the news that with the passing of your grandmother you are the uncontested heir of the forest kingdom of Wisteria just north of hogsmeade Scotland. You are the grandson of her majesty archduchess Amelia Alexandra DeVella Potters and with her passing she named you her hair. The delegation will meet you at Hogwarts come this September to crown you and name your inheritance as you are the only child to the late crown prince James Malloy DeVella Potters and his fourth and favorite wife Lilly Evens DeVella Potters. His first three wives will meet with you with their offspring from the late crown prince and the delegation at your crowning. Be well till we come for you my prince.

Sincerely from your eternal servant,

Maria Deacons

Secretary of state

P.S. I wish to also inform you that at midnight last night your inheritance of our people was activated and you now show the true traits of the Wisteria people.

Harry dropped the letter and ran for the small mirror in the bathroom. His eyes shot open as he reached up and touched his now pointed ears. His skin was a soft cream color and his eyes were outlined in black. His hair had grown to just past his hips and with swift motions he had it tamed into a low pony tail. He then noticed that on either cheek he held two acid green strips as well as three on each wrist. With in his mouth he felt two long fangs. What surprised his most was that beside his scar was a tattoo of a black and silver crescent moon with a six point star crossing through it. Out of the corner of his eye he caught movement and turned his head to see a large flowing tail swaying side to side and as thick as a pillow that was as long as he was tall. His hands raked through it and that was when he first noticed his claws.

He walked back to his room and sat gracefully on his bed as he took in his new appearance. Apparently there was more to his father then just being a mere wizard. Harry quickly retrieved his care of magical creature's book from his trunk and as quick as lighting was looking through to try and see what he had become. The book dropped from his hands as he fainted, one word stood out more then the rest on the page that lay open. Demon…