-1Heir of Unknown Heritage

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter but this story line and original characters are mine. Still looking for any interested writers in helping me produce this story.

Rating: R

Pairings: I have decided with the help of my loyal readers for which I must thank greatly that there shall be five pairings in this story. Harry's mates shall be Draco, Severus, Blaze (girl), Hermione, Endymion Lunar. I have also decided that Harry shall be betrayed and turn evil, but not yet if he will choose to follow a side or not.

Summery: Harry Potter has been at Hogwarts for years now. It was the summer of his 16th birthday and summer before his sixth year that something was to happen. You see Harry did not know that along with the heir to Gryffindor from his father's side of the family also came the heir to a very rare race that is thought to never exist. Harry will soon find out that these creatures do in fact live and are looking for their rightful king. Could they be the answer to helping him destroy the dark lord or maybe help him forget that his role is savior of the world and leave to rule another world.

Chapter Eight:

Months passed by quickly while the youkai lived with in the castles walls. The coronation and ball had been moved from Halloween tell right before Christmas holidays so more students could be in attendance. The halls and classrooms were decorated in greenery and soft neutral colored decorations. The students were all excited for the upcoming festivities that would be happening that night. Hermione, Draco and Blaze were walking the streets of Hogsmeade finding last minute gifts but the three could not seem to find one fit for Harry. Draco had both girl's arms linked with his as they walked towards the lesser know ally ways of Hogsmeade hoping to find a shop that just screamed Harry's name. They each already had a few bags each shrunken inside there pockets as they talked softly. " What shall we get Harry? I just can't think of anything that would truly be fit for him" Hermione said with an irritated sigh while shaking off a shiver. Draco smiled softly while steering the girls down a darkened ally that was filled with shadowed stores. " I haven't ever seen these stores before, where are we Draco?" Blaze said softly looking around, pulling off Draco's arm and walking towards the store on the right side.

" I don't know I just felt drawn here, why don't we each take a different shop and return here in the next hour?" Draco said softly and once the other two nodded he headed towards the shop right in front of him entering through a plain wooden door. Hermione winked at Blaze and entered a dark flower carved door on the left side of the small circle ally. Blaze waved and smiled entering the store she was at on the right.

Draco coughed a little at the heavy smell of herbs and potions that he breathed in upon entering. /I never knew there was an Apothecary in Hogsmeade/ but Draco was brought from his thoughts by a middle aged man walking forward. " There isn't, and you are not currently in this Hogsmeade you walked through a portal that connects your Hogsmeade to Wisteria. Lady Siren made it so that she could come back and forth for Christmas things. You must be Grand Duke Draco Malfoy. We have heard a lot of you and the you archduchesses Hermione Granger and Blaze Zabini. My name is Wilson and I welcome you to my small shop." the man walked from the shadows showing he was a youkai that held the markings of a bat. Draco smirked softly " how did you know what I was thinking?" spoken with a firm but welcome tone. "Bat youkai can both hear voices and thoughts as it helps of better adapt to new environments. What can I help you with Grand Duke?" Wilson spoke friendly.

Draco looked around at all the small bottles and herbs everything from rat tails to slug sperm were bottled, bagged and held in large barrels. " I am looking for something as a present for my mate Harry?" Draco spoke as he picked up small pouches of unicorn dusk that was stored next to small bundles of inu youkai hairs tied with ribbon. "Well a present for the future king is truly a hard choice to make isn't it. I have many rare or common ingredients but I believe I have something even more special" Wilson spoke before moving towards the back knowing that Draco was following and soon stopped before a medium sized black oak cabinet. With a click of a key the doors to the cabinet opened to display a large set of pestle and mortar along with decorative and magical potion knives. " These are special potion tools. I believe the future king has a great interest in potions so maybe a few of these would make lovely gifts." Wilson spoke with pride at his merchandise.

Draco stroked a finger across a lovely crystal like stone carved into a pestle and mortar. Picking them up they glowed a soft grey before going back to the sparkling deep emerald sapphire swirled crystal. "Awww nice choice Grand Duke. That stone is a type of river rock from a hidden hot spring deep in the center of the very part of Wisteria in which you rule over. It is a rare stone to find and that is the only piece in which I had enough to create. As it is a present for our future king and you yourself found it I will allow it to be free of charge under the condition you come for more business " Wilson smiled softly with a friendly sheen to his eyes. Draco smiled and nodded knowing he just made a friend in Wisteria how ever weird the experience came around. Once the pestle and mortar was wrapped in tissue and placed in a box Draco smiled and waved as he left for the meeting spot in the court yard.

While Draco was doing this Blaze was finding her own present in the small decently lit store she arrived in. The store held an air of sensuality with the deep red colors of the silks draped down the walls and ceilings. Tall spiraling shelves stood every few feet as she walked around. Books lay next to ties, whips, cuffs, clothing cut to be sexual made in both male and female styles. A slender hand tapped her shoulder which made Blaze gasp and spin around. Her eyes widened when she saw a lovely red headed hanyu with fox ears twitching upon her head stood smiling behind her. Her own black as night cat ears came up twitching softly in a welcome like wave. " Welcome to my family's shop. My name is Cathy and I see you're a cat hanyu I myself am a kitsune hanyu with a father for a human. How may I help you?" Cathy spoke with a sweet voice laced with mischief. Blaze smiled as she looked around " What does your family specialize in Cathy?" Blaze asked with a sweet and naughty tone. Cathy giggled and followed her around smiling like the cat that has caught the mouse. " Well my family specializes in kinsune magic but we also toy with the sexual aspects of youkai life. As I am sure you noticed outside this is not part of your town called Hogsmeade. Lady Siren had mad a portal in which to use for Christmas shopping. You just happened to have made it through to. This is part of the central city of Wisteria though my family is from Eastern part. And if I remember correctly you are Second Archduchess of Eastern Wisteria. It is lovely to meet the lady in which I serve. Was that First Archduchess Hermione of Northern Wister along with First Grand Duke Draco of Southern Wisteria outside with you?" Cathy spoke excitedly. Blaze smiled and nodded. "I am here searching for a gift for my mate Harry" Blaze spoke softly. Cathy beamed and started searching around while mumbling about finding the perfect present for the archduchess to give the future king. Cathy smiled before grabbing Blaze's arm in her own and leading her towards the back and up a set of iron spiral stairs.

Inside this new room appeared to be a bedroom. The same dark crimson silk scarves across the ceiling and down the walls. A large circle lay sunken into the floor filled with black silk sheets and black velvet pillows that showed it being a nest like bed. The same spiral shelves lined the walls filled with books and clothes along side large free standing mirrors. Blaze smiled loving the décor and soon was pulled to the right were a deep black oak chest stood along the wall next to a door leading to a small black red and black marble bathroom. Cathy kneeled down before the chest and took a key from around her neck before unlocking the chest and placed the key back around her neck. Once the top was lifted a soft pillowing of shimmering dusk rose before showing it's treasure inside. Lined along the left side were golden bands for necks and arms, earrings, rings, bracelets and other more sexual piercings could be found. One the right side piles of silk robes and dresses in soft shimmering colors so dark they seemed almost unnatural. Blaze gasps and kneels down shifting through the silks and jewelry. "For the future king all these are more then expectable. But may I suggest that the black silk rob with the green and gold ink paintings. And with that the black onyx and gold upper arm rings as well as the onyx and gold choker marked with a inu youkai picture" Cathy pulled said items as she spoke. Blaze took the jewelry in hand and soon fell in love with them before placing the aside and picked up the robe. It wasn't a wizards robe but more like a dressing or bath robe. The soft black cloth felt like silk which held green and gold ink designs. In the center was a large golden Inu in full form, north was a green raven, east was a green bloom rose like flower, south was a green dragon rearing, west was a green inu like the one in the cent but smaller, in the center smaller in size but panted at the feet of the golden inu you was a coiled anaconda.

"It's beautiful Cathy this and the jewelry will be perfect!" Blaze said excitedly as she folded the robe neatly tucking the jewelry in the folds. Cathy wrapped them in tissue and placed them in a black bag and smiled. "Sense you are the lady which over rules the Eastern part these gifts are free of charge under the condition that you come and visit as often as you can and bring your friends and mate" Cathy spoke softly smiling as she hugged Blaze and walked her to the door. "It's a deal see you later Cathy and Merry Christmas" Blaze called out leaving the store and walking towards a waiting Draco smiling as she saw his box and holding up her bag.

The last of the small group was Hermione as she closed the door to her own little shop adventure. The walls were head to toe of books and scrolls. Her eyes were wide and filled with wonder. She reached out and ran her fingers along the spines of the old and well taken care of books. This was a gold mind for her own benefit but she was here for a present for Harry. She started to walk up and down the dust covered floor as she scanned the towering shelves. She was thrown from her thoughts as she crashed into a rather squishy walls. Looking up she gasps softly "I'm so sorry sir I never saw you there please accept my apology" Hermione spoke softly blushing in embarrassment. The man started to laugh with a deep relaxing voice before speaking " That is alright my dear First Archduchess Hermione it was entirely my fault I should of announced my presence. My name is Nick and I am the proprietor of this shop. Though I warn you that you are no longer in the town you think but more along the lines of Wisteria as you stumbled through Lady Siren's portal" Nick spoke with a deep voice. Hermione nodded softly understanding before looking around and picking a few books she herself desired before turning towards Nick " I am searching for a present for my mate Harry would you have anything he may like?" she spoke softly hugging the books she wished to buy for herself.

Nick nodded smiling before leading her towards the front counter. Reading under he pulled a thick package wrapped in a dusty silk cloth and let the cloth fall away revealing the contents. There sitting before her were two books one written in what she could only think of being snake language and the other was a thick dusty tome on the very rarest animals including his foxfly and basilisk pets. "Wow I'll take them both along with those in my arms" she spoke collecting the two before her and setting them on top of the few in her arms. Nick nodded softly talking all the books and wrapping each in plain brown paper and tied with string before placing them in a shoulder sling carry pouch and placing it on her left shoulder. As she reached for her money pouch he stopped her with a smile. " You my dear are the archduchess of the part of Wisteria that me and my family live and as our over ruler those books are free of charge just please do come and visit me every once in a while so that I might have the pleasure of your company and discuss some of my older books and scrolls" Nick smiled in a fatherly way and shooed her along , waving to him she left and joined Blaze and Draco. All three smiled and held up there bags or boxes and smiled before walking out of the ally not noticing when it disappeared as the portal closed leaving there new friends behind for now.

After the shopping, merry making, candy buying and glass after glass of butterbeer the students started to file back up to the school smiling and laughing as thick snow fell around them like curtains. All the older students were discussing who they were going to the ball with while the younger ones were simply delighted to be invited and were going in groups from there houses. The great hall was decorated with snow covered evergreens and the only light came from the cloudy full moon and the hundreds of candles sparkling along with the falling snow. The long tables were replaced with smaller squares that were stationed along the back and side walls. The teacher's and Harry's table were gone and in it's place with a large crescent moon shaped table that held five large onyx marble thrones lined in silk the color of crimson, onyx, emerald, silver and acid green, soft purple and deep sapphire. One free side of the crimson and sapphire thrones were chairs free for the rest of the teachers and Harry's family.

The middle of the great hall was a large dance floor that looked as if made of ice or mirror but held no slippery surface or gleam when light hit it. Harry and his Aunts smiled at there work, though all who looked knew that Harry hated knowing the crimson and onyx thrones would be empty on the night he was crowned but no one could make it different as Harry simply did not smell those two out yet. Soon the four of them turned and left to get ready knowing that tomorrow morning his aunt's, sisters, mates and himself would be taking a private carriage that was able to transport across land or air to his Italian palace for the Christmas holidays as the snow was starting to bother his Aunt Luchia and sister Nile. As the parted each smiled and blew kisses before disappearing. Harry soon arrived at his painting and spoke the password softly entering to see his mates all asleep on the couches, Draco cradling Blaze on one couch and Hermione lounging on the other couch. He smiled softly before giving off a hearty howl which made all three jump and fall to the floor. Draco glared softly "That was not truly needed milord truly. I see you are down with the hall does that mean we are to get dressed now milove?" Harry nodded kissing each forehead as she passed to shower and dress, hearing the others do the same.

Students were all crowned around the small square tables dressed in there best dress robes thought you could find the occasional one dressed like money was desperately needed (Ron and Ginny). The darkened mood made both for a romantic appeal bit also one of mystery. Up at the crescent table along the left side of the crimson throne stood Albus with the rest of the teachers including Severus, Remus and a slightly older and greyer looking Sirius. Sirius was still in shock over what he had been told by two very strange looking siblings when rescued from the gray void like plain he had been sitting in for months, Harry a king, Harry and his parents not humans but youkai, Harry having five mates, let along finding out that he and Remus shared a common mate in the young woman who had saved him Mari. Sirius had spent time with both Harry and his family and had decided that no matter what family was family so he smiled and waiting holding Remus's hand as Mari joined them sitting beside him smiling. She was dressed in a soft ivory dress that was dated back to empire style design that held a cherry blossom design in soft pink with brown tree branches. They all smiled and waiting. Along the right side of the dark sapphire thrown was Harry's family dressed in similar dresses as Mari but Siren's was black, Bell's was brown, Luchia's ocean blue, Alexis was crimson, Ruffy's was gold, and Nile's was sandy yellow. Endymion was wearing a white male kimono with golden and black designs of stars shooting across the sky.

The great hall's doors were slowly opened by currently invisible house elfs as they were told to do when Harry and his mates were ready to enter. No one could see anyone for a few moments before Draco walked up and bowed at the waist. His hair was pulled back with a silver clasp marking with acid green claw slashes. His upper body was held in a soft dark silver poets shirt with a deep emerald sash going from his left shoulder down across to his right hip. Around his neck was the silver choker with glowing emerald jewel stone. His legs were wearing sleek black dress pants tied at the waist with a black sash. His feet were encased in black dress shoes buckled with silver snake clasps. Flowing down his back was rich emerald cape that bore a black colored cross and six pointed star, the royal crest. He walked forward slowly and with elegance and grace as he reached each family member at the table he shook there hand or kissed there hand depending on gender before standing at the emerald thrown to the left of Harry's onyx and acid green one.

Moments later Blaze could be seem descending the stars in a vision of deep sapphire. Her dress was one of velvet and flowed like water. A silver rose like flower was blooming upon her right shoulder were her dress was clasped leaving her left shoulder and half her back bare to open eyes. The dress hugged her rather full bloomed breasts and sharp hips like a second skin. A single slit rode up her left side stopping at her mid thigh were another silver rose like floor was pinned. A darker color sapphire sash hung around her waist like a belt. Thin heeled shoes were upon her feet laced up to her ankle by thick ribbon making her a few inches taller. Her neck was encased in a silver choker baring a dark sapphire jewel stone. She smirked as she tucked two long curls of hair behind her ears while the rest stayed pined in a pile of curls a top her head. Her two fluffy cat ears twitching back and forth in delight as she bowed. Soon she to was walking forward toward the table, handing her hand kissed by Endymion while she kissed the cheek of the women before standing before the sapphire throne on the left side of Lady Siren.

Hermione was the next to appear and thrust me she was definitely noticed. She smirked almost darkly as she walked down the stairs before stopping just inside the doors. Her hair was up in a high pony tail tied with thick soft purple ribbons. The rest fell around her body in silky straight strands. Her neck bore the same silver choker but held a glowing purple jewel stone. Her arms were encased in elbow length purple gloves. Her dress was floor length that flooded around her body in smooth rather tight waves. It tied around her neck in a halter style. Two slits ran up her legs stopping around her hips were two black ribbon bows gleamed like jewels. Her feet were held in closed toe heels the color of her dress. Bowing low showing off her breasts slightly before stepping into the room and walking towards the table. Kissing the cheeks of all females and hugging Endymion softly she took to standing before her purple thrown beside Blaze.

The entire room went silent as a deep growl was heard from the shadows of the stairs before deep heavy boot falls were heard. There standing from the shadows was Harry. His thick lush black hair pulled back in a tight braid clasped with silver clips engraved with gold and emeralds. His deep acid green strips along his cheeks and arms seemed to glow in the dim lighting. His forest was encircled with a silver ring let just below his cross and six pointed start royal marking. His neck was caught with a golden choker holding bright acid green stone with an onyx center. His upper body was in a tight white button shirt with a acid green sash starting from his left shoulder leading down to his right hip. His pants were a deep brown with a black sash belt. His books were a dark brown with black dog shaped clasps, like draco a deep acid green cape fell down his back baring his family crest in black ink. He did not bow but nodded before walking forward and taking his own thrown but not before kissing all the women on the cheek, shaking Endymion's hand and kissing Draco softly on the forehead. As soon as he sat so did his mates, family and the teachers.

Mari giggled softly from beside a wide mouthed Sirius and Remus. Her king and his mates truly were love and handsome and so cool. She loved this new world were clothes were stuffy or plain like her and the dowager ladies. Harry scent a small smile towards Mari before he stood once more along with his Aunt Siren. "I welcome you all to this coronation ball and I am pleased to present to you his Majesty Crown Prince Harold James DeVella Potter" Lady Siren said softly bowing her head towards Harry "And with him her Majesty First Grand Archduchess Hermione of the Northern Lands. Her Majesty Second Grand Archduchess Blaze of the Eastern Lands, and his Majesty First Grand Duke Draco of the Southern Lands. I present to you the royal court of Wisteria" Siren spoke with a deep and pride filled tone as she started to clap her clawed paws, soon the rest of his family and the students and staff joined it as Siren slowly took back her seat. Harry smiled and bowed lowly to his aunts, sisters and mates before returning to the students "Before we begin the dancing and eating I would like to thank all those who have shown loyalty to me. Those who have know who they are, those that haven't will soon know the results of such a betrayal" Harry's emerald gaze was sent coldly towards Albus and Ron. "Now may this ball get started" Harry called out softly while returning to his throne to eat his small meal.

The students let up loud cheers as they started to group and pair off. Some heading straight for the food tables, the more romantic couples slipping onto the dance floor as soft music started to rain like water from the magical ceiling. The lighting dimming more as the music started out slow and romantic waltz that had the students dancing around in slow swirling like motions. Harry was seen talking to Draco about the different aspects there classes were hold, and how much easier it was coming to them now then back in first years. Hermione and Blaze could be seen pointing and gagging at some of the dresses girls wore. Siren, Bell and Luchia were eating and speaking about the different changes that the castle would need back in Wisteria to accommodate the new mates and soon to be children. Endymion was silent as he ate though he listened to Alexis, Ruffy and Nile speak about the different clothing choices as Hermione and Blaze did.

Soon most who had eaten were finished and moved on to the dance floor where more upbeat music was playing. Harry smiled at seeing Alexis and Neville dancing out in the middle, as he looked around Hagrid had asked Bell to dance though the size difference was duly noted. Nile and Ruffy could be seen dancing together along with a reluctant Endymion along one side of the dance floor. Hermione and Blaze smirked before dragging Draco and Harry towards the center beside Alexis and Neville. Hermione taking Draco's arm giggling while he caught out and started to dance. Blaze slowly started to dance around Harry before she was pulled closer with a soft growl before they to joined the fray of bouncing bodies. Sirius stood slowly before pulling Albus to the side of the upper platform before starting a conversation that no one could hear, though it you looked upon Albus's face you could see nothing good was being said to him by the mouth of a pissed off godfather who had just been released of all charges.

Mari pushed her plate back as she finished and smirked when she saw Sirius walk away with Albus. There meeting had been strange when she had entered the veil to see the man walking back and forth in a limbo like space muttering about how much of a feel he was not to trust Albus would save Harry. She just smiled and grabbed his arm telling him that Albus was not worth the trust. Once out Endymion and herself had to nearly drag Sirius back to Hogwarts where he stayed in a private room in the infirmary for at least a month before he was released to be with Harry. It was hard for her to be around Remus and Sirius as she knew they that they were mates by the werewolf's standards but how to tell them that she herself found their scents to be that of her own mates, even though she was just a year older then Harry she still searched. She sighed softly feeling the pain of not being able to keep them. Remus heard the sigh and saw the lost and pained look on Mari's face. Her scent brought his wolf peace as did Sirius's scent. He knew Sirius thought she was beautiful to as did he. He had never heard of a werewolf have two mates but then again she herself was an inu youkai so maybe the reason she was pained was because Sirius and himself were her mates. Smiling softly he opened his mind to Sirius /Sirius are you there/ /Yes I am Remus what do you need I am giving this old man a piece of my mind/ /Do you think Mari is beautiful/ /Yes I do why/ /Well I believe she may be my second mate, and by the looks of her face and her actions towards us I believe we are her mates that her youkai has chosen/ /Well if that is true then we will work with what destiny has brought us, she would make a lovely addition to out pack, why not ask her to dance while I deal with this old man/ /Ok just don't go over board/ with that the conversation died off and Remus stood slowly moving to Mari "May I have this dance pretty lady?" Mari looked up at the sound of the voice and with a soft blush nodded.

(I do not own this song it is from the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast)

Mari smiled softly while being lead to the dance floor a softly melody coming off from the ceiling as she laced her fingers through one of Remus's hands while the other goes to his shoulder. She felt his free hand caress her side and upper rim of her ass softly. Blushing they started to waltz to the tune they heard. Words softly flowing from not on her mouth softly :

There's something sweet

And almost kind

But he was mean and he was coarse and unrefined

And now he's dear

And so I'm sure

I wonder why I didn't see it there before

Remus smiled as he heard her musical voice reach out across the room as his own voice broke through to answer her words with his own:

She glanced this way

I thought I saw

And when we touched she didn't shudder at my paw

No it can't be

I'll just ignore

But then she's never looked at me that way before

Mari smiled softly listening to him sing with her as she continued on with the soft words that filled her mind all the while still waltzing along with him movements as he lead her around the dance floor:

New and a bit alarming

Who'd have ever thought that this could be?

True that he's no Prince Charming

But there's something in him that I simply didn't see

Harry smiled softly adding his voice as well though he new Remus and Mari were to far gone into each other's to notice the new voices:

Well, who'd have thought?

Blaze smiled softly singing gently:

Well, bless my soul

Hermione nodded softly hearing Blaze and Harry before adding her own words softly:

Well, who'd have known?

Blaze smiled as she felt more words leave her mouth in time with the melody:

Well, who indeed?

Harry smirked softly dipping Blaze down low before singing out softly but still enough for the others to hear:

And who'd have guessed they'd come together on their own?

Blaze giggled softly adding her own lyrics to Harry's:

It's so peculiar. Wait and see

Harry and Hermione smiled to each other before softly before singing as one:

We'll wait and see

Blaze, Hermione and Harry all sang out softly as one:

A few days more

There may be something there that wasn't there before

Hermione started to sing very sweetly and softly but still heard:

You know, perhaps there's something there that wasn't there before

Blaze softly ended the distant melody with her final words before the waltz came to a lovely end:

There may be something there that wasn't there before

All the students were smiled as they saw Remus and Mari slowly coming to a stop. Mari blushed as she noticed all the people looking at her knowing they had heard her sing. She noticed Harry smiled softly holding a small Hermione in his left arm while Blaze laced her arms through his right arm. Draco seemed to be nuzzling and handing off his neck behind him smiling at her two. All the other students were smiling some even had romantic tears falling from there eyes. Remus blushed as well before leading Mari off towards were Sirius stood smirking. "You two make lovely dance partners which is good because I can't dance for the life of me" Sirius joked softly. "Remus.. Sirius I know you both love each other a lot, but do you think maybe you have room for one more?" Mari spoke softly afraid of the answer. Remus and Sirius looked at each other and smirked. "If you offering Mari know this now we keep all that we hold dear" Remus spoke softly before he felt himself being pounced on by a flying ball of silver, violet and rose. Soft tears fell from her eyes as she felt both Remus and Sirius bring there arms around her "I would never let my mates go any way no matter what so your both stuck with me" Mari said softly bring a laugh from all three, as the night wore on one was not seen far from the other two.