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Shattered Pieces

The broken pieces shattered everywhere,

He went over and picked one up.

Regretting everything he done

Everything one he'd hurt

Who in the broken glass did he see?

Someone full of joy and laughter

Being replaced with someone cold and heartless

Out to taste victory over battle

Out to satisfy the lust

Watching someone fall at your feet by your hands

Is it that good of a feeling?

Is it really worth all the costs?

Or is it just twisted?

He was the manslayer…

He disguised himself all this time

And he had showed his true colors

Abolishing everyone who whom stands in his way

Slaying and slashing

Leaving a trail of permanent work

Permanent work that shall always remain

Not going away, ever.

The broken glass mirror lay shattered everywhere

He looked back in the broken piece

Not caring if it pricked his fingers

In the glass, he sees someone that learns to care for others

Someone that is full of life

Someone that protects others

But sadly that someone is gone, gone like the rest of the others

But yet his cold unforgiving expression remains

Untouched by what lay around him

A child like face but now replaced by a cold hard one

Tangled in a sea of emotions

He searches for the answer

An answer to a question that was left unanswered

Is this really who I am?

Is this the true Battousai the Manslayer?

Am I who I said I am to be?

Am I to be like this for eternity?

Is this who I want to be?

People care for me

But do I know?

Or am I just blind from the inside?

The reversed blade lay by his side

A katana used to protect but now destroys

Its blade remained its dark crimson stain from past battles

He stands up and threw the glass piece away

He walked out of the dojo and out forever

Not ever setting another foot back in

Is he doomed to take the body of the hitokiri?

Will he wander like this all his days?

Is this really had to be his twisted future?

His path leaves behind memories

Memories full of lust and no mercy

Memories no one wants to be reminded of

The past is done

His fate is sealed

"Because I am the legendary Battousai the Manslayer,

And I shall remain him till the day I depart this world."

The End

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Disclaimer: I do not own Rurouni Kenshin. Thank you.