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Author's Note: My first fiction was a stab at serious storyline and maybe a slice at building romance. This, I'm not so sure. While it is NOT an AU storyline, it is. And while it is not a comedy, or romance, or angst, or whatever else... it is. Like the title, this story is like a line of those ideas twisted with their counterpart. It's a non-comedy interwoven with comedy. Everything and nothing. The story itself will be a multi-chaptered story in one hand, and a one-shot in another. Intrigued? Confused? I guess you'll have to read (And review! ... Please?!). The ideology of all of this will make sense later, right now we're just getting started...

Neji slowly faded back into consciousness. Training to the point of exhaustion was a favorite pastime of his whenever his stress level would rise too much. His latest fatigue was a result of the orders he'd been given earlier that day, when his uncle had told him that within the coming year he was to be Hinata's personal body guard.

While the silver-eyed boy no longer believed in fate to the point where his death was predetermined; he did know that such a position would clip his wings from flying in any direction he could have chosen. A main house member's personal bodyguard had little time to themselves. So much of his future life would now be devoted directly towards Hinata, he wouldn't have time to be social, have friends, or even girlfriends for that matter. Of course, to Neji, those things didn't really have a ranking priority anyway, but it was the principle of the matter that irked him. It wasn't even a year ago that his uncle revealed the scroll his father had written him. The last words of his father gave him courage and inspired him to want more out of life. Now, the life chosen for him wasn't exactly what Neji would have picked for himself.

It was as if he was freed from one cage of destiny to be put into another. And so Neji had spent the day training alone and using all of his chakra. If each hit to the training dummies could alter his fate, Neji's future would have been unrecognizable. Every single one of his jyuuken styled attacks mutated and warped the dummy, every impact his palms inflicted had the rage of helplessness infused into its power. Neji worked long and hard, deep into the evening until his five minute break turned into a small nap.

When he awoke, it was past midnight. The hooting of the forest owls echoed far across the woods and bounced off the trees around him when he finally picked himself up. He noticed that his forehead protector had fallen down around his neck, possibly revealing the curse seal to anyone who could have wandered by. Slightly angry at himself for not tying it tight enough and for actually falling asleep, Neji replaced the protector and retied it around his forehead.

After blowing off some steam, Neji walked home a little less edgy about the events that took place earlier. He quietly moved through the house, careful not to wake anyone as he made his way into the branch members' part of the estate. His eyes shined in the pitch black darkness like a wild beast, stalking his way through the halls to his room. Without a sound he slid open the door and methodically stepped his way through the room, avoiding all of the unseen obstacles that littered his path. Without looking, Neji knew where to step over and beside, his somewhat messy room working against him like a mine field of traps. Finally he made it to the edge of his bed, and with complete exhaustion, he let out a long and labored sigh.

With his eyes closed, he let himself fall downwards toward the bed. Unfortunately, with his eyes closed, Neji wouldn't have time to notice the two startled eyes that beamed up at him until he hit the bed. And when he hit the bed, it was already too late.

Even though Neji was a member of the Hyuuga Branch family, he was still accustomed to the finer things in life. As a Hyuuga, a person was bred to hold the responsibilities of the name 'Hyuuga'. This included, but was not limited to higher standards of etiquette, regimented extra training schedules starting at an absurdly young age, expected higher marks that your peers in anything that could ever be graded, and a general regard for your actions as representing the oldest bloodline among Konoha village. In return, life, for the most part, was good. A Hyuuga would live like royalty, have one of the largest estates in the village, have a prime choice of foods, maintain excellent funding for private training areas and weaponry, and have an all around comfortable life style. One of the things included in a 'comfortable lifestyle' would be large rooms for every person, whether they were of the Main or Branch family, and a nice, big, comfortable, soft bed to sleep in.

Hyuuga Neji's bed was never so soft.

Hyuuga Neji's bed also never made an "Eeep!" sound before.

When he opened his eyes to the sudden sound, he instantly found silver eyes looking right back at him no more than an inch away from his face. Someone was in his bed, and before he knew it, before he could control it, his hands shot underneath him to prop himself up, to get off of this person. In his mind it was the right thing to do. After all, he thought, it's not proper to continue lying on people, especially when you're not actually sure who they are. One thing Neji did know now is that it wasn't his bed that was softer than he remembered it, it was the person he had his hands on.

Hyuuga Hinata's unique voice rang out in a scream that would wake the dead if they were as close as Neji was now.


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