Another long day I'm sure. I am sitting here with about 200 people waiting for them to start another day of Testing.

What type of testing you might ask, well the Las Angeles Police Department is starting a new program for people age's 16 to 21. I am one of the candidates waiting for my change to be one of the first in this new program.

After sitting here for a little while longer and older gentleman stood up on the stage and started to talk to us.

"First of all I wanted to congratulate you all on making it this far. 2 days ago we started with 750 people. Today we have 150 of you sitting here, however only 25 of you are going to make it from here. So, you think you can hand with us? You think you have what it takes? Today we separate the men from the boys. Split into groups of 25 and lets get started." With that said the groups dispersed and started to warm-up.

"All right lets get started with some push-ups guys. Ohh sorry I see we have a lady in our group. You can do them girly style."

"Not to be rude sir, but I'm sure I can out do most here." I replied smirking at the group of guys watching me.

"Sure you can sweetheart, just try and keep up. Now count them out. 1 o-n-e, 2 t-w-o, 3 t-h-r-e-e, 4 f-o-u-r, 5 f-I-v-e, 6 s-I-x, 7 s-e-v-e-n, 8 e-I-g-h-t, 9 n-I-n-e, 10 t-e-n."

We counted like this through the push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, squats and crunches we would say the number and then spell it, it think it's cause the leader didn't know how to count past ten, but then that is my own smart ass opinion.

"Sergeant how are we doing over here?" The gentleman that talked with us at the beginning asked the man leading my team.

"There all your sir." He replied to him.

"All right here's how it's going to work, split into partners and then you will run the course together." He told us.

"Sir, there are 25 of us, but I am willing to run alone." I said politely wanting to stand out.

"Then you can go first." He replied to me while motioning for me to go up there with him.

"Fine by me," I replied while walking up there. As an after thought I added. "This way I can show the guys skills."

"Feisty one, are we? I like it. And you are?" He asked me with a smirk.

"Kira sir, Kira Torreto." I replied with pride.

"Any relation to Dominic Torreto?"

"Yes sir."

"Yes sir that's all I get?"

"With all do respect sir, I don't want me to make it or not make it based on my relationship to Dominic Torreto sir."

"That's understandable, all right Kira this is a 560 yard course…" He started out to say then I interrupted him, rude I know but I had to.

"Starting with climbing 3 sets of 50 steps, then jumping a 6 foot fence, followed by many obstacles mixed in with rocks, water and mud, then a 12 foot fence followed by a 250 pound body drag for 50 feet. All must be completed in 8 minutes. I can do it in 4." I rambled and beamed with pride. I have trained for this for 6 months now.

"Never been done, but lets see what you got. Time starts and stops when you cross that red line." HE told me, and then he called over all of the others and told the main leaders what I said my time was. They started to laugh. This made me want to do it even more. "When ever you are ready."

"Yes sir." With that I took off at full speed.

Up the steps

Over the 6 foot fence

Threw the mud and the muck.

Up over the 12-foot fence with no problems.

Now to the most challenging part, dragging something that has 100 pounds on me. I drug it like it was nothing.

I then ran full force over the red line. I stoped my watch and made my way over to everyone.

"So, how did I do?"

"Damn little one, you were hella fast." Said the guy that was telling me that I could do girly push-ups. I think he is the youngest leader here.

"And that means what, cause I'm not sure if this is right." I growled at him while pointing to my watch.

"3 minutes and 56 seconds." When he said this I started jumping. I did it. I proved them wrong.

"Congrats little one you just earned your self the first spot, you can stay around and watch every one else or you can jet and be back here tomorrow." The chief replied proudly.

"If it's ok sir, my father would love me if I showed up early to help out at the garage." I replied softly.

"Sure thing little one, see you at 8 a.m. tomorrow."

With that I grabbed my stuff and showered then headed to the shop. Dad was going to be happy that I was there but pissed as hell that I just made it into the trial cadet program.

When I arrived at the garage, everyone was there Uncle Vince, Leon and Jesse, Aunt Mia, Aunt Letty.

Dad didn't hear me pull up in my car as the music was to loud and Vince and Leon were shouting insults at one another, Dad was in the office cause I couldn't see him in the workshop I stood in the doorway and waited for him to notice me. He often went in to a little world of his own when he was

"Hey Kira" Letty said passing me in the door way to the office, Dad finally looked up and noticed me

"Where the hell have you been?" Dad practically yelled at me standing up from his desk, leaving his o so important paperwork. "I told you I wanted you in at 8 this morning!"

"And I reminded you I had things to do!" I replied keeping my calm.

"And them things to involve the L.A.P.D?" he shouted this time almost in my face. My face dropped I was in shock, how did he find out? I hadn't told anyone, how could he possibly know?

"Have you been going through my stuff?" I asked him getting pissed with him, it was the only way he could have found out, and the letters were hid in my room. Unless he had been snooping he had no way of knowing.

"You forget I'm a well known guy and when shit goes down that people know I won't be happy about I get told about it! My own fucking daughter wanting to be a cop! How fucked up is that shit?" my dad said. He wasn't good with words


Any other dad would have asked me how I did, not go off on one about how he is well known and has connections. He should have hugged me and told me he was proud but no not my Dad, my dad was different my dad was Dominic fucking Torreto!

He looked as if to say something, the famous vein in his head that Vince and me had called "The Hulk" began to throb "great come back Dad!" I said sarcastically before leaving the garage and running to my car.

"Nice going Dom" Letty said still stood in the office forgetting what she entered for.

"Back off!" Dom growled, "You were all just as pissed about it as I was!"

Dad walked out of the garage I think he knew that I hadn't left yet. He was proud of me I know that but I could also tell that he pissed as hell with me. Given his background and me going in the totally opposite direction. Some shit that is.

"Kira, baby, I don't know what to tell you. All of me really wants to be proud of you and happy for you, but with my record and what I have raised you with is the part that is pissed. You being a cop would put this family in danger." Dad said softly as he leaned against the doorframe of my car.

"It's just fucking like you to think about the damn team when it comes to me. Any other father would be happy about their child having dreams and goals and hell getting in, but hell no not you." I practically yelled at him.

"You know you are just like you fucking mother with you cop shit and all." Once he had said his piece he stood up straight and left my mind racing as to what he meant?

AN -this was a new idea that came to me with all that crap i had to go through. All that is in bold is Staceys. We do not own anything that is reconizable. Stacey, thank you again for all your help with this. Rana