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Once we arrived back at the shop, Jesse pulled JW in and got to work 2 hours later and I was off to see how he drove. Jesse never test-drove JW before I raced; he wanted me to tell him how it felt so that way it was to my comfort and not his.

"Brian will you join me?" I asked him with pleading eyes.

"Sure, I'll be back guys." With that we got in and started out.

"So, munchkin what's up?" Brian asked.

"What you mean?"

"You came back all close to Roman, Jesse is doing the work on this, but you ask me to come with you. What gives?"

"Jesse was going to look at your skyline while we are out, and I have not a freaken clue what's going on about Roman and me. Let's talk about you. Miss Mia?"

"That's blunt."

"I'm am a no shit kind of gal, so?"

"Yes and no. I loved her, I always will, but Monica and I have something good going on. I love her and I am going to ask her to marry me soon."

"Thank you."


"Treating me like an adult and telling me the truth. I wont mention anything else about Mia in that way again."

"Thank you. Monica knows about her, but I think it scares her, like she thinks I might go back."

"That's cool. She seems to be a very nice sweet girl. Take care of her or I kick your ass." I tell him this with the trademark Torreto smirk.

"You got it." He smirked back to me.

"So tell me more about Roman." I asked smiling like a schoolgirl.

"He's 21, grew up kind of with me in Barstow, I was mainly friends with his brother, but when were we like 16ish his brother got killed in a drug deal gone all to hell. From then on I took him in like a brother. He's done some time in juvie for car theft. Other then that he's a pretty good guy. He is a playa I will tell you that, however when he has a girl, or has an interest in on he is loyal as hell."

"Cool." I smiled as I pulled up next to a Mitsubishi eclipse. "Think I can take him?"

Brian looked over at the driver.

"Hey, Jackson you don't the mod's on that yet?" Brian yelled at him.

"No, I'm on my way to Tej now. Who's this fine chica with you? Monica is going to kick you ass man?"

"Funny, how about I kick your ass on the streets." I smirked in my pretty girl smirk.

"She for real homie?"

"I'm right here dumb ass. How's a grand sound for real to you?"

"That and a date with you?"

"Roman might have a problem with that. A grand take it or leave it." I questioned him. I needed a good run to be sure things are running right.

"Fine. Right on Glenn, left on pine, left on 2nd and then left back here on main. 1st one back to Tej's garage no short cuts."

"Green we go."

The light changed and we were off. Brian was telling me 2 blocks in advance where we were turning so I could time it due to the roll over factor. My dad would kick my ass if he knew I was racing a circuit in this. He hated the fact that I raced in general, but this would get me killed. The last corner the eclipse cut wide and I had to slow down, there was no way I could pull out of that at that speed. Hopefully I could get him on the straightaway. I didn't care if I won this or not, I guess I did but either way a grand was well worth knowing the JW was running right. Traffic sucked ass hard core; some old lady in a huge ass car cut me off and almost ran me off the road. The ass won.

"Well chica looks like I won. Don't try to race with the big boys in that till a real racer builds it." He called to us as we got out of the Jeep and started walking towards him.

"Jackson was it. Kiss my ass; the best mechanic in street racing did my mod's. The only reason you won was because I can take corners to quickly and you cut me off. So when you think you can step up to a pro come to LA and race me there." I was beyond pissed. I walked past him and went strait to Jesse.

"Baby what's wrong?" HE questioned while engulfing me in a huge tight hug.

"Some dumb ass racer said my mod's sucked cause he beat me, but we raced corners and he cut me off." I was crying I was so pissed.

"Don't let it get to you. He's just jealous cause you and your will in that beast." Jesse smirked. "Want me to go beat his ass?"

"Who's ass are you going to beat?" Roman questioned as he caught the last of the conversation.

"Some wanna be racer that played dirty." Jesse answered.

"Who? KT you ok?" His voice went from ruff and rugged to sweet and calm as he pulled me into his arms.

"Yeah, I'm cool. Just pissed. I need to go pay him. Does anyone have a grand till I can get to the bank?" I asked hoping I didn't have to go to the bank and look stupid.

"I got you covered lets go deal with his ass." Roman said walking next to me. He handed me the money.

"Thanks." We walked out side to where Brian and Jackson were still talking.

"Roman, How's it going?" Jackson asked knocking knuckles with him.

"Not bad. This him?" Roman answered him and then questioned me.

"Yeah, but were cool. He'll realize how stupid his comment was once he sees the DTR sticker on my jeep." I smirked pointing it out. Then as an after though I said, "here's the money I owe you. Thanks for the run."

"You steel that?" He questioned.

"Why would I have to steal that when I personally know the team leader?"

"As in Dominic Torreto? Team Torreto? Dominic Torreto Racing? Team leader?" He questioned still not taking the money.

"Yes as in all of those things." I replied putting the money in his hand.

"I'd rather have that date with your fine ass. He'll skip the date we could just go back to my place."

"Sorry but I have a man that is hella finer then you and if you were smart you would back off before I leave and let Roman at you."

"I don't believe your ass, people say you are dumb and low, but you have some balls for asking my woman out with me standing right here. Then you have the nerve to disrespect her in front of me. KT sweetie can you go inside." Roman fell right into the role like I hoped he would.


"Cause it's about to get ugly and I don't want you to be scared of me after seeing this." He replied while taking a step towards Jackson.

"Roman, he ain't worth it. You owe me dinner and I have something for you." I batted my eyes at him flirtatiously while getting in between him and Jackson.

"Kira inside now." Roman practically yelled. Jackson was snickering at our interaction.

"No, if anyone is kicking his ass it's me and I say he ain't worth it. I can just ruin him, by giving his name to my dad and telling him what he said."

"How in the hell can you expect me to listen to the shit that just came out of his mouth and not do anything about it?" He snapped at me.

"Roman, please." I walked closer to him and took his hand in mine. I felt his anger leave then.

"Fine, but your ass starts shit again its on." Roman said pointing at him. He then picked me up and put me over his shoulder and started walking with me.

"Damn it Roman Pearce put me down." I was screaming at him while hitting his back and kicking my legs. I caught him once in the jaw with my knee.

"Enough," He yelled at me as he placed me in a room up top of the garage.

"Why we here?"

"You're going to tell me what in the hell all of that was about?"

"Thanks for fronting me the money, I will get it back to you. And thanks for acting with me, made me feel special. You wanting to kick his as was taking it too far."

"My girl or not, there ain't no way in hell some one disrespects you or any other girl with this team. That fucking shit doesn't fly. I have half the mind to tell Tej and screw him from getting any work done any where in Miami. And damn it woman you are special. Most of the male population worships the ground you walk on, because of how drop-dead gorges you are. Some cause of your Jeep, and others because of your dad. I however worship you because of who you are. Your beautiful, gorges, smart, funny, sweet, nice and hella find. So, wake up and realize you have my heart."

"That's sweet, but I know I am too young for you and I live in LA"

"Damn it. You're what 17?"


"So your 4 years younger since I just turned 21. And if we get to the point to where we are going to give it a go, I grew up in Barstow and will always call Cali home. I hear LA has a street racing team that I might have connections with."

"I see how it is, it's just about the connections." I smirked at him.

"That is if your dad don't kill me first."

"He'd like you, you treat me with respect, like me for who I am and you can race. Just never ever mention anything to any of the guys about us in bed and I'm sure you will live."

"How about we go get that dinner, then go to the races." Roman said taking my hand and kissing me softly.

I deepened the kiss as my hands made their way under his shirt. His hands found my chest when he pulled back.

"Damn… Let's get out of here." Taking my hand he walked us out the door and down to my Jeep. "Let's see what all this talk about this being a racer is all about."

"Here, I'm not all that hungry, watch it around corners." I said while giving him the keys and starting to walk away. I felt rejected; maybe he really did only want me for the connections.

"Kira." He said softly while grabbing my arm.

"What?" I replied with a hint of tears in my eyes. I hope he didn't notice.

"Some things wrong. Now what is it?" He questioned as he set me on the trunk of a near by car in the lot.

"Nothing, go have fun with it, see you soon." I said while trying to put on a fake smile, he didn't by it he stood close to me, between my legs.

"Nothing my ass, I can't fix what I don't know about." He replied softly.

"What made you stop?" That was blunt.

"I like you, almost even put the word love in there. We were getting a little carried away. There isn't any way in hell I am even going to think about our first time above the garage. Also you need to be 17 before we can talk about a first time."

"Basically your saying I'm not what you want and you figure by the time I'm 17 you will have some one else you are interested in."

"Why in the hell are you damn stubborn?" Roman half yelled at me.

"She takes after Letty." Jesse said walking over to where we were.

"I need to talk with this woman and rubbing off on her like this."

"Everything cool?" Jesse questioned while looking me in the eye. When I was younger we came up with a plan that I would express to him whether I needed rescuing or not. If things were ok I looked him straight in the eyes. If things weren't then I would look down.

"Yeah, Jesse they are. Thanks for caring. Also thank you so, so much for getting JW worked on. He ran great but is still dogging like a bitch in 5th." I replied while looking him straight in the eyes.

"I'll check him out, might just need to shit later or ass some octane boost."

"Sure, We are going to go get some dinner want me to bring you something back?"

"Nah it's cool. We are going to order pizza I guess, but thanks. Have a good time. Use some of the fuel boost in the box and then put in the highest octane you can find and reeve it more before you shift." He looked hurt when I said I was going out to eat.

"Sure thing Jesse, Thank you so much. I really appreciate you." I smiled at him. Some times I wonder what a relationship with him would be like. He smiled with a nod and walked away. "Hey Jesse, will you take me to that parts store tomorrow. Go spend the day together?"

"Sure thing baby." He smiled at this.

"Kira, what are we doing?" Roman questioned me.

"Right now we are hugging each other while I am sitting on the back of some car. Let's get something to eat and the rest can come later.

"Sure." With that he wrapped my legs around him and lifted me off the car. He carried me to my Jeep.

"You wanna drive?"

"No it's ok. Maybe this way you won't want to drive mine."

"It will happen before I leave, now your eyes say you want to drive this, plus if you drive I can find your present."

"Sweet." He placed me in the passenger seat and walked around then got in.

"Here, every one gets one, but only Jesse and yours are personalized." I told him as he looked at the shirt. It was the same picture Jesse's had but this was further away and more focused on the smile I had on my face. My Jeep and what I was doing was still visible.

"This is cool, we should all wear them tonight. Be your personal cheerleaders." He smiled and then kissed me.

"You like?"

"Very much so."

We left and went to dinner at some place that knew Roman by name and we got all kind of special treatment. After eating we dropped by the garage so everyone could wear their shirts tonight then we made our way to Brian's apartment.

We didn't even make it in all the way in to Roman's room, before I jumped at him. I started kissing him while he closed the door and lifted me up. I automatically wrapped my legs around him and he pushed me against the door, locking it. There was fire and sparks to our kiss. It grew deeper. Next thing I know we are on the bed, me in my underwear and bra, him in just his boxers. I could tell I made him excited and that was confirmation to me. Sure I knew almost anything could make that happen. Jesse and I had a long open honest conversation about that, but this was hard and I wanted to believe it was I that made this happen.

We were going at each other kissing touching and acting like nothing else mattered when there was a knock at the door.

"Kira your dad in on the phone." Jesse called out to me in a tone that I knew he was pissed.

"Ain't that a mood killer?" Roman whispered while we both quickly got dressed and I pulled out pictures and spread them on the bed. I then opened the door with out making it known it was locked.

"Thanks Jesse," I replied while taking the phone. "Hola Papi."

"Hey Mija how was your shopping trip?"

"It was great, thanks again."


"So what's the real reason you called?" I questioned as I got settled and comfortable in Romans lap.

"A dad can't call to see how his daughters day went?"

"Not when you could give a rat's ass any other time."

"Fine have it your way. Who is this Roman Pearce guy you have been hanging on?" Shit he sounded pissed.

"Who told you?"

"I have my ways remember."

"Damn it I am going to kill Jesse." I screamed.

"If you must know it was some guy name Jackson."

"I should have kicked his ass when I had the chance."

"Why cause he gave away your secret."

"I was going to tell you, but this guy needed his ass kicked for the way he degraded me. He probably forgot to tell you that he cut me off while racing and that he propositioned me like it was nothing."

"He what?"

"He said that he would rather take me home to his bed then take me on a date." I was pissed at the memory and had tears in my eyes. I was talking to my daddy after all, they guy I look up to and trust with all of my life.

"He failed to mention that one. I will have to have a chat with some hook ups down there."

"Enough about all of that, can I tell you more when I know it's serious?" I asked him softly. Roman was rubbing my back trying to sooth my tears. When did I become such a cry baby.

"Does he have a record?"

"Yes, some time in juvie for boosting cars." I couldn't lie to him; Jesse probably already ran a check on him. I mouthed a sorry to Roman, which he just nodded at me.

"All right, has He touched you?"

"Yes, Papi. He's touching me right now." I smirked I knew he was going to be pissed and I knew that wasn't what he meant, but I had to push him a little.

"Damn it girl, put him on the phone."

"Papi, I was just messing with you. He has been a gentleman the whole time we have been around each other together or alone.

"Kira now." He was pissed.

"Fine." I looked at Roman.

"He wants to talk to you. I am sure he is going to give you the break her heart I break your neck speech and then some. Just be honest with him." I pleased with him in a whisper.

"For you I will." He smiled and softly kissed my lips.

I left the room. I didn't care to stick around for their conversation. After the glare Roman gave me I decided hiding in the bathroom getting ready was better then sticking around.