Title: Friday Nights With the Ladies Man

By: sinful delight

Rating: PG (for now)

Summary: High School is over and Chloe is on her way to becoming just what she's always wanted. Just how she gets there isn't exactly the way she had in mind.

Disclaimer: Sadly, I own nothing. Your efforts to sue me for money would be pointless so please do us both a favor and find something better to do with your time.

Author's Note: Just clearing a few things up for everyone before we begin. This is a fan fiction so if things stray from the tv shows storyline please just go with it. I'm going to try and keep the characters in tune to their true nature as much as possible. The story is going to end up being chloe/lex. I hope you like it. Please review for me, with good and bad. I just like reviews. (Yes I know I sound crazy!) Please though…

Introduction: The Phone Call

The phone rings, startling the old gray cat resting in the sun. He glares at the annoyance before bounding out of the room in search of another resting spot…or some food.

The phone continues to ring, still unanswered. The house is empty of life save the cat. Everyone else has run off to catch meetings and appointments.

On the fourth ring the answering machine picks up. The monotone voice requests a message followed by a loud beep and then…

"Hello, I'm calling for Ms. Chloe Sullivan on behalf of the Daily Planet. Ms. Sullivan, it appears that an opening has appearing on the intern list for this summer. We realize that this is last minute but the job is yours if you want it. Call the news office immediately if you would like the job. It starts next Monday at 8:00 am sharp. If you have any questions just ask for Katie Darling. Um… that's me by the way."

The person hangs up and the tape stops. For the rest of the day the house remains silent, with only the cranky cat and the blinking, red light on the answering machine.