Title: Friday Nights With the Lady's Man
By: sinful delight
Rating: T
Summary: High School is over and Chloe is on her way to becoming just what she's always wanted. Just how she gets there isn't exactly the way she had in mind.
Disclaimer: Ha! Foolish one that you are to think I hold any power!
Author's Note: Hey, it's me again! Back with another update. cheers I hope all of you enjoy this next chapter. It took me a while to write thanks to a great batch of writer's block that has been brewing in my head. That's why it's a bit short. I promise though that the next one will be longer! Anyway, thanks so much to Scary-Girly, asharnanae, & fouchaud for the reviews! I'm glad you all like the story. More witty banter is to come so keep reading! Also, I'm in need of some good questions for Chloe to ask Lex. If anyone has any ideas let me know! Thanks!

Chapter 3: Coffee Beans & Marble Tops

That evening, Chloe lounged in a chair at Mocha Bean Café, relaying the day's events to Lois.

"You should have seen the look on Silvia's face when she found out I snagged an interview with the famous multi-billion playboy! It was priceless! I wish I had had my camera with me!"

Lois chuckled. She had heard enough stories about the famous Silvia Marshall to appreciate the slight shaking of the bitches pedestal. "So, I guess living in Smallville finally paid off, huh?"

Chloe nodded but Lois noticed her smile falter a bit as she took another sip of her coffee.

"What is it, Chlo?"

Chloe shook her head. "Nothing, it just, I can't help but feel that what I'm doing is wrong. I mean, just because I know Lex personally from Smallville I get to have the interview that every single top journalist has been dying for."

"Chloe, you deserve this. After all the time and effort you've put in at the Daily Planet with no gratitude what so ever! Why, they've treated you like a lowly intern!"

"I AM a lowly intern!"

Lois held up her hand to single for silence. "That's not important! What is important is that you've earned this article. So what if you know the playboy himself? You are a great writer Chloe and not one of those bitchy bimbos at the place deserves this more than you!"

Chloe bit her lip to stop the smile from spreading across her face. "Maybe your right. Still, I can't help but feel a bit guilty. I mean, it all seems so underhanded and sneaky."

"It is underhanded and sneaky. But that's how it's done! Come one Chloe! How many successful reporters do you think made it thanks to their honesty and integrity?"

"I know, I know. It's just my conscience getting the better of me is all."

"Conscience! Since when did big time city girl, Chloe Sullivan grow a conscience? I swear! It's like those years in Smallville completely wiped something out of you! You could almost be mistaken for a country bumpkin!" Lois said jokingly.

Chloe glared at her cousin from across the table. "Country bumpkin this!" Chloe said, throwing Lois the finger.

Lois laughed. "Now there's the Chloe I know, and love!" The girls laughed as the rose from the seats. "So when's this interview anyway?"

"Next week. I'm going to stop over at LuthorCorp after work on Monday and grill the living shit out of Teeny Bop's Most Wanted." Chloe replied with a chuckle.

Lois shook her head, still laughing as they exited the building. "The poor man doesn't have a clue what he's getting into."

Monday morning proved to be a bright and sunny day. Chloe arrived to work, with coffee in hand, positively beaming. All day, Chloe sat at her desk, checking and rechecking the questions she had prepared to ask Lex. Sure she had gotten the interview through deceit and tricky but she'd be damned if this article didn't show the newspaper world what she was made of.

At four o'clock, Chloe turned off her computer, gathered her things, and headed for the elevator. She waved goodbye brightly to Silvia who only glared angrily back at her in response.

Down a few blocks and over two from the Daily Planet was LuthorCorp headquarters. She was greeted in the lobby by the secretary who promptly informed her that Mr. Luthor was expecting her and to go right on up to the 27th floor.

As she stepped off the elevator, Chloe looked about her surroundings in awe. The waiting room was done in black and deep purple. The chairs looked like something you could lounge in for hours. The countertops and floor all done in swirled marble.

Lex's personal secretary smiled at her as she entered. "Ms. Sullivan? Mr. Luthor has been expecting you. Go right on in, he's just finishing up a phone conference."

Chloe thanked the woman and walked through a dark mahogany door. Inside, Lex sat at his desk, his ear to his phone, his hands typing away furiously. He glanced up as Chloe entered the room and motioned for her to take a seat before turning back to his work.

"I'm sorry Mr. C, but perfection is something we strive for here at LuthorCorp. If you can't provide that, than I will be forced to look elsewhere." With that Lex set the phone back in its cradle. He looked across his desk at Chloe. "Sorry about that." He smiled apologetically.

"Quite all right." Chloe said, smiling herself as she leaned back in the chair. "And this Mr. C person who is taking up so much of your time is?"

Lex laughed. "Well, you certainly get right to the point don't you? Not even some friendly banter before we jump right into the interview Ms. Sullivan?"

"I'd prefer to just start right away if you don't mind." Chloe said as she began to take a notepad and tape recorder out of her bag.

Lex nodded. "By all means, ask away."

Chloe smiled and pressed the record button.