LiL Pippin Padfoot


Disclaimer: Okay, this is just a little story thing, that isn't going to be regularly updated. These following conversations happened during school, or with friends. The first conversation is based off Math class when Megan was talking about how much she loved her Ugg Boots, and everyone was calling them, well, you'll see.


"I like my boots."

The Fellowship looked at Aragorn, who was admiring his boots.

"I don't." said Pippin "They look ugly and cramped."

"They look like you could truck through snow with them." Added Merry

"I love my boots!" defended Aragorn "Boromir has the same boots!"

"No he doesn't." said Sam "Begging your pardon."

"He didn't wear them." Said Aragorn "You were supposed too!"

"He most likely didn't because they're so ugly." Said Frodo

"You guys are going to make me cry!" said Aragorn

"Over a pair of boots?" asked Boromir

"I love my boots, and everyone's saying their ugly!" wailed Aragorn

"I like your boots Aragorn." Said Gimli "They look comfortable."

"Oh, they are! Nice and warm too." Said Aragorn

Everyone else just rolled their eyes.

"I still say they're ugly." Said Pippin

"Be nice to Aragorn!" said Gandalf scolding everyone "If he likes his boots, let him like his boots."

Everyone grumbled 'Yessir', and continued on.

"I love my boots."


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