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Pairings- ReixKai

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Warnings- Weell, Kais eyes are red and silver meaning he has one red eye and one silver, Kai gets pregnant (but not with a normal child),

YAOI!!  of course! n.n! A little lemon, and Voltaire is nice.

Little Treasure

Chapter 1

Snowed In


(Reis POV)

It was snowing outside, and when I say 'snowing', I mean really snowing. Like it had been doing the past three days.

The whole team was yet again stuck in a cabin somewhere in the mountain. The joy. And we were snowed in.

Tyson was doing his best to not annoy Kai.

Kai was trying to not choke Tyson.

Max just wanted to go home.

Kenny was busy panicking while mentally screaming 'I'mgonnadie!I'mgonnadie!I'mgonnadie!I'mgonnadie!' At least I think he did. It sure as hell look like he would scream it!

And then we have Me... I had another problem.

And that problem was 5'6 feet tall, had unusual eye colouring, was not a virgin anymore, had light and darkblue hair and the name of the problem was Kai.

Well, the real problem was not exactly Kai, it was the 'thing' inside of him.

Even if it was only twelve hours ago, I couldn't stop thinking of it.

Sure Kai felt fine this morning, more than fine actually.

But what if I had counted wrong?

That it was this week and not the next?

I looked over Kai for the millionth time that morning.

Maybe I'm just over...reacting..? But then it happend, Kai rushed out from the living room and in to the bathroom.

OH KAMI-SAMA!, PLEASE DON'T THROW UP! I mentally screamed when I rushed after my boyfriend.

Why couldn't I just had waited 'til the next week ore something?!

I stop outside the bathroom.

"Kai? Kai, you okay?" No answer. Only some nasty sound that sounds like someone is throwing up... Well, now I'm screwed... Hope he want's a neko-jin child.

Well, I think I need to tell you what's going on here.

You see, I'm a neko-jin, meaning mostly human but part cat, understand?

And every month I have something called 'ICDMP' I made that name up, and that stands for 'I Can Do Males Pregnant' I don't really know why, just that I shouldn't fuck male then.

At least if they don't want to be pregnant for 4 months.

This child is not exactly normal, that was what the Elders told me when I was younger. Wait a minute... The Elders told me when I was around five... EWW! They told me not to fuck men when I was FIVE!!?? Like I would do that back then! How gross!

The door opened and I turned around only to see a pale looking Kai. Oh boy...

"H-how are you feeling?" Please say 'I'm fine!'

"Not good... I did just throw up my breakfast, how do you think I feel?" Well, he still got his attitude.



"Why are you starring at my stomach?"

"Wha? Oh, no I was just wondering where you bought that shirt!"

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, why?"

"You got it for me..." Oh no, he looks sad, what did I do!?

"Oh, yes now I see, heh, it's so dark here!" Bad excuse Rei, it's in the middle of the day! "I think you should go lay down for a bit, just in case you get worse."

"Yeah..." He says and stands on his tip-toes to give me a kiss. But poor thing can't reach my mouth, I'm taller than him. So he lock his arms 'round my neck and pulls me down to his waiting mouth.

Now, this is the fun part of being taller and stronger. I hooked one of my arms under his legs and the other supported his back. Bride-style!

"Ack! Rei put me down!"

"Sorry Kai, no can do." He growls and I chuckle. He is so cute when his cold mask is gone.

Now it's been two years since the first tournament in Russia, and a lot happened during that time.

Kai realised that friends is a good thing to have. And luckily for me, he realised that boyfriends are even better!

Tala and the rest of the Demolition Boys moved on.

I even heard that they found an apartment somewhere here in Japan.

But they haven't told us where they live yet... Wonder why..?

Ah, here we are. Kais and my room.

The place where he lost his virginity to me!

I put him down on our bed and then left without even saying 'god nap'. Heh, I think he noticed 'cuz five seconds later;

"Reeei!" Aww, is he missing me already? Wait, he sounded almost... afraid?

I turn around quickly but what I found is not what I expected.

"Oh God!"


The rest of the story will probably be in Reis POV.

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