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Little Treasure

Chapter 17.

The Secret 3


(Rei's POV)

Devoan, Devoan… The name echoed in my head. I dared give Sir a look; it was as if he knew what I was thinking. He smiled even wider and took a drag from the giant cigar and after a moment of consideration blew the smoke in my face.


"W-who is this… Devoan?" I asked and hoped he wouldn't kill me or something for being rude. The man gave me a harsh glare and I quickly added a 'Sir' to my question.

His mode seemed to change and be leaned back in the chair.

"He's just a rebellious creature that once disobeyed me one to many times. But don't be afraid of his appearance, it was purely his own fault." He laughed again and it sent chills up my spine. Now I knew he was crazy!

A knock on the door alerted us that they had arrived. Before I was allowed to see whoever it was, a guard came up to me and removed my restraint. I rubbed my wrists and warily looked over my shoulder.


(Tala's POV)

Should we run? Should we follow them? Can Kai run in his condition!? Ideas flew through my mind, but nothing seemed good enough.

I must've made a suspicious movement, because one of the idiots (Yes, I'm referring to the evil henchmen of Sir, bet they don't even know his real name.) pulled out a handgun and aimed it at me. Kai slowly backed behind me and I could tell he was confused about the situation.

Not that I knew what was happening either.

"Now, if you just—"

"Run, dammit!" And there we dashed of.

It was the biggest mistake of my life.

The gunshots rained behind us, and suddenly everything turned red and a blinding white pain screamed from my leg. I fell in slow motion to the pavement, my forehead hit the hard asphalt and I could hear my blood flow in my ears.

Shit, why do this always happen to me!?

I don't mean, you know, getting shot all the time, but bad stuff seems to attract to me.

The sudden hit to my head made me dizzy, I tried to get up but something wasn't working right.

"I think we damaged some nerves…"

"Idiot, his balance nerve…thingie sits in the head, I think, he got a bullet wound n his leg!"

"…But he hit the ground pretty hard…"

"Who cares!? Get Hiwatari, we need to get out of here!"

Hands lifted me up, not caring for the painful wound, I made a sound in my throat, I think I was trying to call out for Kai, but I lost unconsciousness before that.


(Kai's POV)

Crap. One down, one more to go. I couldn't just leave Tala here, and the only option left was to follow these men.

I was led to a car, black of course, with shaded windows. They rudely pushed me into the car and Tala's body was placed next to me.

Geez, I thought they were gonna put him in the trunk. Like real gangsters do.

I wisely kept that comment to myself.

Soon the others climbed in and then we were on our way. My heart kept beating hard in my chest, and every time I glanced at Tala it would speed up a little bit more. The head wound looked nasty and the blood refused to stop flowing. I didn't really remember what to do in a situation like this, was I supposed to wipe the blood off? Or try to wrap it with some cloth? Shit, I've done this numerous times (wrapping wounds, not getting abducted!), I guess when it really matters only few can keep calm and remember what to do.

I felt tired, but I knew I couldn't fall asleep here, who knows what might happen?


Tala stirred next to me, and a sigh of relief escaped me. He tried to sit up, to fast for my liking and I pushed him down again.

He groaned and rubbed his head, not surprised when his hand came back coated with the red substance. He made a face and tried to sit up again, but this time more slowly.

"Where are we?" He asked, but I could only shrug. I'd tried talk to the men but they just kept staring at me, and after that I just gave up.

"Shut up. No talking, we are heading to Sir, if it's not to your liking, then please jump out the window."

Tale looked like he seriously considered it.

"Please be aware that we are driving 120 km/h."


(Rei's POV)

I turned my whole body and gasped at what I saw.

A boy, not older than me, with wolf ears and a bushy tail stood in front of us. A thick collar was placed around his neck and a chain was attached to a ring of metal. His lower body was that of a wolf, or something that looked like a wolf.

"W-wh—" Sir laughed yet again and rose from his seat. Slowly he made his way towards the frightened boy. I feared for the boys life when Sir turned around and smirked at me.

"Hello Devoan. How are you doing after our little… meeting?" The cruel man yanked the chain and made the boy stumble, a hand went up and gripped the red strands and pulled the head back.

A whine escaped the boy and Sir slapped him hard across the face.

"Be quiet!" he hissed and released the wolf. Devoan pulled his Tail around himself and went to sit on the floor after a short command from one of the guards.

It was first now that I saw something different about the wolf boy.

His left arm was missing.

"What have you done o him?!" I demanded and was about to rush to the crouching boy.

A hand clamped down on my shoulder and stopped me in my way.

"He did it to himself. If he'd just done as he was told, we could have easily avoided this nasty outcome. Isn't that right, Devoan?"

The red haired wolf made a sound in his throat and kept his eyes on Sir's shoes.

I felt sick.

"By the way, Kon, do you know what this creature is?"

I just gave him a look.

"A half wolf. And would you like to know another thing?"

"What?" I replied flatly.

"Kai will be here soon."



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