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After this first chapter, the next ones following change to first person narration, switching through the views of Valerie, Dash, Paulina, Danny, Sam, and Tucker, then the last goes back to third person.

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Chapter One

The Field Trip

"Everybody get into groups of three," Principal Lancer shouted.

A boy with blue eyes and spiked raven hair managed to make his way through the jungle of students standing outside of Amity Park's largest computer technology company.

"Danny!" a girl's voice shouted.

Fourteen year old Danny Fenton looked up to see his two best friends, Tucker Foley and Sam Manson motioning him over to join them. He walked over to them hurriedly.

"Did you get it?" Tucker asked, playing some sort of game on his expensive PDA.

"Yeah. Damn ghost took the hell out of my arm though," he said, as it reminded him again with a jolt of pain. He lowered his voice. "Did Lancer notice anything?"

"Nah. He's blonde like that," Sam said. She pulled her black and purple coat around her more.

"Man, he ain't even blonde. If you haven't noticed, he's bald," Tucker cracked. All three friends burst into laughter and almost didn't catch their principal's next announcement.

"This is McDermmot Industries, makers of today's best computer technology-"

"Everybody knows that," Sam hissed. "We get it. Can we go now?" She stomped her boots impatiently against the concrete.

"We will have a tour guid leading us. Please-"

"Keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times," Danny joked. His two friends laughed silently.

"Now it you'll-"

Everyone jumped as a roll of thunder boomed overhead and almost immediately was followed by rain pellets. The storm had been expected.

"Come inside," Lancer ordered.

"No, we're going to stand out here and get hit by lightning," Tucker joked as they followed the other students into the building.

Danny stepped inside first, shaking his hair full of rain already.

"Thanks for that, you act like a dog," Sam groaned, wiping off her coat.

Danny laughed and the three silenced as a woman with a red suit on stood in front of them, holding a clipboard.

"My name is Sandra Tate, and I'm the lead Tour Guide here today. The others, Mandy Trenty, Sarah Levis, and Marie Loudern will be waiting. If you'll get into groups of three, which you've already done, great, you'll be teemed up with one other group that will switch stations with you." She held up a clipboard and looked at it, reading off numbers and names.

"Group One is Kwan and his group, and Heather and her group. Group Two is Natalie and her group, and Tyler and his group. Group Three is Dash and his group, and Tucker and his group. Any questions," she asked.

Danny froze. This could not be happening. He couldn't spend the whole day with the only human that wanted to kill him.

Dash looked over, glaring at them, obviously not happy about it either. With him was Paulina Sanchez, Danny's first crush.

Well, at least it wouldn't be so bad…

Sam gave him a sharp look and he snapped back into reality.

"Paulina's not the only one coming. Look," she said, rather annoyed, and pointed to Dash again. Valerie Gray stepped up beside them.

Danny felt his insides drop once again. Valerie was a ghost hunter….. And even though he had caught the ghost before they had come, that didn't mean he or others wouldn't return, exposing him.

Tucker, however, was smiling brightly.

"Valerie," he said dreamily.

Sam groaned in agony. "Men are so disgusting. You—" she said, pointing to Tucker "She's the one who's trying to kill our best friend. And you—" she turned her attention to Danny "She's just….yuck." Before the two lovesick boys could protest, Sandra said.

"Okay, Group One please follow me this way," she said. "Group two will be with Marie up those stairs, and Group three will meet with Sarah on the second floor elevator entrance."

Thunder boomed overhead again, making them all jump. Lightning flashes could be seen through the glass dome ceiling, the sky dark.

"Okay, if you'll go to your stations, we can get started." Sandra began leading her group the other direction.

With a bunch of cuss words repeating in his head, Danny motioned reluctantly for his best friends to follow him.

They stopped in front of the chrome elevator doors and faced the faces of Dash, Valerie, and Paulina, each of which were giving identical grumpy looks.

At the same time, Sam and Paulina went to push the up button, and Sam won, staring at the Hispanic girl with a deadly look. Paulina didn't even flinch.


The doors opened as thunder crashed again. Catching them off guard, Dash and his two girls rushed into the elevator before the three did, and the door began to close.

Catching it a little harder than he meant to, Danny held it open with his hands, glaring at Dash as hard as possible. He wasn't going to put up with this crap. Not today.

They walked in, Danny last, and Dash pushed the two button, not taking his eyes off of Danny, who stared back just as hard.

The elevator began to move.

"Hey, weren't we supposed to stop at two?" Sam asked, as the elevator headed past the third floor.

Dash looked up, and then pressed the button labeled two once more, but the elevator continued moving, finally stopping on the eleventh and final floor.

Dash pushed the second floor button again, and the elevator moved slowly downwards. All though no one said anything, they were all relieved inside.

Suddenly there was a thunder crash, and they were plunged into sudden darkness. Valerie and Paulina screamed and Tucker yelled.

The elevator came to a sudden stop, and they all were thrown against the wall and each other. Danny couldn't see a thing.

A horrible thought drifted into his mind….. He pounded against the door. But it was no use.

They were trapped inside the elevator.


Oh, there's no goriness in this story, cause it's not horror, so no they won't plunge to their deaths, and it's suspense, but if it gives you any forewarning, Danny saves the life of them all. Tell me what you think, please R&R!

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