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Yuugi sat at the local bar with Jounouchi. He never really liked the loud noises and bustling crowds at the bar, he much preferred spending the nights at home. But Jou didn't seem to mind it as much, and it was their tradition to come every Friday night.

He sighed as his friend order another drink. Truth was, the unpleasant bar atmosphere wasn't the only thing getting him down. What was bothering him the most now, as it had been for several months, was loneliness. Since he and Anzu had broken up when she went away to college Yuugi hadn't been in any relationships, and it was starting to takes it's toll on him. The fact that Jou and Kaiba had started going steady didn't help, since spending a mere few minutes with the couple was known to cause Yuugi to mope for the remainder of the day.

"Hey Yuge, are ya feeling alright?" Jou asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He lied.

Yuugi sighed again. He wanted desperately to go home, but he knew that Jou was having a good time and didn't want to ruin it for him.

"Is this seat taken?" He was asked by a deep silky voice. Yuugi found himself somewhat attracted to the voice, and when he looked up to see who was addressing him, he found himself even more attracted to him. His gaze was met by that of sharp, crimson eyes, and this man had hair strangely similar to his, with slightly wilder bangs. Not to mention his exotic bronzed skin. Yuugi couldn't help but stare.

Of course, his staring and failure to answer the question quickly earned him a rather odd look from the stranger. "Are you OK?" he asked in that rich voice that Yuugi had already come to love.

"Oh, Yeah, I'm sorry." Yuugi replied, mentally cursing himself for acting so stupid, "And no, no one is sitting there."

The stranger took a seat in the bar stool next to Yuugi, who couldn't help but continue to stare. He was just so beautiful it was hard to believe.

"I'm guessing that there isn't something on my face…" The stranger chuckled, and Yuugi felt his face go flush. He turned away hoping that the stranger hadn't noticed.

"No, I-I was just…" He wasn't really sure what to say, since 'I was just checking out your absolutely gorgeous face' didn't seem like the most appropriate response.

He chuckled again, "It's alright, I think you're pretty cute, too." The blush on Yuugi's face increased, "My name's Atemu by the way. Atemu Zahur."

"Yuugi Moutou." Yuugi replied.

"Well Yuugi Moutou, could I possibly have the honor of buying you a drink?"

Yuugi couldn't believe this was happening. It had to be some sort of trick, didn't? What were the chances of the man of his dreams walking into the bar, sitting down next to him and flirting with him? "Thanks, but no," he replied, "I've already had my limit."

Atemu looked at the lone glass sitting on the bar in front of Yuugi and quirked an eyebrow. Yuugi pointed to Jounouchi on his opposite side. "I'm the designated thinker." Atemu laughed and Yuugi felt his insides melt a little more. Atemu's laugh was perfect, no; Atemu was perfect, down to the very last detail.

It was then that Jou noticed his friend's new companion and the lovesick look on Yuugi's face. "Well, you two seem to be doin' fine on your own, so I think I'll give ya some privacy." He rose from his seat and started to stumble his way towards the door.

"But, Jou, how are you going to get home? You can't drive right now." Yuugi asked worriedly.

"Not a problem. I'll get Seto to come pick me up." After that he disappeared in the crowd.

"He didn't possibly mean Seto Kaiba, did he?" Atemu asked.

"That's the one. Why, do you two know each other?"

"We've met." He answered dryly.

"You want to come back to my place for a while?" Atemu asked after they had left the bar.

Yuugi face went flush again, he was still having trouble believing that this night wasn't a dream, but he prayed to every god he could think of that it wasn't. "I'd love to, but my grandfather's probably already wondering where I am, I don't want to make him worry." He would have given anything to go with Atemu, to spend more time with him, but he also didn't want his grandfather up all night sick with worry.

"Does your grandfather not realize that you're old enough to take care of yourself?"

"Well, yeah, but he doesn't really like to admit how old I am, because that would mean admitting how old he is."

Atemu laughed his perfect laugh again. "Can I at least give you a ride home, then?"

"A ride home sounds good to me."

"Good," Atemu said, starting to walk to where his vehicle was parked, "And don't worry, I have an extra helmet."


Atemu sat down on gold Harley Road King. Yuugi found himself staring again. 'He looks nice on a motorcycle, then again, he'd look nice no matter what he was doing.' Atemu tapped his hand on the second seat, motioning for Yuugi to sit. He did so, and Atemu handed him a helmet.

"I drive pretty fast, is that alright with you?"

"It's fine."

Atemu reached back and took Yuugi's hands, wrapping them around his own waist. "Hold on tight." He said. 'You don't have to tell me twice.' Yuugi thought. Atemu revved up the engine, and the next thing Yuugi knew they were heading down the street at what he was sure was at least 100 mph over the speed limit.

'I'm going to have a lot of explaining to do when grandpa hears me get dropped off by this thing.' Yuugi thought, as he tightened his grip around Atemu's waist.

Yuugi sat on a bench at the park with Jou and Kaiba. Since their meeting the night before, he was unable to get Atemu off his mind. He had come to the realization that he was in love with a complete stranger. He and Atemu had met the night before, but beside his name, Yuugi knew absolutely nothing about him. He wanted to find out more about Atemu, and he knew exactly how to do so. He was still contemplating whether or not it was a good idea, however, because when Jounouchi had mentioned Kaiba the night before, Atemu had gotten fairly angry, and he wasn't sure if talking about Atemu would cause the same result, or worse, from Kaiba.

"Kaiba, do you know anyone named Atemu Zahur by any chance?" He finally asked.

Kaiba nearly choked on the soda that he'd been taking a sip of. "Why on Earth do you ask?"

"Cuz Yuge met 'im at the bar last night, and now hez got da hots for 'im." Jou jumped into the conversation, earning a glare from Yuugi.

"Yeah I know him," Kaiba answered, "we're cousins." A look of shock graced both Yuugi's and Jounouchi's faces.

"He didn't seem too happy last night when Jou mentioned your name, did something happen to make you not get along or something?" Yuugi hoped that by continuing to ask Kaiba questions he could learn a little bit more about Atemu himself.

"In a way, yes. For you to really understand I'd have to tell you the whole story, if you want, it's a long one though." Yuugi nodded his approval, mentally smirking at his success.

"Alright, it starts with my uncle, Mamoru Kaiba. He was very different from my father, he wasn't really work driven and didn't give a damn about the family business. He was more of an adventurer, and at one point his travels took him to Egypt. While in Egypt he met a woman who he fell in love with and eventually married. Her name was Shukura Zahur. Then they had a son, and that's where Atemu comes into play in the story."

"So Atemu's half Egyptian?" Yuugi smiled, he knew there was something exotic about Atemu.

"Yes, and that made my father absolutely furious. You see he doesn't believe in what he likes to call 'crossbreeding.' So that caused a bit of a rift between my father and my uncle. I still saw Atemu occasionally when we were kids, but I didn't really know him that well since he had a tendency to talk to his cat more than he talked to people."

"You know, you still haven't explained why Atemu doesn't like you."

"I'm getting there. See, when Atemu was about five his mother got sick and she passed away. So it was just him and his dad for a while. When he was twelve, however, his father died, too, under mysterious circumstances." Yuugi cringed a little, he knew what it was like to loose both of your parents, and it wasn't easy. "Of course, at that point problems arose as far as who was going to get legal guardianship of Atemu. A quick background check determined he had no living relatives on his mother's side, and on his father's side was just my father. So the social worker came and asked my father if he would adopt Atemu. But he said that Atemu was just 'useless, half breed trash' and refused. Atemu got dumped in an orphanage after that, and he hates my entire family now. Not that I really blame him. The orphanage didn't last long, though, after about a week or two he ran away, and as far as I am aware he's been living alone ever since. And that's all I know."

"Wow he's been living by himself since he was twelve? That's crazy." Yuugi's head was spinning from the story Kaiba had just told him.

"Yeah, but like I said he's always been a rather anti-social person, besides with cats. I don't think it really bothers him."

"Well, the Atemu I met last night didn't seem too anti-social."

"He probably got lonely after all dose years alone." Jou stated.

"That's true. Jeez, that story ended up leaving me with even more questions than I started with."

"I don't have any more answers to give you, but you could always go ask him. He lives in the apartment building on the other side of town. You know, the one across from the pizza place."

"Thanks, Kaiba. I think I will, I really want to see him again anyway."

Yuugi stood in the elevator, waiting for it to reach his destination. The man at the front desk had told him the Atemu lived in apartment 316, so he was headed to the third floor. He found Atemu's room towards the end of the hall, and after a short contemplation he knocked on the door. About a minute later the door opened and Atemu peered out, looking slightly confused.

"Oh, hey Yuugi. Come on in, we were just about to have lunch, you can join us." Yuugi's features fell slightly. We? Was it possible that Atemu had some significant other that he hadn't known about? Seeing the upset look on Yuugi's face Atemu added, "Don't worry. By 'us' I mean my cat and I. You aren't allergic to cats, are you?" Yuugi shook his head as he entered Atemu's apartment.

"Let's see," Atemu said, opening the refrigerator door, "There's some pizza leftover from my lunch yesterday."

"Sounds good to me." Yuugi answered. Feeling something warm against his leg, he looked down to see a pair of liquid green eyes staring back up at him. Closer examination showed the eyes to belong to a creature who almost completely black, with the exception of a golden streak running down it's back. Atemu's cat. "Wow, Atemu, she's beautiful."

"Yeah, I've never seen another cat quite like her, I've also never seen her take to another person so quickly. She's usually shy around people, but she really seems to like you."

"What's her name?" Yuugi asked, leaning down and scratching underneath the cat's chin, causing it to purr even louder than it already had been.

"Her name is Urbi. It's an Egyptian name that means princess. According to my mother, she and I were born at the exact same time."

"What a coincidence. It's almost like you two are connected or something." Yuugi said.

"I wouldn't doubt it actually. I swear, sometimes it's like she knows what I'm thinking."

"If you don't mind my asking," Atemu said after they'd sat down at his kitchen table and started to eat, "How did you find out where I live?"

"Well I, um, asked Kaiba…" Yuugi wasn't sure if his answer would make Atemu angry, since he didn't like Kaiba.

"I see. I suppose he told you a lot more about me too, right?"

"Yes, but please don't be mad at him. I asked him to tell me, I just wanted to know more about you. But he didn't know that much, and I was still wondering-"

"How my father died?" Atemu finished his sentence, and Yuugi nodded, slightly ashamed. He knew it wasn't easy to talk about deceased parents, and Atemu already seemed fairly upset that Kaiba had told him so much. But Atemu continued regardless, " 'mysterious circumstances,' that's what they called it. Personally, I don't think murder is all that mysterious."

"He was murdered?!" Yuugi was completely astonished by this new bit of information.

"Yeah, but I'm the only one who knows it. I tried to tell the police what had happened, but they didn't believe me. Told me to 'Leave it to the professionals.' And of course, the autopsy showed no sign of murder; it showed no sign of anything. They couldn't figure out what had happened. They still didn't listen to me though."

"What could have happened that they wouldn't have been able to find it with an autopsy?" Yuugi knew he shouldn't be asking Atemu to continue to talk about it, but the story just seemed to be getting more and more confusing.

"I don't know exactly what they did, but I know who it was. There was this group of men who had shown up for the first time not long after my mom had passed away. At first they seemed to be in pretty good relations with my dad. But after a while they started asking him for something every time they came. I never figured out what it was they wanted, but whatever it was my dad was not interested in giving it up. They started getting more and more impatient, until one day I got home from getting some groceries for my dad, and he was gone. But since I wasn't there when it happened, and I was just a kid, no one believes me. They said it was just some story that I made up because I wanted to explain it to myself."

"Did they ever get the thing that they wanted?" Yuugi mentally cursed himself for asking the question.

"I'm not sure, but I never saw them again after that, so I always just assumed they did. And as far was what happened after that. Well, when I ran away from the orphanage, which I'm sure you heard about," Yuugi nodded, "I came here. Suzuki-san, that's the man who owns this place, was always really good friends with my dad. So I asked him if I could live with him for a while. He let me, then when I old enough I moved into this apartment. And that's the whole story." Atemu sighed. Yuugi could tell that reliving the events was difficult for him, and he almost looked on the verge of tears. Yuugi felt awful about asking him all the questions.

"I'm sorry, Atemu, I shouldn't have made you tell me all that. I know how you feel, because both my parents died, too, when I was very little." He went over to Atemu and embraced him in a warm hug. Atemu smiled, returning the gesture.


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