Somehow Wonderful

Every night it seems the same, my tongue caught in my throat, watching the pained look in his eye. I can only hope tommorow I can speak! SM

This is a basic recount of what might go through Sango's mind each night. Written in music class, because it was so damn boring! I have nothing against music, I love it, but I don't like the teacher, and the concept was sharps and flats placement theory. Yawn.

Also, today sucked because at lunch I spilled Hamtaro zoodles and fruit salad on my pants (not nice), andmy cat Miroku has cabin fever and is trying to eat my homework. --; Oh, and my nine year old sister likes to tease me about looking fat, which is annoying, because I'm not.

Dedication: To all the wonderful people who review me. You guys rock my world. I would give you stuff, but what's a struggling writer to do?

Somehow Wonderful

The world spins tilted, hastening;
Only night can durate us.
And only your silhouette can be seen,
Colour was depleted of us.

Against the cold shadow of the moon,
A broken smile begins to light my way.
Twins winds; heated and frozen, both,
Are chasing us out of each day.

As if trying for wonder,
My smile; used sorrow and fake.
After all of this time silent,
It is rather hard to break.

The laughter, the pain, surrounding you,
I almost want to break my own heart.
It encompasses me, these tangled thoughts,
and how somehow wonderful you really are.

The starlight astounding above us,
forcing their worn voices to fade.
I hear a taut goodnight to me,
And into separate beds, we lay.

Eyes wide shut, all night, I wonder What things really could have been.
To grasp that shard of happiness,
Hidden somewhere inbetween.

Mayhaps tommorow I will be able to speak!
If the hazy sunlight casting down permits.
Otherwise, the candle on the windowsil,
Will for another night, remain unlit.

The mirage, the disturbance - surrounding us!
I can barely even feel my strangled heart.
Though death is waltzing towards our doorstep,
Somehow wonderful, that's who you are...


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