AN: My toughest poem to write so far, yet I think it one of my best. Four drafts, and getting a title was a bitch. I hope you like!

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha.

On her back, kept hidden, her scars;
Rough flesh, carved deep with memory.
Scattered over her satin body, her scars;
They will not heal, or even wash clean.
She's trapped, within all that they are;
numb, and singing herself into sleep.

And on her drowning, weeping heart
lie only more scars; deceitful.
The wounds that she had sewn back up
with a silver, broken needle.
No matter how many times she sews them up,
they keep coming undone.

She wants to keep that battered heart hidden.
She feels she must keep all to herself.
When she slips too far, they see the tears,
and always she feels ashamed.
Hiding beneath the veil she wears,
so often it's become her face.

He wonders why she seems to hide.
Why sometimes she begins to cry,
but turns away, won't let them see.
He suffers, this; the love he found,
inner heart breaking at the sound
of her silent and unheard screams.

And sometimes when she looks at him,
she sees something behind his eyes,
as if he's on the verge of breaking,
but he grins, and it will disappear.
Whilst wearing a false and unscathed heart,
the real one is locked safely in his keeping.

The muteness that falls between the two,
as they keep hiding their wounds from eachother.
Living by lying to themselves,
as well as lying to everyone else.
Death laughs with his mouth, as it taunts him of her,
like the shadow clinging to his ankles.

His inner heart, blood-raw from scratching.
He lets soft moonlight onto his face,
and wishes he were someone different;
A someone able to ease her pain.
Who could heal her scars, salvage her dreams!
'That someone', he thinks, 'I can never be...'

And in that stillness, he wants to ask her,
'Why do you hide it all from me?'
But he can guess the sorrowed answer,
and it taunts him, mocking him bitterly!

'For the exact same reason you hide from me.'

Simple as that, it will never be...

With morning so impossibly far-off,
he longs to hold her, chastley and loved.
To heal the scars, and unlock her heart,
from the barren cage its trapped itself in.
And from where she lies, sleepless and sound,
she can vaguely hear his muted crying.

Staring wide-eyed at hollow skies,
umoving, soft breathing, but heartbeat so loud.
She says nothing, and can do nothing,
in a state of denial, she can't even try.
So she lies, half in, half out of dream,
wishing for it all to vanish...