Title: Of Love, Mayhem, and New Beginnings.
Author: Vee017
Archive: Ask Please
Disclaimer: Not mine, would I really be writing fan fiction if I owned them?
Rating: PG-13
Setting/Season: Season 4
Spoilers: Exalted Reason, Resplendent Daughter
Warnings: None really
Summary: Little did Rhade know that his fun, new game of annoying Beka would lay down the ground stones of their future...

Chapter 1

Telemachus Rhade was bored.
He was very bored.
And a bored Nietzschean was never a good thing.
His sisters-in-law told him that it could only end in disaster but he couldn't help it.
He was off-duty, without another shift for at least eight hours and he had tried reading, meditating, weight training, and yet he was still bored. Nothing seemed to work him up from his temporary lethargy.
At least he hoped it was temporary.
He had been walking Andromeda's decks for over thirty minutes now trying to figure out what to do with his time.
He couldn't stare at an empty Go board like Dylan and call that entertaining, nor could he tinker around with pieces of scrap metal trying to make a working machine out of them like Harper could. Rhade didn't feel like pruning plants like Trance, he supposed there was a challenge in getting the lengths and design right but he couldn't see how. Rommie had her other two selves to keep her busy when not on Command or she was with Harper or Trance, both of whom were on duty. So that left…
Rhade stopped walking. They both had the same shifts this week, so when he was off-duty…so was she…
The woman confusing. She was frustrating. She was also cute when angry.
A slow smile spread across his face.
"Andromeda, where's Beka?"
"She is currently aboard the Maru," said the ship.
"Thank you."
And with that Rhade turned around and started to walk in the Maru's hanger direction. Why didn't he think of it before?
His smile turned into a smirk as his mind started to plot all sorts of things.
What a way to turn his boredom around. Beka was always fun.
And what better way to become entertained than playing his fun, new game:
Annoying Beka.
She probably wouldn't like it but hey, an angry Beka was quite the turn on.
Rhade hummed happily to himself as his day started to look up.


A/N: This story came to me last night and I spent the evening planning out eleven or twelve chapters (may be more) andwrotesome out today. It's going to be a kind of a vignette series so short chapters (a great new thing I'm trying) seeing as how I want to finish my 2 longer stories from different fandoms before I commit to a bigger Drom piece. But short chapters I can handle;)
I have so many story ideas running around my head! Rhade's great for inspiration:)