Dear Readers,

Hello everyone, remember me?

I'm extremely sorry that I left you all hanging for so long! However for the last couple chapters I've found myself disgusted with my writing. Oh, I have excuses too, tons of them, but I won't waste your time with all of them. Just know that my computer died a gruesome death multiple times and I went out of country (and without computer) for a long vacation. I've been out of the Harry Potter fandom for an extended period of time, so my muses had no inspiration; also, there are so few Salazar!Harry fics being written out there, which have always been my muses main food source. When I read about Salazar, I want to write about Salazar. Harry, however, is so multifaceted in fanfiction that reading about him doesn't have the same effect (and Slytherin!Harry doesn't really count).

For a long time, I haven't been able to stand looking at Dark Angel, let alone writing it. In many ways I still can't. Don't worry, I'm not abandoning you, but it seems that it's (finally) time for a rewrite.

I'm going to post the rewrite as a separate story, since the chapters shouldn't line up at all. I'll also be using a new title, which is at this point Understanding Backwards (this is a warning for those who only have Dark Angel on story alert); I was going to make it a cute matching name but I couldn't think of one. I'm giving myself a deadline of one week to post the first chapter/prologue of the rewrite so check back then…but you might want to cross your fingers if you really want me to make it on time.

Betas needed for idea-bouncing, brit-picking, nitpicking, etc.

The rest of this is about possible changes to the story that I want your opinion on; skip if you have no interest.

I'm considering taking some elements out of my story, such as the cutting. I've always neglected that part of the plot and, anyways, I was no good at writing it. I'm not sure that Salazar will be at all suicidal, either, but I'm still trying to iron out his character. Don't worry; lots of the angst will still be there; I thrive off of betrayal and secrets in a plot. However, I'm also thinking of taking out the whole Dark Angel part of the plot as well as a few of Harry's powers connected to it. They seem highly superfluous (though there are some small scenes later on that revolve around them) and too Gary Stu. Please give your opinion; since Dark Angel is the title, I'm a bit hesitant to take it out. Also, recent parts of my plot, such as the shadow or Halloween, may or may not appear in the rewrite at all, so don't expect them. I'm tentatively offering to remove Ginny from the founders, since so many of you seem to hate her so much. I refuse to hate Ginny, even though I don't like the ending of the series any more than any of you do.

Remember that I have last say on all of these matters (some things I've almost decided on already) but your input really matters to me. I'm writing for you all just as much as I'm writing for me. Lots of things aren't decided yet. Please give me feedback on anything I just mentioned, or anything in my story you liked or dislike. This is your last chance to make me correct anything that you didn't like about Dark Angel: anything you had a hard time believing, contradictions, etc. Did you think any part was boring? Unnecessary? Abrupt? Anything you don't want changed?

I really want to give more character depth to the founders as well as the other characters. I also want to try to avoid bashing characters. Characters such as Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, and the Sorting Hat might still be disliked by Harry but I want to tone down the hate.


Teaser: the beginning should be fun, since it'll all be new. Or you could all hate it, since it'll all be new.