Long ago, before humanity even dared to walk the Earth, there were a pair of gold and silver spiraled earrings. These particular earrings were not just any earrings. Oh no. These earrings belonged to a very special person, or should we say force? The Atrox. In these earrings, the Atrox possessed an incredible magic. Perhaps this is the reason for its vast power. It is the question of the ages: Which came first: The Atrox or the earring? Anywho, one day when the Atrox was trying on his ever nefarious earrings, his lover, Priscilla, walked in.

"Can I?! Can I?! Can I?!" She begged. Yes, people. Some things never get old. And of course he let her, seeing that he was a nice, kind old, wicked beyond belief, supernatural force of malevolent evil. His queen thought that they were like, so cool and she had to like show them to her friends so they would get all like uber jealous. So she did. Of course, being the green-eyed moon goddess that she was, Selene became jealous and immediately tried to attain the earrings. Caught by surprise, Priscilla fought for the earrings but after a matter of time Selene finally triumphed. Proud with her satisfactory, Selene made her way back to the moon where a moon rock suddenly fell on her head causing her to drop the newly acquired earrings to the planet Earth. To make matters worse, her lover Endymion refused to return them due to the rumors of her sleeping with Zeus. Damn man whore…

Anywho, when the Atrox received note of this, he immediately banished his careless wife to the dark side of Pluto, where it is rumored that she froze to death. The truth however, nobody knows.

His power deeply tarnished and his earrings gone, he made a vow that he would get them back someday, somehow. He also had to stop rhyming… Then, deciding that he was through with real immortal women, he commenced to create his own lover to carry on his heir. But that's another story. ; - )