Ok, I decide to try something a little new. This fic shall be mostly about Red Alert and his past. So, it bound to be serious at times. I also change the story about a little bit. I still do my other story along with this one, so READ, WRITE AND REVEIW. chronicle

The sun was beginning to rise to a new day. Its colors fill up the desert below and brought with it a chance to live. On top of the mountains, stood one lone figure. He stood and watch it with a sign and remorse. Slowly he reach to his arm compartment and lifted something up from it. It was data pad. They were use to hold information. It started to glow and a hologram appeared from it.

On it was a female Autobot. She had light blue optics, and appeared to be about a little smaller then a male one. Her body armor was white with the two red stripes decorating her arms that were once the sports car doors. She also had a white faceplate, which made it damn near impossible to read what she was thinking, but by her optic you cold tell. She seems to be very happy. Slowly, he pulled out another object. It was a small golden ring, the size for a transformer. He looked inside the ring and read the little words of love inside.

"To my love, a piece of me to hold on to," he said with a smile.

Holding it close, he was reminded of the entire good thing they had share. Then he place it back to his arm compartment. If he lost that one ring, he would fall apart. It was all he had left of her and would anything to keep her alive inside his spark.

"I will never let go, never," he said in a whisper, "Happy anniversary."

The picture changed from the femme, to three Autobots. They were all male. Two were in sport car shape, one silver and looked willing to do anything for a laugh, his body is sleek and thinner then the others seem to suggest he designed for speed. Over his yellow eyes was a blue visor like a pair of sunglasses. The other was red and a little chuckier and had this faceplate over his mouth. But that didn't stop his green optics from shinning through.

Another one in the back was the tallest and heaviest. He was a fully equipped green colored warrior with a bit of a bulky design of what looked very much like a tank. On both of his arms, two gun were equipped on them very much like combat gauntlets, as it became clear that he was an artillery tank for his alternate form. Twin shoulder-mounted, tripled- barreled mortar cannons were also on him as well. His head looked like a damaged army helmet with a faceplate.

"Track, Overload, Grind," he said in the same tone, "I'm so sorry, I shall never forget you my comrades,"

With that, he transformed into vehicle mode and started to drive by to the base.

"Hey, Red, where were you?" shouted Hot Shot as he spot the medic at the base door.

Red Alert turned his head at the yellow Autobot. His face still showing tiny bits of sorrow. The others must not know. No body here knew the truth and he place to keep it that way.

"Just seeing the sun rise" he respond as he walked by Hot Shot, "You don't really see them on Cybertron."

Hot Shot nodded," Yeah, the kids are really lucky to live here."

With that Red Alert walked back to the medic lad. Hot Shot watch him leave. Something hadn't been right with his friends all week. He seems more distance and non-social. There was something wrong with him. He all ready talked to Optimus and Smokescreen about it. Optimus said if there was something wrong then he would tell him. Smokescreen, on the other hand, said that if Hot Shot was so worry then go right up to him and asked him about it. The young mech thought of both ways, yet they seem both to fit.

Hot Shot walked to the target range and decide to do a little target practices it might clear his head of things. Things had gotten a little more out of whack, as the kids would say. Smokescreen had finally join them after being trap inside that underground cave and now two more human had join the group, Bill and Fred. Sometimes, he wonder if it was such a bad thing to let all the humans know. It would make finding the minicons so much easier.

Just as he round the bend, the sounds of tiny tires came at him. Hot Shot looked down to see the five humans three minicons riding around the hallway.

"Hey, Hot Shot!" shouted the kids.

"Hi guys" said Hot Shot with a wave.

Rad looked up to their giant yellow friend, "Do you know what's up with Red Alert? We said hi to him, but he seems to haven't hear us"

"So, the kids notice too. Guess we are all a little worry about him" thought Hot Shot, "No not really,"

"Well, I'm going to asked," started Carlos just as the minicon alarm started up.

Hot Shot quickly transform and the kids pile inside. He sped off while the minicon following behind him. So, they notice too thought Hot Shot. Something was really wrong now. Red Alert was always polite with the kids. If he wasn't then there was something wrong. Finally, they made it to the Warp Gate. The other three were there, waiting for them. Optimus and Smokescreen where waiting for Red Alert to set it for the right place. The kids got out and suited up, while Hot Shot transformed and join his team mates.

"So, where is it this time?" asked Hot Shot.

"Some where in a jungle in South America," said Optimus.

"This is going to like finding a needle in a hay sack," comment Smokescreen, "I seen those place on the computer, they are huge and trees everywhere. It going to hard to move with cutting down the trees."

"But you aren't, are you?" asked Alexis.

"No, we aren't" said Optimus, know that this planet need those trees to live.

"Everything is ready, sir," said Red Alert.

"Alright men, move out!"

Hot Shot stomp through the jungle trying so hard not to destroy the forest. Man, the thing he does. A tiny part of him, just want to cut down a few trees, just to make some room. He so shook that idea out of his head. He couldn't do that. He promise Alexis he wouldn't. If she was here, and not with Optimus, Rad and Carlos, she would be saying that.

Suddenly, he heard something. It was the sound of trees falling down. Carefully, he made his way to where the sound was coming from. If it was human, then he couldn't get caught here. So, he carefully pushed the trees back. There, cutting the trees down like there was no tomorrow was Starscream.

"Starscream," Hotshot whispered. He aimed at the red-and-black jet plane cautiously and fired in one quick motion, then opened up the comlink radio.

"Optimus? Optimus, sir, I found Starscream looking for the minicon." Hotshot's transmission came to Optimus.

"That good, Hot Shot. Don't fight him yet, wait until back up comes. Hot Shot? Are you there?" voice the Autobot leader.

Unknown to him, was that Starscream had spotted the yellow Autobot after he fired that shot. Hot Shot was too overcome. Starscream had quickly pulled out his sword and was whacking it hard on his armor. He wasn't much trained in sword combat, so he stood no match. That was until a laser shot came out of the forest area. Starscream's sword felled to the ground.

"Who did that?" demand the Decepticon.

Out came Red Alert. Hot Shot looked at his friends. The medic looked very different, like more of a transformers that face many battle, yet never lose. He knew that Red Alert was once a fighter, but that was it. He didn't know much of his past other then that.

"Get out of here Starscream" sneered Red Alert.

"Never, Autobot!" shouted Starscream.

The two met at head to head. Red Alert grabbed both his arms and started to pushed him away from Hot Shot. The young Autobot was surprised to see such strength in his friends. Starscream was the toughest Decepticon to take down. Seeing Red Alert fight him was different. Once in the artic, he had seen him fight before, but this times it was different. Like there was this buried fury inside and it was really to blown. Just as Red Alert was about to win, a blast came right at him and blew him away.

Suddenly, The Decepticons had arrived at the battlefield, and were very busy shooting at the two Autobots, who had hidden behind the trees. Hot Shot leaned back against the trees to get a better shot at Cyclonus and was almost shot down by Megatron for his trouble. The trees quickly began to disintegrate under rapid fire from all the Decepticons, and the two rolled out of the way as the trees fell in fragments on the ground. They put out the flames, but were instantaneously surrounded for their troubles. Megatron held out his arm to stop the Decepticons' fire and smirked maliciously at the two. He knocked away Hot Shot's blaster and held him up by the throat while aiming his fusion cannon at the medic's head.

"So, Autobot, what would you do to save him? Kill yourself, your leader… or me? Yes, I think you're just crazy enough to try… Perfect. Give yourself up, and we let your little friend go free. Right, boys?" His soldiers nodded, although Cyclonus almost grinned too much to give them away.

Megatron looked down at Red Alert with that look a tyrannical leader gets when he knows he's won. The he switch the look into a thinking one.

"This has happen to you before, hasn't Autobot?" sneered Megatron, "Having you friends at my mercy, each having slowly and painful deaths,"

Red Alert just glared at Megatron. Hot Shot was pretty much clueless at what Mega-fart was talking about. What did he mean by before? Had Red Alert dealt with this kind of situation before? He just kept trying to get out of Megatron's grip.

"Don't give in to him, get help," he said as Megatron tighten his grip and watch him scream in pain.

Red Alert looked at his struggling yellow friend, who was trying to speak but found himself unable to activate his vocalizers, and nodded. He dropped his blaster into the snow and sighed before saying, "All right, Megatron, you've won. Just release him…"

Megatron nodded towards Demolisher, who took the Autobot by the arms. Megatron released Hot Shot, who lay in the ground with a bit of energon leaking out of his mouth, and looked over towards Cyclonus and Demolisher, and nodded. The two fired upon Hot Shot- Demolisher only once, and Cyclonus quite rapidly. Red Alert's optic narrowed and he whispered, "Megatron! You said you'd let him go free!"

Megatron snorted in deference and said, "I never said alive, now did I? You shouldn't know that. Finish him off, Cyclonus. Now." He was counting on Hot Shot's death to break Red Alert's will, but he didn't count on Red Alert breaking Demolisher's hold and tackling Cyclonus before he could make a single shot.

Demolisher just got Red Alert off of Cyclonus and was about to break him in half when the Autobots where coming this way. Megatron shook his head at Demolisher and faded out, quickly followed by the others- except for Cyclonus, who fired off a round at Hot Shot's prone form before warping back out.

Optimus knelt next to the young Autobot cautiously and whispered, "Hot Shot's ? Are you all right?" Hot Shot's shook his head wryly and then went off-line. Optimus picked him up and turned to Smokescreen and the kids with an angry glint in his golden eyes. He then activatedthe warp.

The warp gate opened in the main hall of the Decepticon Base. The obvious leader- from his stance and the massive cannon on his waist- looked back at the fallen medic behind him. Red Alert didn't lifted his head from Megatron's look. He felt like a fool. Again, he allow, Megatron to hurt his friends and now...now he was their prisonor.

"So, what are we going to do with him?" asked Cyclonus acting like that idiot that his is, "Are we going to use him for target pratices?"

Megatron frown at the buffoon. He then turned to Demolisher, "Take him to the cells," he ordered.

"Yes, sir" said the tank as he dragged Red Alert to the cell and wait for his fate.

Megatron walked to the throne room and sat down in deep thought. Starscream wonder what their "leader" would do with a Autobot medic. Still, the seeker would like to get his hands on him. He made him looked like a fool, a rookie. No one did that to him, no one that live that is. Except Megatron, that would be soon.

"So, what are you going to do with the Autobot?" Starscream asked.

"Nothing for the moment," said Megatron in a calm tone, too calm for anyone's liking.

"You got to be kidding, boss!" shouted Cyclonus, "We have an Autobot, we could get all the minicons or at least blown him up!"

Megatron's answer-Cyclonus blasted to the wall. The Decepticon leader growled at his lackys and stood up, "You trigger happy fool, you don't tell me what to do!" he shouted.

The he walked out of the room to the cells.

Back at the jungle, there was two forces that had watch things unfold. They had just arrive to the planet and landed just to see Hot Shot and Red Alert get beaten by the Decepticons.

One, with cat-like eyes was about to jump into battle, when the other, one with lilac optics had stop it. They stood back and watch Red Alert being taken, while the other saved Hot Shot. After a minutes and they were sure that everyone was gone, the two started to talk.

"What did you think you were doing stopping me!" yelled the one with the green optics in a female tone.

"We didn't stand a chance against them," said the other, again in a female voice.

"Says you! We could have a least slow them down,"

"And show our self! We aren't suppose to be here,"

The green optic one grumble something under her breath before talking again, "We want are we going to do now?" she asked.

It only took a sec for her answer, "We are going after him," she said.


"Yes, we own him so much" said the one with the lilac optics, "We have to save him."

"Finally, you see the light."

They opened a warp gate and so they were off for the Moon base and to save Red Alert.

Red Alert sat there in his cell. Demolisher had just place him there and now he was just waiting. He knew that the Decepticon were going to three things. one was going to torment him until he told them were the Autobots' base was. Well, that was never going to happen. He would rather die then tell Megatron that. Another one was they would use him to get all the minicons. If that had, Red would feel low them he already had. The last reason was a long shot but still a possible. He knew what the last chance would be, after all this years. He hadn't forgotten and it seems that Megetron didn't too.

He listen to the sound of heavy footstep come his way. Red Alert looked up to see the tyrant standing in front of him. Oh, how the rage built up inside of him, but he could let it. Never. Red Alert could never let the anger inside take hold of him. If it did, well he would be afraid to think of it.

"I see that you are still alive," chuckle Megatron.

"Just get out of my sight," sneered Red Alert.

"But I just wanted to talk to you," said Megatron.

"You'll never get our base location from me!" shouted Red Alert at the Decepticon, letting his anger go for a moment.

He suddenly felt a little shock inside his body. Red Alert winced in pain, while Megatron laugh at him. This was how it was going to go down. Megatron had just to kept making this Autobot angry then he would be his.

"If my memory serves me right, today would be the day I destroy your friends, wouldn't it?" asked Megatron.

Red Alert said nothing. He would let Megatron use him. He wasn't going to win. The Decepticon took the silence as a yes and continue on his way.

"Yes, I believe so. How I remember that day. I just love when I place the front of my cannon on that silver pest and blew away his very spark. Nothing but a shell..."

He not going to get to me

"...Next, I believe it was your tank friend. Use up all his ammo on me, but I still took him down. Ripped off every one of his weapons from his body. I really enjoy the pain in his optics, but in the end he had to go..."

I can't allow him to use the death of my friends like this

"...Then I threw that red one over the cliff. I bet you fools never found his body..."

Must not give in to anger

"...But out that bunch, I believe it was that femme's death I enjoy the most..."


Red Alert's optic just widen. He wouldn't, he couldn't, He would. Megatron knew that this one would be the one that would break him.

"Yes, I had her watch me killed every one of your friends. Ah, I enjoys those screams of her when she begged on hand and knees to stop. Kept pleading to spare their lives. Of course, then it just got annoying. I can only take so much whinnying, so I had to put a stop to it..."


"...Held her up by the throat and shot her right in the stomach, not over any major circuits nut enough to make sure no one could save her. Just left her to die, slowly..."

Megatron, you...

"Too bad, she had such a pretty face. Now that I look back on it, probley could have her reprogram and made her a mate for my..."

That was enought for Red Alert. No one talks about his love like that, no one. In his fury, Red Alert quickly got up and charged at the Decepticon. He send a right upper cross cut at his face and bam Megatron to the wall. The problem was Megatron didn't seems to mad but this action from the Autobot.

"You never talk about Breeze like that!!!" shouted Red Alert full of anger.

Then Red Alert kneel over in pain. His hand covering the Autbot insignia. It felt like it was morphing under his hand. He fought the change and felt his energy go down in the fight. All Megatron could do was laugh at this sight.

"Hahahahaha! It seems that like time bomd still works insde of your body," laugh Megatron.

Red Alert just glare at the Decepticon,"You will never win," he spitted.

Megatron chuckle as he left the cell with his back turned to the Autobot, "We shall seen, but with your luck, Optimus is bound to sent for another medic." And with that he left the room, leaving Red Alert alone.

Well, not really. What the two failed to notice was the two set of optics spying on them, one green and the other lilac. They wait until Megatron was out of sight before moving. Quickly and quietly, they moved over to Red Alert's cell.

"Is horn head gone?'

"For the moment,"

"Then lets move"

"Hey, are you ok?"

Red Alert looked up at the voice. There stood two femmes. They were the same height and shape. They were pretty much twins except the colors. One with the green optics had pink and light blue paint while the one with the lilac had black and purple. They both had wings coming from their back the Autobot insignia on each of them.

"Who are you?" he asked the two.

"We don't have time to tell you, Red Alert," said the purple one as she broke open his cell and grabbing him.

"Yeah, we have to move, now" said the pink one.

"But..." he started to say but the sounds of the Decepticons were coming at them.

"Later!" shouted the purple one as the three were running all the way to the warp gate.

They made and soon started it up, but Cyclonus had enteedr the room. By the looks of him, he wasn't too please to see their prisoner get away.

"Hey, stop right there!" he shouted pulling out his guns and firing on them.

The three started to run towards the warp gate. The pink one kept looking back. Red Alert could tell by the look on her face that she wanted to fight. He had seen that look on many fighters in the past. The purple one could also tell the look on her comrade's face.

"Hurry up will ya!" shouted the purple one.

The pink one nodded her head with a smiled as she pulled out a wing sword like Starscream. "Don't wait up," she said as she when into a warrior cry and charged Cyclonus.

"Will your friend be ok?" asked Red Alert as they made the turned to the Warp gate.

The purple one smiled, "She'll be fine," she said, "You don't have to worry about her, Red Alert."

Red Alert then got a puzzle look on his face as she started up the machine, "How do know my name?"

Again the purple one smiled at him," I guess you don't remember us, but we do to you," was all she said.

Suddenly, her friend came back in a hurry. Her face was showing both anger and fear at the same time. Energon was coming from a cut made on her right arm. She was trying to stop the flow but it wasn't working.

"We have to hurry, Mega-bum is..." she said to say.

"...Behind you."

The three turned to be face to face with three of the Decepticons. Cyclonus wasn't there. The pink one must have knock out his light. That was pretty much the one good thing here.

"Now, I give you three a choice, neither come quietly or painful," sneered Megatron.

"I will never give up to the like of you!" shouted the pink one.

"Me neither!" responded the purple one.

"Fine then, you shall both die," said Megatron as he fire on the two with his cannon.

The next part was a blur of Red Alert. All he could remember was jumping in front of the two femmes that where saving him. He didn't know why, he just did. They just felt actually filmier to him, like he knew them from years ago. The last thing he heard was shouted of anger and the sound of the Warp gate going.

Alright, that was sure long, but this my goal. I going to make this one long. So, if you want more, review.