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NightGale walked across the hallway in the Autobots' base. In her hands was a datapad giving her the current information of Red Alert. She needed to figure out the problem with this reprogramming data. It wasn't doing any good inside the fallen medic and the longer it was in there, the more like Red Alert would turned. That she wouldn't allow, not ever. She was the number one student in the medical department at school, she wasn't going to let this break her.

She soon came back to the medic wing. Red Alert was still there, laying on the recharger. She was making sure that he stay there. He was in no condition to be moving about or doing anything. Beside, this would make it less likely Megatron would convert him. She strolled inside and place the data pad down on the counter.

"So, how is my favorite patient?" she asked with a grin.

"Could be better," he mumble, still not like the idea for having someone look after him.

"There, there, you'll be able to leave tomorrow," she said, "Then, me and Dove are off."

"Really?" asked Red Alert.

"Yes, we have to get back to school soon. Commander Optimus was nice enough to talk to our professors of our...lateness," Gale said with a chuckle.

Red Alert just gave her a look. Commander Optimus? He never hear anyone call Optimus that before. It was kind of funny. This femme was just trying to make a good impression. Not like her sister it seems. He was talking to Smokescreen the other day. The orange Autobot told him that she was crazy. She came in while he was target shooting and asked if she could join him. Not really, seeing a problem, Smokescreen said sure. Little did he know that as soon as he said that, Dove pulled out a flame thrower and started to melt almost everything in the room, expect the targets.

"I wonder if she worst then Cyclonus," he said with a chuckle as Gale patch up his arm from a brunt mark.

Red Alert raised himself up from the recharger to give him more of a sitting position. Gael noticed this and started to ahead towards him, by the medic just wave her off. He wasn't so helpless; just still a little low on energy. Red finally made it and was now facing her.

"You know, Optimus told me," he said.

"Oh, he did," she said in a weak voice.

The medic nodded his head. She quickly turned around and started to move the tools around the area. Why was she nervous about this? Red Alert would have just raised an eyebrow, if he had one. Gale took a deep breath and turned back to him with this big smile on her face. It was not like nothing was wrong, like this was a mask. He knew if someone had a mask on or not. Red had been wearing one for years. Now, he had some questions for these femmes? NightGale was upon to leave the room again when he called out to her," NightGale, may I ask you a question?"

She turned and nodded her head, "Sure you can, Commander Red Alert," she answer.

Again, Red gave her a weird look. Did she call everyone commander. He could see the look on Hot Shot's face if she called him that. The kid's ego would grow. Red shook his head and looked back at NightGale.

"Could you tell me what happen after we got out of the building?" he asked.

Gale just gave him a weird look back at him, "Why do you want to know?" she asked.

"I...I really don't know," he said, "Just humor me."

NightGale shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know, maybe MorningDove...opps" she said quickly coving her mouth.

"Opps?" question Red Alert.

Gale giggle, "That's Dove's real name. She hates it with all her might," she said, "Just don't tell her I told you."

"My lips are seal," chuckle Red Alert.

"Anyway, maybe she could tell you the story, she way better at that kind of thing," she suggested.

"But she not here, you are," he pointed out.

Gale just rubbed her arm, and had this thinking look on her face. She wasn't to sure about this. Never again did she want to remember that day. It was the worst day of her life and she want more then anything to forget about it. Still, if Red Alert wanted to know about that night, there was no reason for him not too.

"I suppose it would be alright," she said finally, "After you left..."

5 hundred years ago...

"All right, you two stay out of trouble and don't let anyone see you, except if they are an Autobot, they will help you," he said, "I'll be back," and with that he transform and head to the direction of the out post.

Gale just watch their hero transform and started to go away. Silent spread out the area, with the only noise was a car engine. Dove just sat there, unable to move and staring into blank space. She didn't know what to do now. Dove was hurt and she couldn't' do anything about it. That when Dove spoke up in a hyper voice.

"That is so cool, wasn't it?" said Dove being chipper, like always.

"How can you say that?" demand Gale, "We almost die!"

Dove just smiled, "But we didn't, I told you Primus would send us a hero, and he did," she said.

NightGale just couldn't help but smiled as well. She was right. When they started to hear the fighting going outside, she was so worry. Their female creator quickly placed them away in a room and block the door. They were told to stay inside the room, no matter what. It took a little longer just to get Dove inside. The little femme had the spirit of a warrior and knew it. She would have fought off those Decepticons if she wasn't pushed inside and the door sealed shut.

Now, there was nothing but shouts of anger and pain. They could hear three voices. One was of their "mother" and the others were unknown. They must have been the Decepticons. Gale saw them all the time around the city. Once, when they were heading to the market for some things, they came across a couple. They were bugging this elder transformer, pushing him around. Dove was never one to leave things alone. So, she pulled out her sling-shot and fired a couple of chucks at them.

They then learn a lesson: Decepticons don't like having metal thrown at them by children. Soon, they found themselves in the air. Dove tried to bite the brown Decepticon's hand and glared at his camera head. NightGale looked at her capture and saw that they were the same, just like her and Dove. It was just her was purple and green, not brown. She could only guess that they were related.

"What do you think we should do with two," asked the purple one.

"Why don't we just blast them," suggested the brown one with a chuckle.

Just as NightGale was praying not to die, the elder came up and whack the two Decepticons in the head to her seem like the rotor of a helicopter. They dropped the young femmes and turned their attention to the elder. Gale started to run to Dove to get her away, but no such luck. The pink femme quickly got to her feet and got behind the elder, with her sling-shot raise to fire.

"Why don't you mind your own business, you old geezer," sneered the purple one.

"I don't under you young ones today," he said whacking the two in the head again, "Too much fighting, not enough thinking."

Gale and Dove just watch as the one they were trying to protect take down the Decepticons. They couldn't help but laugh as the two Decepticons ran away, with their tails between their legs so to speak, as the elder beat them up good. Dove was rolling on the floor with laugher as NightGale just chuckle. After that little event, Gale tried to stay away from them, but now they we force to face them again.

Outside they could heard voices:

"Where are the children!"

"We don't have any!"

"That neither what the files nor your neighbors say,"

"Well, I'll never tell you!"

"Fine, your lost,"

Gale and Dove whine at the cries of pain they could hear from their mother. The blasting sound and the sorrowful voice of pain. Then came the insane laugher, which she could never forget. The room they were in started to heat up. The roof then crashed down on top of them. With Dove on top, it crush her legs. While her little sister was crying in pain, NightGale use all her strength to get the metal off, but couldn't get Dove up.

"We are going to die!" cried out Gale as the tears ran down her now black face, but dry up in the heat.

"We aren't," said Dove looking to her sister with such hope, "This ain't the way I going to go out."

"Yeah, right," choke back NightGale, "We are so!"










"This is getting us no where!" shouted Gale wiping away the tears.

"Well, Primus is going to save us," said Dove with hope.

Suddenly, they were heard a loud revving sound. Gale quickly got to her feet and started to push away the sheets of metal. Finally, making a hole in the wall, she bended over and spotted a vehicle on the ground. She didn't want to die, so she quickly started waving and shouting for help! He had spotted her and soon, Red Alert, as he introduce himself and remove them from the building and had left them there.

"So, what do we now?" asked Dove.

"We have to get you fixed up," she said to her little sister.

"But I hate medics, they smell," sneered Dove making a face.

Gale couldn't responded after that. For just then the building was in a large explosion. After that, NightGale couldn't remember what happen. There was a lot of smoke and a bright light. Loud booms could be heard atleast 20 miles away. Gale could feel as some of metal being ripped from her very body as she was throw off-line.

The next moment that NightGale could remember was waking up to the cheerful voice crying and two voices yelling. Her optics turned out to see two Autobots tried to pulled down. Dove had latch herself to the top of the med-bay's roof and screaming as the two were trying to get her down. Gale couldn't help and laugh at her sister's discomfort with hte medics. Like she said before, they smelled. Now, they were inside the Autobots base and would stay here with the heroes that had saved them, like Red Alert. Of course, Ratchet and First Aid would have to get Dove down first.


", here I was in the middle of the half burn down school and I hit almost everything but the target," said Dove as she broke into laugher.

Watching her, the kids and Hot Shot just stared at her in amazement. It was like looking at Cyclonus for some reason. She was destroying everything and burning anything. As, she did it, laughing like no tomorrow. Still, when it came don't to it, they could trust her like all other Autobots. Just as, Dove was about to open her mouth again, the minicon alarm started to go off, and like a rocket she was charging her way to the warp gate.

"Ok...she has a problem," mumble Billy, as the kids ran behind Hot Shot.

Finally, they made it to the Warp Gate. Optimus and Smokescreen were already there with Dove. She was looking a little to happy about going into battle. That only leave waiting for Red Alert and NightGale, if they were coming.

"Is Red coming?" asked Hot Shot as the kids suited up.

"No, NightGale wants him to stay here until she is sure that everything is ok," responded Optimus as he set the Warp Gate.

"She always like guard duty to fighting," mumble Dove.

Smokescreen shook his head in dismay, "What is it with you two anyway, you're like two side of a coin."

Dove just smiled, "That what makes us a great team, two parts of a whole," she chuckle as they jump into the Warp Gate.

Minicon location-Decepticons

"Starscream! Cyclonus! Do you see the Autobots?" yelled out Megatron.

"Not yet!" responded Starscream as he landed on the ground, "Why so interested?"

"That is not you business! Where is Cyclonus!" yelled out Megatron.

At that moment, the three Decepticon could hear the sound of Cyclonus' laughing coming their way. The helicopter was spotted and transform, landing with in a couple feet of them. By the look in his optic, you could tell he had good news.

"They here! They here! Four of them!" he said chuckling, "The insane pink one with them, but no sign of Medic boy or the other femme."

Megatron chuckle in thought as he turned to Demolisher, "You're in charge, I have other matters to attend to," said Megatron as he turned his back to his troops and Warp out.

This left behind three confused Cons.

Autobots' base- War Room

Gale sat at the control panel watching the mission. Three of the four know Decepticons had finally show up. Dove was in the air, trying to bring down Starscream with her wing sword. Hot Shot was busy trying to dodge Cyclonus's wild fire and Optimus had his hand full with Demolisher. Smokescreen was in some other area of the woods and the kids with him to find the minicon. Still, there was no sign of Megatron and that worried her.

Since, her last encounter with him had her worry. There was some plan with Red Alert he was cooking up in his head. With that reprogramming data, and now Megatron not being there. There was something not good going on, not at all.

Just then the alarm started to go off, along with the power.

"Oh, Slag," mumble NightGale, as she tried to get the com-link up, but no luck, "Slagslagslagslagslag," she said as she started to run to the Med-bay.


He could heard the alarm. He just couldn't move. His legs were so sore and Gale had just fixed up the knee joints only half hour ago, not enough time to being able to move. The light went out, but the back-up ones came on. Now, he was just lying in the med-bay, listening to the quiet. That when he heard them, those heavy foot steps. They were coming here, Red just knew it. The door made their opening sound and he could heard the foots steps come closer.

"NightGale?" asked Red Alert, not seeing well with the dim lighting.

The voice chuckle evilly, "I'm afraid not," it said.

"Megatron," hissed the medic as he slowly tried to get up, but couldn't.

"I see that you're still injure," laughed Megatron, "That won't have happen if you only gave in."

"Never," hissed Red Alert.

"Your hatred wells up and begins to consume you, Red Alert," hissed Megatron, "The mark of the Decepticon will rise, and no matter how much you fight it, you will be helpless to resist it! You will be one of my Decepticon soldiers!"

"Not on my watch!"

The Decepticon leader turned his optics away from Red Alert to the source of the voice. There standing in the door way was one of the two femmes that free him from Megatron's grip. She had an angry look on her face and wasn't going to give in to the likes of him.

"You stay away from him!" demand Gale and she pointed her only weapon at Megatron.

"Really? You are a truly a foolish femme, the second one I ever met," he chuckle at her attempt to save Red Alert, "I believe your friend here know who I'm talking about."

"You Fiend!" shouted Red Alert again trying to get up but fail again.

"Commander Red Alert!" shout NightGale, only to be hit back by Megatron's fist.

All that could be heard was her cries of pain.

Minicon location - Dove

"Why won't you just die!" shouted Starscream as he slashed at the femme.

Dove just giggle as she ducked under his sword attack. Before, he could recover, she deliver a quick blow to his gut. Starscream buckle in pain and was totally unaware of Dove and her flame gun.

"Bad job, Mr.Seeker, now you die," she sneered as she pulled the trigger, and the flames sent Screamer to the ground in a melt mess.

Pretty soon, Dove was laughing this up. Letting it last loud and long. Suddenly, she stop. Her face turned blank, like she was stabbed or something, but there was no one near her, who would after what she had just done to Starscream.

"I have to get back," she mumble to herself, before transforming into her jet mode and flying off towards the Autobots' base.

"Hey! Where does she think she going!" shouted Hot Shot as he ran to join the others.

"I don't know," shrugged Smokescreen.

Optimus didn't say anything. He seems to be in deep thought. The two Autobots and Kids just looked at him. There was a long silence over the area. He wasn't thinking, he was listening. He was listening to what maybe the last words of NightGale.


"...Optimus! We're being under attack! Meg-" she shouted over her com-link before Megatron lifted her off her feet and banged her against the wall.

"I will not let one young pest like you to ruin my plans," he sneered getting into her face.

Red Alert couldn't take this anymore. He had lose too many bots he care for to his monster. There was no way he was going to lose any more. Slowly, he got to his feet, pain running in every one of his leg circuits. Still, he had to fight, fight to the end, fight for what was right, fight like an Autobot.

"Leave...her alone...Megatron," sneered Red Alert, "Your battle...with me."

The horned leader turned away from Gale. Her body, badly beaten fell to the floor with a cluck. Energon was coming down her face, but she didn't seems to notice it. She just seem to be focus on him and Megatron. Why did she continue to put herself through the pain? Megatron came closer to Red ALert, face to face.

"Why won't you just give in and join the Decepticons," mused Megatron.

"Because...I Autobot," gasped out Red Alert, feeling a little light headed.

Megatron just smirked at him. One of those evil leader ones. Then pulled back his fist and landed one right into Red Alert's face, knocking him off-line. He started to fall down to the ground, before he saw this pink blur attack Megatron.

Inside Red Alert's head

Ok, that it. I lost, I should just give in now before Megatron kills Gale and Dove. I know that was her. Who else is pink and attack Megatron without a thought of their saved. Why did I even think I cold last against him. I couldn't do it the first time, what made me think I could do it a second time. I just can't take any more friends getting killed because of me. I'll give in, become...become..a..a..Decepticon.

"Reddy, no!"

There before his optics stood Breeze. Her face was full of grief and concern. He hate when ever she looked like that, alive or dead.

"You can't give up," she plead, "You can't."

"But Breeze, it my fault you and the others were killed," he said.

"Is that what you been thinking about all this time, that was your fault," said another voice.

Red Alert gasped to now see Grind and Track standing right beside Breeze. It was like they were never gone, just like her. Why is this happening?

"Come on, you can't give up to the likes of Mega-Dork," cheered Tracks.

"Yeah, no matter the odds, you never gave up," agreed Grind.

Red Alert turned away from his friends, "That was a long time ago, things changes, Transformers change."

"You never change to me, Reddy," said Breeze with a smile as she and the others stepped up to him.

Soon, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning to the side, there was Overload. He was standing there, his optics showing the huge smile he had under his faceplate.

"Now where that not giving up spirit you have," he said.

"It gone,"

"Ha, that's hard to believe," laugh Overload, "You know, no matter how many times I tried to stop you from seeing my sister, you never gave up. Sneak up her wall to putting sleeping energon in my drink..."

"Hee hee, I thought you didn't know it was me," chuckle Red Alert.

"The point is that you never gave up, not to me, nor to Megatron," said Overload.

"Yeah, it was never your fault," said Grind, "We're glad you save those femmes."

"Beside, it gave me a great way to die, going down fighting!" cheered Tracks.

Red Alert couldn't help but feel this huge weight being lift from his shoulder. It was like he was finally free of all the guilt he was carrying on him for all those years. Now, it was like he could move on.

"So, are you ready to fight?" asked Breeze.

"With all my spark," smiled Red Alert.

"Great choice, Red," said Tracks, "And here a gift from us, so see ya around."

With that, Tracks disappear into a yellow glowing ball of energy and flew right into Red Alert's insignia. He could feel the warm surge of energy flowing into his body.

"It was a great pleasure to have know you," said Grind as he too disappear into a green energy ball.

"You better not get yourself killed out there," laugh Overload as he became a red glowing ball.

His friends quickly follow Tracks' suit. That only left Breeze and Red Alert alone. She smiled at him and the two came closer together.

"I'll always be with you, Reddy," she smiled as she started to glow a light blue, "And I forever will be."

She lend in closer and gave Red a brief last kiss before she too, disappear into his Autobot insignia. Suddenly, he feel this unstoppable forces inside his body. He knew with the strength of his friends behind him, he could win.


Megatron was standing over the two nearly dead femmes. That blasted pink one came out of no where and started to hack away at him. Still, she was no match for him. Of course, she did melt some of his horn with her slagging flame thrower.

"Well..sis, great die..huh?" chuckle Dove through the pain.

"Oh...yeah...way better...then old...age," respond NighGale.

Dove just chuckle, "I...find it...more"

NightGale's optics flicker a bit, "Been...nice... knowing... you," she said with a smile.

" you," responded Dove.

"That enough of your talking, now die," sneered Megatron as he pointed his cannon at the two, ready to take them out.

That when he was blasted away. There was a bright white light, then he found himself banged against the wall. He almost fell back down it had done so much damage to him. After one shot! Megatron glared up to see that slagging medic standing over those femmes. He was looking at their injures, while looked just fine, like he wasn't hurt anymore. How could have that happen?

"You," hissed Megatron, "What are you doing even up!"

Red Alert didn't even look at him. He just kept working on Dove's damage arm.

"Just go away, Megatron," said Red Alert in a low tone, "You lost."

Megatron growled at the medic. He won't not lose! Not to the likes of a medic and two wet nose femmes. He rose to his feet and pointed his cannon at the three. There was no way in the slagging pit they were going to live through this.

"Prepare to die, Autobot," hissed Megatron as he charge up his weapon.

Red Alert got to his feet and glare at the Deceptions. Raising his own weapon, a white ball of pure energy was rising. For a moment, Megatron thought there was some of those stupid Autobots were behind. As the image became clear it was like those slagging Autobots he killed at those years ago. They were right behind the medic. What was going on here!

"I suggest you leave now, Megatron," threaten Red, "Before I make you pay for your crimes."

For some strange reason, he believe the medic would make do on his threat. Knowing that he beaten, he just warped out of the Autobots base. This left Red Alert to the task of repairing the Autobot sisters.

Three days later...

All the Autobots were gather in front of the warp gate. In front of them was NightGale and Dove. They were finally finish being repair and were ready to head for Cybertron. Now it was time for everyone to say their good-byes.

"Thanks again, Optimus, sir for allowing us to stay here," said NightGale.

"Yeah, Op, this was totally rocking," responded Dove.

They all sweat-drop at Dove. She just broke out into giggles. Optimus just smiled behind his face mask.

"It was our pleasure to have such promising Autobots assisting us of the moment you where here," he said.

Dove chuckle," I'm so going to hold that against you, you know," she said.

NightGale just rubbed her head, "What am I going to do with you?" she asked her.

"I suggest taking away that flame thrower for starter," chuckle Smokescreen.

This got the Autobots to crack open a laugh. Well, except Dove. She really didn't see that to be funny. Still she like it when they all laugh, even if it was at her.

"Ha, ha, very funny," she said with smile, "I'll miss you too."

Red Alert walked in front of the group and look at the two femmes. He was really lucky they even show up when they did. If they never did, he would have hated to think of what would have happen to him. He was a whole Autobot thanks to these girls and to his friends. Even after what they didn't find in his hardware.

Optimus order him to have a scan. When you are heal so fast, bots can wonder. That when they discover that the Decepticon programming was gone from his systems. There was no trace of it and it was like it wasn't there. Optimus didn't have a clue how that could have happen, but Red Alert knew. It was all thanks to his friends.

"Well, I guess this is good-bye," he said holding out his hand.

"Until we met again," smiled NightGale, taking his hand and shaking it.

"Yeah, because you guys aren't going to get rid of us that easily," said Dove.

"Maybe not Gale," mumble Hot Shot.


NightGale smiled as she patted her little sister on the shoulder, "Calm down, it's time to go."

The Warp Gate started up. They all said final good-byes and hugging from Dove. The Autobots smiled as they walked into the Warp Gate on there way home. Red couldn't help but smile at the sight of those two.

"Do you think we'll see those two nuts again?" asked Hot Shot walking up to his medic friend.

"I can only hope," said Red Alert

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