Chap. 14


Starfire expected to feel extreme pain as her head was loosed from her shoulders. She expected a brief sensation of the blood flowing down her body. Instead, she felt nothing. Slowly, she opened her eyes, wondering what was going on. Gannondorf stood before her, his sword out in a cutting position. But it was positioned over her head. Star looked up and realized that the Gerudo had cut the chains that had been around her hands. Everyone in the room was staring in shock at what had happened. Even Majora was at a loss for words, though his eyes burned with anger. The Gerudo looked down at Star and said only one word; "Duck." Suddenly, he whirled around and threw the sword right at the ornament. Before Majora could intercept it, it had sliced the object in two. As the pieces fell to the ground, the heroes felt their powers return. The BRATS shifted back to their hero forms, and broke their chains. Cyborg snapped his and then freed Link and Zelda, while Raven freed herself and Robin. All of them stood there, ready to face Majora.

But the mask was not ready for them yet. It stared at Gannondorf, who calmly walked past it and retrieved his sword. "I offered you worlds!" it finally spat. "I offered you revenge on your worst enemies! I could have given you everything you wanted! You would have been king again!" "And what did being king ever get me!" the Gerudo cried, turning to face Majora. "Being king trapped me in the Evil Realm for sixty years, Majora. Sixty years! And you know what? I actually started to think in all that time. I started to think about the fact that I held part of the power of the gods, and all I used it for was to gain the throne of a dead land. A land I helped kill! I realized something; I'm tired of it. I'm tired of quests for power, I'm tired of hating everyone. I want to be more then a power-crazed madman, and now I'm going to start by sending you back to Hell where you belong. You stole the power to get here from me, and I'm taking it back!"

A guttural roar broke from the mask, as beams of power shot from its eyes. But before they could reach Gannondorf, Link rolled forward, grabbed his shield, and deflected the beams away from the Gerudo. Standing up, the Hero of Time stood in front of his old enemy and looked him in the eye. The Gerudo King looked back, as each wondered what the other would do. Then Gannondorf reached down, and picked up the Master Sword, a blade that no being of evil could touch. Wordlessly, he handed it to Link. The boy took it, and saw that the sacred blade had not burned the Gerudo. It was only then that he nodded, and with that, the two enemies raised their swords, and charged Majora, for the first time working as allies.

But Majora would not be beaten that easily. Again, beams of power shot forth from it eyes, knocking both of its foes back. As Link and Gannondorf skidded across the floor, Majora cried out, "I will not be defeated again!" Suddenly the doors broke open, and Stalfos, Re-dead, and other monsters began to fill into the room. "Well, this is unfair." Whimpernel remarked. "Then maybe we should even the odds." Cyborg replied, as his sonic cannon cut a swath through the monsters. "Sounds good to me." Nighstalker agreed, as he drew his sword and dove into the fray. The others followed as the room became filled with the sounds of battle. Energy blasts spewed forth, bombs were thrown, everything the heroes had was put into this attack. But the true battle was being fought by the four beings who represented thr most powerful forces for good and evil in two worlds.

"You're beaten Majora." Zelda said, as Link and Gannondorf rose up behind her. "Never!" the mask yelled, as it floated back up. "I still have one trick left." Suddenly, it began to shimmer, and Majora seemed to split into three masks. Suddnely the two masks on the left and right began to change. They grew arms and legs, though one was far stronger looking then the other. That one also grew long, pointed tentacles, and a demonic face grew out from the top of the mask. Finally all three forms fully materialized, as the Bearers of the Triforce looked on. "What is this?" Gannondorf asked. "His three forms; Majora's Mask, Majora's Wraith, and Majora's Fury." Link answered. "Correct." The mask said. "I kept a little god-power, just in case. Now, I'm going to be able to destroy all three of you at once!" "Not a chance." The Gerudo snarled. "I beat you all once; we can do it easily." Link spoke. "We do not fear you." Zelda added.

As the Princess spoke those words, a miracle happened. The Triforce marks on each Bearer's hand began to glow. As they watched, golden light shot forth from each of them, blinding the forms of Majora. Behind them, everyone stopped fighting, even the monsters, as the three bearers were lifted up by the light. "What's happening!" Bartman yelled out. "It's re-joining!" Nighstalker yelled out in amazement. "The Triforce pieces are resonating! They're becoming one again!" As the bat spoke those words, golden triangles rose up from each of the bearers. Slowly, they pulled towards each other and fused together. A huge, gleaming Triangle hovered above them then, spinning gently in the air. Suddenly, it shot out three beams of power into the Bearers. As the others watched, the Bearers began to change, as their bodies were infused with the new power. Finally the changes ended, and three new beings stood. Where Link had stood, there was now a warrior dressed in black armor. Some of Link's clothes, like his hat and gloves remained, but they had changed color to blue-white and dark brown respectively. His face was marked with a pair of tattoos, and his hair had gone white. The Master Sword had also changed; now the blade was a huge helix, that literally dripped with power. "The Dark Fury." 'Stalker breathed.

Zelda's dress had grown, wrapping along her body in a long black robe, adorned with magical symbols. Long sleeves hung down from her wrists, and her face was wrapped in cloth, like an Arabian Harem. "The Dark Sorceress." Nightstalker named her. But Gannondof was the most altered. He was no longer a man, but a huge horned beast. His body was muscular and powerful, and he carried a sword in each hand. "The Dark Beast." The Knight said finally. "This is the power of the Triforce." He realized. "The ability to balance the strength of shadow with the righteousness of light. That is the True Force!" "All right, the True Force!" Neuron yelled out, as the monsters cowered back in fear from the three bearers. "This is the best thing ever!" Starfire yelled, equally joyful. Motioning to Neuron, he came closer to her and she whispered in his ear, "What is the True force?" "I have no idea, but it must be really good if we're winning!"

The three Bearers advanced on the forms of Majora, each one glowing with the power of the Triforce. "Retreat now, demon." The Beast said in Ganon's voice. "We know how to beat you." The Sorceress added. "We do not fear you." The Fury said. For a moment, those words would seem to be enough. The three forms backed up, fear crossing their faces. But then, they remembered where they would go if they failed, all the power they would leave behind. Gathering their courage, they attacked the Bearers with a ferocity that was that was born of hate, and a fear of death that rivaled all else.

Each demon took a separate Bearer. The Wraith attacked the Beast, its tendrils moving too fast for the creature to slice with its swords. But while the Wraith had speed, the Beast had pure strength and devious cunning. Sheathing its swords, it reached out with its hands, attempting to grab the monster. It finally managed to grab the Wraith's arms, and drew it close to itself in a bear-hug. Suddenly it reversed its grip on its arms, and both of the Beast's arms shot out in opposite directions, tearing the Wraith in two as it did so.

Meanwhile, the Mask and Sorceress were engaged in a battle of the fiercest magics. Everything that one could muster, the other would reflect back a hundredfold. Powerful bursts of magic flowed through the room, as each force attempted to knock out the other. "It's hopeless girl!" the Mask cried out, as it unleashed a powerful burst of magical energy. "I know spells that were made before the forging of the worlds!" "But I know a better spell." The Sorceress replied. "Did you forget the rules of all worlds, Majora?" Suddenly, a pair of blazing fireballs appeared within the girl's hand. The Mask's eyes widened, as it realized what was about to happen. Before it could move away, the Sorceress hurled the two fireballs right at it, scoring a direct hit. The Mask screamed in pain, as the flames consumed its wooden frame. Within minutes, it had been reduced to a pile of cinders. "All beings must adhere to the rules of the bodies they inhabit, Majora." The Sorceress said, as she looked at the remains of her enemy.

The final battle was down to the Furies. The Dark Fury's sword slashed up time and time again, dodging the tentacles of the last form of Majora. With the deaths of it's forms, Majora's Fury fought with a newfound vigor, faster then it had ever attacked before. The tendrils were coming from every direction; the Dark Fury grew tired quickly. Finally, the monster knocked the sword out of it's foe's hand, and wrapped it's tendrils around the boy's body. He struggled fiercely to escape, but the monster held him tight. It drew him to it's face, and whispered, "Now it is your turn to view the afterlife." As a tendril became a huge spike, and prepared to drive itself into the Fury's face. But before the tendril could strike, the Beast appeared from nowhere, and slice through the tendril holding the Fury. Before the monster could recover, a fireball flew into its body, setting it alight. The Fury danced every which way, trying to extinguish the flame. As it panicked, the Sorceress handed the Dark Fury his sword. Holding it above his head, the dark warrior let loose with a huge bolt of magic. It struck Majora's Fury head on, and combined with the flame, reduced it to nothing.

As the last vestige of Majora's Mask disappeared, the monsters suddenly vanished. Before anyone could react, a golden light filled the room, blinding each of the heroes. When it cleared, the black room was gone. Instead, the heroes stood inside a huge throne room, glistening with white marble. The Fury, Sorceress, and Beast were gone; Link, Zelda, and Gannondorf remained. "What just happened?" Beast Boy asked, looking around in wonder. "With Majora gone, all his effects were removed." Zelda answered. "The Castle was returned to its normal state." "OK, but what do we do with that thing?" asked Bartman, pointing to the glistening triangle hovering in the air. Everyone turned to the Triforce, wondering the answer to that question themselves. But before anyone could propose an answer, the sacred Triangle vanished. "What the hell was that?" Heatstrike cried out. "The Triforce has returned to the gods." Link answered. "It has gone home at last."


The Titans and BRATS stood in the Temple of Time, on the large platform emblazoned with the Light Brand. The former Bearers of the Triforce stood before them. Both had said their goodbyes, neither knowing if they would see the others again. "Are you sure you'll be all right?" Starfire asked. "Without the Triforce, we'll start to age, but I think we've been around long enough." Link answered. "Someone else will hold this sword one day." "Besides," Gannondorf said, "I think I'll work harder at redemption if its going to happen soon." "I believe you will. Farewell, Gerudo King." Brett said, raising his sword in salute. Gannondorf seemed surprised, but returned the salute. "Thank you friends." Zelda said. "We will never forget the deeds you have done for us." She began to recite the spell, and the Platform began to glow….

It has been written in the Land of Hyrule, among the many Legends of Zelda, of the day that heroes came form another world, heroes which helped to turn the greatest villain into a great hero. Heroes who returned the holy triangles to their place in the heavens. The story is kept in a vault in the Temple of Time, along with the Master Sword, along with the other stories. For the peoples of the land, it is known as the Tale of the Titans. And that is what you have just finished reading.