Together Again

A Journey story. Takes place in who's the father of Sam's baby storyline, but let's say that Courtney never lost her baby and that Journey has a child together but divorced because of the same reason. Everything else happened in the story. Courtney had the baby before the fire and was involved and ended up getting Pride Phillips. Brain has died in this story. Sonny and Carly have moved back in with each other to please Michael, but Carly has threatened to take the boys if Sam's baby belongs to Sonny. Sonny has told Jason what Carly said. Carly doesn't know that Kristina is Sonny's daughter.

Courtney sat in her loft trying to calm Carly down. She was upset with Sam being pregnant and possibly with Sonny's baby. Carly had told Sonny that if the baby was his, then she was taking the boys and leaving him.

"Carly you need to calm down ok. We don't know that the baby is Sonny's. There's a big possibility that the baby is Jax's."

"I don't know Court. I just have a bad feeling that this baby is Sonny's and that I will have to take the boys away from him"

"Carly. Look I know that Sonny has hurt you a lot, but if this child is his then you have to work it out with each other"

"Courtney it's not that simple. What would you do if you found out that Jason was having an affair while you two were married and was having a baby with his mistress."

"If we were still married Carly, then I would be upset, but we're not so I can't answer that."

"But what if he would have done it while you were married and just told you about now"

"Then I would be upset because he would have cheated on me while we were still married, but Carly you and Sonny both had other people in your lives"

"I know, but I never got pregnant by Lorenzo."

"Carly. You and Sonny have been through so much. Why let someone as trashy as Sam come in and take your family away from you"

"Courtney, I just can't deal with this thing with Sonny anymore. I mean we hurt each other on purpose and it never leads to anything new. At least you and Jason can compromise when it comes to Meghan. Me and Sonny, all we do is fight over Michael and Morgan. All I want is this trashy ho out of my life"

"Well at least you won't do something stupid to get her out of your life like change the results of paternity test"

"Yeah well I thought about it, but I would end up having to tell Sonny and he'll be mad at me again and we'll fight and trust me the last thing that me and Sonny need to do right now is to have another fight. Lord knows we do that enough over Sam or the boys or his work"

"Carly everybody fights, even me and Jason had our words when it came to caring for Meghan and we still disagree on a lot, but we don't let it get to the point where it can hurt Meghan"

"Maybe you and Jason have it so easy because you two aren't suppose to be apart in the first place"

"Carly please don't start on this 'you and Jason need to get back together thing' because it's not going to happen"

"Ok, but can I ask you a question"


"If Jason came out tomorrow and told you that he had an affair while you two were married and got the girl pregnant, would you be able to forgive him for that"

"If you want the truth, no, no I don't think I would be able to forgive Jason for that and would probably do the same thing you are and take Meghan and leave"

Meanwhile at General Hospital

Dr. Meadows entered the hospital room where Sam, Sonny, and Jax all waited to hear the results of the paternity test.

Jax wanted the baby to be his just to show Sonny that he could be a better father. All he wanted was the baby.

Sam wanted the baby to desperately be Sonny's. This way she could always have a hold on him and get him to do whatever she wanted. She didn't even want this baby. She would have killed it if Jason hadn't stopped her.

Sonny wanted the baby to be his, but was worried that he would have to loss his sons to have it.

Dr. Meadows broke all three out of their thoughts

"Well we have the results of the paternity test"

"So which one of us are the father, Me or Sonny"

"Well Mr. Jacks, it seems that neither of you are the father of the baby"

"WHAT" all three said in union

"Yes. I have test both men and neither one of them is the father of your baby Ms. McCall, now if you'll excuse me I have other patients to get to"

"Sam what the hell is going on. I thought me and Jax were the only possible men for the paternity test"

"Well it obvious Sonny that Sam lied to us so we wouldn't really know how many men she has actually slept with over a period of months"

"Just get out. Both of you. I need time to think"

Sonny walked out the hospital room and pulled out his phone.

"Hey where are you"

"Well I need you to meet me in the chapel at the hospital"

5 Minutes later- Hospital Chapel

"Hey you said you wanted to see me"

"Yeah. Jase. The paternity came back and neither me or Jax is the father Something's going on here.

"I know, I know"

"What do you mean, you know? What did you do, Jason?"

"I changed the results"

"You tampered with the paternity test?"

"That's right. Sonny, you're the -- you're the father of Sam's baby. I saw the real report myself."

"I need to know exactly what you did"

"I stole Alan's security card and broke into the lab. The paternity test results were on the computer. I deleted your name. I just said there was no match."

"Are you insane? Why?"

"To keep your family together so Carly wouldn't take the boys and leave you, Sonny."

"What the hell are you talking about? You've been defending Carly so long; she's contaminated your mind! Changed the way you think?

"No, that's not it. "

"Yeah? What is it, then? Did you have a plan? Did you really think that I would turn my back on my child -- any child? Nothing justifies that lie!"

"Not even for Michael?"

"No, don't bring that card in there."

"No, Sonny, you promised Michael. You promised God that you would go back to Carly and keep your family together! And now you can".

"When did you decide to take over my life? Tamper with tests? Lie about who the father of the baby is? What is that?"

"I gave you my word that I would do what's right for Michael."

"And this is it?"

"Sonny, I -- I walked out of here, and I looked back at you sitting there, and I realized it was the only way."

"And you didn't think to ask me first, Jason?"

"Oh, come on, I knew you'd refuse me!"

"Well, that's the first right thing you've said all night. I refuse. I'm not going to -- I'm not going to deny the paternity, ok. What I'm going to do is I'm going to go to Sam. I'm going to explain to her what's going on here, all right? I'm going to take another test. We're all going to sit in a room until the results come back and I'm listed as the baby's father. "

"No, no, Sonny –"


"Sonny, come on."


"Sonny, please".

" Please what?"

"I'm asking you for a favor."


"Because I have done everything that you have ever asked me. I put my life on the line. How many times have I been shot? What about the night that I walked in and I found you and Carly in bed together? I didn't fight you. I got out of the way. I gave you my family, and you swore to me that you would take care of them, so you take care of them. You are Michael's father. You don't get to abandon him. You don't get to -- get to break his heart. Quit being selfish and put your kids first".

"Do you want me to just give up my baby with Sam, too?"

"No, no, I don't. I'll take care of Sam and the baby. They can live with me."

"You don't think Carly's going to figure that out, though?"

"Not if -- not if Sam and I say we slept together and that the baby's mine"

"What about Meghan and Courtney.Jase........"

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