Robin sat alone at the kitchen table, lost in thought. It was 3:00 a.m. and he couldn't sleep. Often when he had cases of insomnia, like tonight, he would get up to get a snack, and also to think. He wasn't hungry enough to eat.

His mind was troubled, and was constantly bombarded with the same thought. It had lost the enmity of a thought, and became more of an obsession. She haunted his mind, his thoughts, dreams, nightmares, everything in his brain revolved around her. To stop thinking about her was to stop thinking about everything. She controlled his every move, his every decision was decided on how she would like it.

Starfire. That's who she was. The one girl who could make his life a living heaven or hell. She was so beautiful, exotic, different than any girl Robin had ever met in his whole life. Her skin was the most golden tint of orange he could imagine; her ruby hair was too soft to ignore; and her eyes were the single thing that could leave a person so lovestruck nobody would know what hit them.

While pondering on her looks, Robin then let his mind wander to things about Starfire that he should not think about. Day after day erotic fantasies would fill his brain. Impure ideas and thoughts swirled inside him. He would dream of things he should not; day after day he became more restless, as to fulfill this desire. Knowing of something one could never have is a feeling of utmost horror when it came to the girl he thought so much about.

Robin jumped in his seat; Cyborg was standing in the kitchen doorway, groggily glancing at his fellow teammate. Cyborg yawned,

"What are….you still doing…..up…" was all he could say in his sleepy trance.

"Huh?" Robin snapped back to reality once again, "Oh, nothing, just can't sleep, that's all."

Even though half asleep, Cyborg knew when something was wrong with someone, especially when it came to his friends. Becoming more awake, he looked at Robin a little sterner than usual.

"Are you okay? This is the third time this week that I've caught you sitting in here at 3 a.m., and it's only Tuesday! Is…something bothering you?"

Robin, being the leader like person that he is, looked a bit taken aback at this. Cyborg did come to the kitchen every night for a midnight snack. How could he not know that Robin was there? He quickly scanned his mind for an excuse.

"You know how I've been drinking too much caffeine, Cyborg," He mentally slapped himself. That was the stupidest excuse on the planet; no way was Cyborg going to fall for this one.

Cyborg eyed him suspiciously. Robin was right; he didn't fall for it. He was in for it now, there was no possible way that Cyborg could be suspicious of someone and not get the answer he needed. The last thing he wanted to do was confess his infatuation with Starfire, nonetheless the mad lust inside that was overwhelming him.

Cyborg's face softened to submission.

"Alright, if you say that's what it is…..I believe you."

Robin tried hard not to drop his jaw. He was buying it? That stupid excuse that even a four-year-old would be embarrassed to use? He fell for it? Robin's heart gave a leap; maybe he'll never find out.

He hesitated. Cyborg doesn't give in that easy. He knew Robin was hiding something, but he decided to let it go. The fact that it was 3 in the morning was also an added bonus that was on Robin's side. Gratefulness for his friend's trust swept through him. But he also realized that Cyborg would be watching him, that his suspicions were there for a good reason. He had to be careful. To get what he wanted, he needed to be sneakier about his obsession.

The next night, the titans all gathered round the living room in succession. It was movie night. The four titans had finally agreed to let Starfire pick the movie, and she had picked a romantic-comedy (to Beast Boys delight). She put in the movie, and it began to play.

During the entire movie, Robin's eyes were fixed on Starfire. She was so enthralled with the movie that she didn't even notice. He looked her up and down, taking in her features one by one. By now his lust was becoming hard to control. He felt a compellation toward her that did not falter. He needed to have her, and nothing was going to stand in his way until he got what he wanted.

As the movie rolled on, it finally reached the scene where the two people realize their true love for one another, and share a passionate kiss. Robin couldn't take it any longer. He knew what he wanted, and he was going to get it. As the movie ended, his brain began to develop a plan. He mused over ways to seduce the girl, his now sick mind turning with ideas.

The five teens soon said their goodnights, and were off to bed. Robin's devious plan was set. He would sleep better now, his thoughts full of certainty. As he put on his pajamas and crawled into bed, his last sickening thoughts still brimmed in his head.


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