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Raven swiped her hand to Starfire's palm. Worry played malevolently across her frail face, how could Robin do something like this? She earnestly searched for a pulse. Beast Boy's voice interrupted her thoughts.


"Dead?" Cyborg finished the changeling's sentence with a grim voice.

Raven looked up at her two teammates.

"No, but practically. If we don't get her some help now, she will be."

The boys' faces grew happier at the thought of Starfire's life being kept, but grew sad again at the words "she will be".

"But we can help her…right?" Beast Boy couldn't stand to look at the Tameranian's mangled body any longer.

"Her wounds are so deep…" Raven almost fell into a trance at how blood gorged from her friend. Robin must have been in a complete frenzy when this happened.

Snapping out of it, she remembered the task at hand and thought of all possible ways to save the redhead.

"I think I can make her wounds less…" she shifted her eyes away from the gory sight, "lethal".

"How much less lethal?" Cyborg said.

"I'm not sure, I just know I can reduce it. By how much, I have no clue." Raven felt ice cold tears form in the backs of her violet eyes, but sniffed quickly to make them go unnoticed.

"For starters, we should get her off the floor and into the infirmary." Cyborg suggested to the telepath.

"And quick," they heard Raven add, "she's fading fast."

"Good idea. We should clean her wounds up too," Beast Boy was having a really hard time seeing all the blood on the kitchen floor.

They swiftly but gently moved her to the infirmary. Raven's powers weren't used on account of that she wanted all the power she could need for Starfire's stabs.

After cleaning her up, they took bandages and gauze to try and bandage her to their best extent.

Cyborg gently picked the girl up to wrap the gauze around an area of her stomach, and his jaw fell flat when he got a better look at her flesh cuts.

He looked over to her other side and realized by her wounds that some of the blows went clear through her back, another in her neck. He shuddered slightly, and placed her back down.


The psychic looked up, seeing Cyborg's face lit up with panic,

"I think you should do it now." He looked back at his friend, "Man…Robin, why would you do this?"

"I don't know why he did it, but we can't confront him now. We need to focus on Starfire."

And with that, she moved some of Starfire's clothing, so all of the wounds were visible. Raising her hands, she prepared to perform her spell. Beast Boy looked over and saw that Raven was shaking slightly. He put a hand on her shoulder, as if to say, 'it's okay.'

Feeling comforted by this, the mystic continued with her incantation.


She repeated again and again, becoming more intensely focused each time.


The two boys looked at Starfire in awe as the major wounds began to lessen.


When Beast Boy looked back again, most of the wounds were about half the size they were before, but still deadly. She wasn't completely healed, but it was getting better.

Raven's voice became quicker and more raspy, her words seeming to take more and more out of her.


Raven then fell to the floor, exhausted. It took the effort of both boys to keep her from fainting. She was not concerned with her exhaust, however. She uneasily stood up, almost stumbling a few times, and looked over the alien once again.

"I have reduced most of the deadliness of her wounds. Now most of them are just deep cuts that need to be bandaged." They looked at her, expecting more of an answer.

"And if we do it right, she'll be okay." She said with more ease.

A huge gust of relief escaped the boys. They let Raven rest, while they tended to Starfire's cuts.

"What just happened?" Robin whispered to himself.

Robin lay on his bed, his eyes shifting quickly from one side of the ceiling to the other. He was musing worriedly over his crime. His breathing was heavy, and he couldn't keep still. His mind raced over the recent events, and he became more and more afraid of what he had done.

"No…" he sat up, his hands began to shake.

"Starfire…" his brain suddenly gave way to common sense. He all at once realized that she might be dead. That he might have killed her. His life, his love, his world, his everything, was probably dead. And it was all his fault.

The rest of the titans were asleep. It was midnight. Beads of sweat poured down his face as guilt painfully lashed through his skin. How could he do this to the girl he loved?

"I have to do something." He decided. He didn't know how to find her if she was dead, the titans wouldn't just leave her where she lay.

He walked down the dark hallways to the infirmary. He had every doubt in the world that she was alive, but it couldn't hurt to check, for his conscience's sake.

He looked through the glass and jumped. He rubbed his eyes, making sure she wasn't a ghost taunting him for his deed.

But she wasn't. She was there, she was alive, and she was breathing. He saw her chest rise and fall, and his heart heaved a sigh of relief.

"I won't disturb her now," he looked sadly at the poor girl.

"She definitely needs her rest after what I've done."

He turned around and walked slowly to his room, feeling the pain of guilt once more as it rushed through his veins once again. It was going to be a rough night.

The boy wonder opened his masked eyes tiredly the next morning. He hadn't gotten much sleep. He actually would have felt worse if he had. It was about 6:30, and the only person who was ever up at this hour was Starfire. It was the perfect time to talk to her.

That's what he anticipated and worried about most. How was he going to address her? "Hey, Starfire, even though I almost killed you yesterday, I still want to be friends. In fact, I actually love you, so that makes it all better now!" He thought in his head how stupid he would sound, trying to make peace with her after what happened the day before.

Before he had a chance to think of what to say, he found himself outside the door of the infirmary. He peeked inside. She was awake, as usual, given the time of day.

He walked over to her silently, she hadn't known he had come in.

"….Starfire?" he said quietly, almost ashamed.

She gasped, and moved her head in his direction with fear filled eyes. She moaned quietly and cowered in her bed, as if he was going to hit her. Tears formed in her evergreen eyes, making her seem even more helpless.

When he saw her reaction to even seeing him, his mouth began to quiver,

"…I…am so sorry," he looked her straight in the eye. To create such a fear in the peaceful alien was always considered a horror. Now Robin knew why.

She just stared back at him, this wasn't what she expected him to say. He reached out his hand to touch her stomach, where one of the many bandages had been placed.

She flinched from the pain that came from him just touching the covered wound.

"I did this to you." His sad eyes watched as she sunk deeper into her blankets. She didn't say anything.

"Please…just, please forgive me."

Starfire looked at who had been the boy of her dreams. Not anymore. He was now the boy of her nightmares, and she had a hard time picturing him as anything else.


He raised his hand to the level of his eyes, and took ahold of his mask. He slowly peeled it from his face, revealing his beautiful eyes, now bright with his own tears.

Starfire gazed at him in awe. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and Starfire finally realized how true this was. His eyes were no longer filled with the dark lust that engrossed them before. Now they were filled with anguish, regret, and sorrow. She now truly understood that he meant what he said.

She began to weep bitterly, falling into his arms. He caught her, and silently cried with her. He suddenly felt lighter, like a heavy weight had been lifted from his heart. He sighed in relief once again, for her to be afraid of him was what he wanted least.

She pulled away from him and gazed at his face again, her tears clearing up,

"You…are forgiven."

He smiled calmly, his own tears vanishing. She forgave him, and that was all that mattered.

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