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We agreed not to have kids. We wanted to be together but we thought it best if we didn't have any kids considering both of our pasts. I don't really remember the thought process we both shared, but I guess we just thought it would be unfair to the child if a person or event from the past came back to us. And yet, here I am, standing over a small plastic crib, looking in at this small baby lying right in front of me.

I curl my fingers slightly around the cool plastic as I looked down at the smallest and purest thing in the world. She was asleep finally, after long hours of crying as loud as any person or in this case, baby, could.

It REALLY happened so fast…I didn't believe Sarah when she said she was pregnant. Even as she grew…I still didn't believe it, it took till this moment for me to believe it. It's like I was watching a movie, I felt her kick in Sarah's stomach, I held Sarah's hand tightly in the delivery room through the birth process, but I guess it never sank in…until now.

It wasn't a mistake; I would never call my newborn daughter a mistake, which is just cruel and unfeeling. But like I said before, we didn't really want kids and it was definitely unplanned. It definitely wasn't a mistake on how Marie happened either. We weren't drunk; Sarah and I were just in the heat of the moment, in the phase that we get in some times, most times. Only, this time it just happened.

Despite the fact that we didn't want any kids…I feel like the luckiest man in the world.