Harry Potter and the Heir to the Throne of Darkness By:Katherine Kelly

Note:I do not own any of the Harry Potter charries...unfortunately...::sigh::But,I DO own Arora,Skye,Keiba,Maria,and Keith Riddle.As well as Carson Lestrange and Blake Rookwood.Okay,so...this is my second Harry Potter fanfic!!Please feel free to flame!!I need to know if i'm doing this right!Lol!

Chapter One Chance Meetings

::At King's Cross Station:
Ron:Now,remind me how you're getting home Hermione?
Hermione:A friend of mine is picking me up.
Harry:And who exactly is this mystery friend?
Hermione:You'll both meet her in a minute.
::The end of their 5th year went smoothly,but now as the Golden Trio as everyone called them,was going home for another short summer,the 2 boys,Ron Weasley and Harry Potter were getting kinda anxious to meet Hermione's new friend,who she'd talked nonstop about on the train:
::Suddenly,a black Ferrari pulls up and as the door opens,the guys jaws drop.A gorgeous girl of around 17 stepped out in a plaid skirt that came to about 3 inches above the knee,a black tank-top,and knee-high black leather boots.Her long black hair streaked with red was pulled back into a long ponytail and her ice blue eyes would stick out in a crowd of millions.Curves that even the most beautiful supermodel would envy graced her in every right place and her Gucchi sunglasses were removed,amplifying the intencity of her crystal blue eyes even more:
Arora:Hermione,you might want to tell your friends to quit staring...or I might have to put blinding charms on them...::grins:
Hermione::Gives Harry and Ron death glares and they immeadiatly straighten up::Nice to see you Arora...i'm really excited about this summer!
Arora:Me too!I just hope CERTAIN people don't show up this time...::grins and levitates Hermione's trunk into the backseat and she walks up to Harry and Ron::You 2 must be Harry and Ron...Hermione's told me so much about you both...my name's Arora Riddle.
Harry and Ron:Nice to meet you.
Hermione:So,what do you have planned for this summer?
Arora:Anything and everything wild and fun,you know me Mya!
Hermione:A nickname of mine...only used by Arora of course.
Harry:Oh,so she can call you Mya,but we can't?I see how it is then.
Hermione:Oh come on!You don't want me calling you creampuff or Hp all the time,do you?
Harry:No,but there's nothing wrong with that nickname.
Arora:Ok,well,before this turns into a riot.
Draco::Waltzes up to about 5 feet behind Arora with Blaise and smirks::Well,well,well...if it isn't Arora Riddle.
Arora::Smirks and spins around on her heel::Well,well,well...if it isn't Draco Malfoy...amazing flying ferret boy.
Draco:Oh come on...why so cold?Is this how you treat all of your friends?
Arora:Last time I checked...we weren't friends Draco.
Draco:Really?Because last time I checked my bed...you were in it.
Arora:Must've been Pansy...we all know how you love to make her dress up as me because you know you'll never have me...so,you compromise.
Blaise:Sod off.
Arora:Telling me to sod off isn't neccesary,due to the fact that your little buddy here came up starting all this...telling him to sod off would work much better.
Blaise:If only you weren't a girl.
Arora::Changes into Draco,and even has his voice::Well then...we can compromise this too...go ahead...gimme your best shot.
Lucius:Draco...Blaise...what's going on here?::looks over at Arora,who changed back into herself::Ah,nice to see you again my Lady...well,we'll be you 2.
::They walk off:
Harry:What was all THAT about?
Hermione:Long story.
Arora:Well,ready to go Hermione?We've gotta get you ready for that party tonight.
Ron and Harry:Party?Since when does Hermione party?
Hermione::Grins::You didn't honestly think I was all work no play did you?Well,see you 2 later...I might be able to convince Ora here to let you 2 come...bye!::her and Arora get back into the car and drive off:
Ron:I'm hoping we DO go!I wanna see this new Hermione!
Harry:No kidding!::they get in the car with Mr.Weasley when he pulls up in his new muggle car and they head back to the Burrow:
::Later,that night at the Burrow:
Arora::Apparates into the kitchen,where the Weasley's and Harry were having dinner::Hello Mr and Mrs.Weasley...Fred,George,Ginny,Ron,Harry,and Percy...I was wondering if these 2::points at Ron and Harry::could come to a small party of mine tonight?
Mrs.Weasley:What kind of party Ora?
Arora:The usual...minus the DE's...::smiles:
Mr.Weasley:Why not?Alright...you 2 go get ready.
::Harry and Ron,excitedly but politely,excuse themselves and go upstairs to get dressed:
Ginny:Can I come Ora?
Arora:Wait about another year Gin...you'll be old enough to make your decisions pretty much then...::"Oh course you'll be able to come to my next party Gin...i'm just saying that to make your folks happy:
Ginny::Nods and returns to her dinner:
Arora:So,Gred and Forge,how's the shop coming along?
Fred:Really great!
George:At least 200 customers or more a day!
Arora::Smiles::And how's the Minister doing Percy?
Percy:Quite well.
::10 minutes later Harry and Ron come back downstairs.Both boys wore baggy blue jeans and tennies shoes,Harry wore just a plain white t-shirt and Ron a black one with the names of a few of his favorite wizard bands all over it:
Arora:You 2 ready to go?
Harry::Him and Ron nod:
Arora:Grab my arm then...seeing as neither of you can safely apparate yet...::both boys grab her arm and they apparate to Riddle Manor:
::At Riddle Manor:
Arora:Follow me...::they follow her upstairs::Alright,me and Hermione still have to get ready...so,this is the game room...have some fun while you're waiting...::opens the double doors and lets them in and she heads right across the hallway and into her room::Alright...now,what do I wanna wear tonight?
Harry:Whoa!!!!This house is huge Ron!
Ron:Ain't it though?
Arora::Smirks as she heard that and grabs some clothes out of her wardrobe:
::25 minutes later:
Hermione::Is in a pair of tight flare blue jeans,a gray tank-top,and brown tennis shoes.Her eyes were lightly traced with black eye-liner and her lips were glossed:
You ready yet Ora?
Arora::Walks out of the bathroom in a black leather mini-skirt,a black tube-top,and silver stileto type shoes.Her lips were touched with a bit of light red gloss::You know it...lets go get the guys and we'll head downstairs to get the party started!::her and Hermione go back across the hall and stick their heads into the gameroom:
Oy!Lets go you 2!
Harry::Him and Ron get up and go out into the hallway with them::Wow Hermione.
Ron::Hooks arms instantly with Hermione and grins::My date for tonight.
Harry:Suppose we're stuck together huh?::grins as he and Arora link arms:
::They head down to the ball room,where everybody was waiting around for the music to start:
Arora::Runs up on the stage and grabs the mic::The princess is here!CIARA!!!!!!::"1,2,Step" by Ciara comes on,the lights dim,and they're replaced by strobe lights and colored lights as she puts the mic down and runs back down to Harry::I hope the famous Harry Potter knows how to dance?
Harry:You'll see won't you?::smirks and they start to dance:
Draco::Is off in a corner with some of his Slytherin buddies who came to the party too::Well,didn't know Potter could dance...I should be dancing with her...not him!
Blaise:Too right you are Drake...want us to fix the problem?::him and the 2 other guys with them start cracking their knuckles threatingly:
Draco:Not right this second...lets see what happens for awhile...if I think he's making a move on her...i'll let you Advanda him into next year and back.
::Back with Harry and Arora:
Arora:Well,i'm impressed Harry...you're damn good!
Harry:Thank you...learned by myself really.
::"Let me love you" by Mario comes on and everybody's dancing slows down a bit:
::With Ron and Hermione:
::They were off snogging somewhere:
Harry:Have you seen Hermione and Ron?
Arora:Yeah...they left about 10 minutes ago.
Harry:Well,at least they can finally admit old feelings.
Arora:Yeah...he's the person i've been hearing about the most...well...wanna take a break?::wipes a bit of sweat from her brow:
Harry:Sure...::they go over and sit down on one of the many couches spread around the room::Whew...glad to finally sit down...all that dancing'll take it out of you.
Arora:I suppose you and Ron'll be staying the night...the Weasley's will be asleep right now...and they figure i'll have you 2 for the night anyway.
Harry:What time is it?
Draco::Walks over and stands in front of Arora::Time for my dance...::grabs Arora's hand and pulls her out to the middle of the dancefloor,out of sight:
Arora:Draco...I don't wanna dance with you.
Draco:I know...but you will won't you?
Arora::Glares at him,but puts her arms around his neck and dances with him::Tell me what you really want.
Draco:You of course.
Arora:Well,fat chance.
Draco:Oh,I get it...you'd rather have Potter fuck you...ok then...so,you've lowered yourself to that have you?
Arora::Punches him straight in the face,making everybody stop dancing and stare::He'd be better than you anyday...::walks out of the ballroom:
Harry::Gets up and walks out after her::Arora?
Arora::Turns around and looks at him::Yes?
Harry:What was that all about?
Arora:He ticked me off...so,he got what he deserved...let me show you to your room...::Harry nods and she leads him to a room that is painted in red.The bed was a large king sized bed with drapes around it in transparent black.Black throwpillows were piled up at the head of the bed in an elegant fashion.The wood to all of the furniture in the room was of the finest mahogany::I'll see you in the morning...::kisses his cheek and walks out:
Harry::Touches his cheek where she kissed it and grins happily as he shuts the door and gets ready for bed:
::The next morning:
Skye::A girl of 19 with short silver hair and light green eyes.She wasn't built as well as Arora,but she was mature enough for her age.She was Arora's older sister and was extremely sensitive when it came to Arora.Right now though,she was yelling her head off at her::YOU GOT A TATTOO!
Arora::Jumps 5 feet out of bed and lands on the floor,rubbing her back as she sat back up::What the hell'd you wake me up for!
Skye:You got a bloody tattoo!!!!Why!
Arora:I didn't GET one!!!!It just appeared!
Skye::Looks at her::Are you serious?
Arora:Serious as hell...it appeared just last night...weirdly enough after I kissed Harry on the cheek.
Skye:Whoa,whoa,whoa...Harry WHO?
Arora:Harry Potter...why?::stands up and stretches:
Skye:You brought Harry Potter HERE?!?!Are you insane?!?!?!?!Are you trying to protect him or trying to kill his ass!
Arora:I'm trying to protect him Skye...I just happened to meet him the other day when I went to pick up Hermione.
Skye:This is not the best place for him to be Arora...you do realize that right?
Arora:Voldemort will not come here while i'm here...he knows i've laid down the boundaries while i'm here...he knows i'll bloody kill him.
Skye:He won't care if Harry's here...he'll risk it all to kill that damn boy...don't you get that?
Arora:I get it alright Skye...I just don't see what you're so damn upset about...i've got Ron here too...him and Harry came to the party last night.
Skye:Ron is fine...but,Harry is still a whole different thing.
Arora:Relax Skye...you've probably woken up everybody in the manor by now.
Skye:Show it to me.
Arora::Turns around and lifts her shirt up slightly,revieling a tattoo of a serpent and a lion entangled in almost menacing,but somewhat intimate way:
Skye:What does this mean?
Arora:All I can figure is that somebody somewhere is tryin to tell me somethin...just don't know what...::puts her shirt down and turns back around::Got any ideas?
Skye:You said it appeared after you kissed Harry on the cheek and had gotten back in your room?
Skye:Then,something big's probably gonna happen between you and Harry...I just hope it isn't anything serious.
Arora:Believe me...I hope not too...at least not death serious anyway.
Skye:Why can't you ever be involved with someone decent like Draco?
Arora::Bust out laughing::Draco,decent?You have your priorities screwed up if you think that slimy git is decent!!::laughs some more:
Skye:Maybe you should give him a chance.
Arora::Stops laughing and looks up at Skye,totally pissed::All he wants is sex...and i'm not going to be his sex bitch...got it?If you fancy him so damn much...how about YOU go fuck him...::walks out of her room,still in her pj's,which consisted of extremely short silk black shorts with her initials on the front right leg part,and a dark green tank-top.Her long hair was pulled up into a flowing ponytail:
Skye::Sighs and goes back to her own room::Why do I even try?
Arora::Goes into the breakfast room,not expecting anyone to be there,but her father sat at the end of the table,in a heavy conversation with Lucius Malfoy::Opps...my bad...sorry I walked in...i'll just be going now...::turns around to leave:
Keith:Arora...actually...you might want to have a seat.
Arora::"Well,I almost got away...dammit..." she goes and sits down beside her father,across from Lucius::Yes father?
Keith:We were discussing your engagement to Draco.
Arora::Stands up::MY WHAT!
Keith:Sit down.
Keith::Stands up::Since you were born!!The Dark Lord needs an heir!
Arora:Get fucking Skye to marry his ass...because I will NOT go through with it.
Lucius:And may I ask why not?
Arora::Glares daggers at Lucius::You're both going to call this off...now...or things might get ugly...::her eyes go red as she looks at her father::Got it?
Keith::Backs up a bit::Fine!But,remember...the Dark Lord is not going to be pleased.
Arora:If you've noticed...Albus Dumbledore removed that mark months ago...I don't follow Voldemort anymore.
Keith and Lucius:WHAT!
Arora:You heard me you 2 fools...now,i'd suggest you leave Lucius...and you go fuck a duck father...because you've both gotten yourselves a bit of a snag in the whole "Voldemort's Heir" thing...::leaves and as she heads upstiars,she runs into Harry::Hiya Harry...you might not wanna go down there right now...::smiles:
Harry::It takes every bit of will power in him not to stare at her::I was coming to look for you...I wasn't exactly intending to stay down there...::grins,but then,his face goes serious::I noticied something on my upper back last night...it looks like a bloody tattoo...and I didn't put it there.
Arora:Is it of a lion and serpent?
Harry:Yeah...how'd you know?
Arora:I have one exactly like it on my back... only on my lower back though...it appeared last night too...weird huh?We just met and we've already got odd things happening to us.
Harry:No kidding?Any idea what it means?
Arora:Not one clue.
::They walk back to Harry's room:
Harry:Well,when are me and Ron going back to the Weasley's?
Arora:Probably sometime this afternoon...anyway...go get dressed...i've gotta go get Ron and Hermione up.
Harry:By the way...how long have you REALLY known Ron?
Arora:You catch on fast don't cha?Well,i've known him and the rest of his family for about 3 years now...now,go get dressed Mr.Potter...::grins and walks down the hallway and into Hermione's room:
Harry::Shakes his head and goes in,shutting the door behind him and gets dressed:
::Later,that afternoon:
::At the Burrow:
Ginny:I can't wait till I can go to Arora's parties!
Mrs.Weasley::Isn't too happy that her daughter is already thinking about partying,but lets it go,knowing that it's part of life::You'll get your turn Ginny dear...you just have to be patient.
Ginny::Smiles happily:
Arora::Her,Ron,and Harry appear in the living room::Alright then...both of you take care and i'll be seeing you possibly in a few days.
Arora:I'm having a party for the muggle celebration called New Year's Eve...you guys might enjoy it...unless you 2 don't wanna come?
Harry:What time?
Arora::Smirks::I'll be here on Thursday to pick you 2,the twins,and Ginny up...be ready at eight...okay?
Ron:You got it!
Arora:See ya around Harry...::smiles and disappears:
Ron::Looks at his friend suspiciously::What was THAT for?
Harry:What was WHAT for?
Ron:I saw the way you looked at her...you fancy her...don't you?
Harry:Any guy who doesn't has to be out of their minds Ron...she's absolutely gorgeous!
Ron:No kidding about that mate...you just have to be careful about her.
Ron:Her dad's in with Voldemort he is...but,shes proven herself to be on our side more than once.
Harry:Oh...you don't think she's lying do you?
Ron:Not a chance in hell Harry...she's one of the most successful cases of denouncing Voldemort and getting away with it known!
Harry::Something clicks in his head::Wait a minute...her last name is Riddle...she can't possibly be?
Ron:His niece?Yeah...they're related...she just works undercover for the Order.
Harry:She's his NIECE?!?!Ron...that could be dangerous to hang around her place you know...Voldemort could show up at any fucking time!
Ron:He knows she'll kill him...he won't come near the manor with her inside it.
Harry:Whatever you say Ron...I hope you're right...........