Chapter Two New Year's Eve

::2 days later:
Ginny:She said I can go mum!!!!Ask Harry and Ron!
Mrs.Weasley::Turns to Ron and Harry::Did Arora say Ginny could go?
Harry:Yes Mrs.Weasley...she said she'd be picking us,Ginny,Fred,and George up to go to her New Year's Eve party.
Mrs.Weasley:Alright...all of you go get ready!She'll be here in an hour!
::They all nod and run upstairs:
::An hour later:
Hermione::Appears in the living room and walks into the kitchen::Hello?Anybody home?
Ginny::Runs downstairs wearing a cornflower blue skirt and a white tank-top::Hiya Hermione!
Hermione::Smiles and her and Ginny hug::So,where's everybody?
Ginny:The guys are upstairs trying to do something with Harry's hair...I told them it's no use...but,they pushed me out of the bathroom and are still locked in there.
Hermione:If they ever get his hair to do something...i'll personally hand over 25 knuts to each of them.
Fred::Had come down to find Mrs.Weasley,and heard what Hermione said::Well,Hermione...get ready to throw your knuts to us then!!!!Presenting,the new Harry!
Hermione::Both her and Ginny look up the stairs and both of them stare in shock at what they saw:
Harry::They had magically shortened his hair for the night and spiked it up with red tips.He insisted that he wore contacts,and so his glasses were not on him for the evening.The baggy black cargo pants they'd found him now had a few chains hanging down off of the side and his shirt was tight and showed off his chiseled torso extremely well::How do I look?
Ginny::Her and Hermione are at a loss for
Hermione:You look great Harry!
Harry::Grins::Great!Well,are you here to pick us up?
Hermione:Yeah,we're going to use a portkey,all of you come outside and grabs hold of this hat...::she magicked a hat into her hand and charmed it into a portkey.Everyone grabbed hold of it and they were transported to Riddle Manor:
Fred:Whoa!!She really got the place decorated didn't she?
Keiba::A boy of 14 with short dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.He is Arora's younger brother and gets really annoyed when Arora and Skye lay on the "sisterly" acts and make him look like a total kid.He walked up to them,blushing when he saw Ginny::Glad you guys could make it!There's still about 2 hours till the actual party,so Arora and the others are getting the inside on in!::he moves aside to let them into the house and leads them to the ballroom where Arora,Skye,and a few others were hanging stuff up::Hey Ora!!!!Your guests of honor are here!
Arora::Was up on a muggle ladder putting a wreath up on one of the many balconies when she heard Keiba call her name.She got off of the ladder and walked over to them,the wreath hanging on her shoulder::Hiya guys!::looks over to the revamped Harry and grins::Well,certainly changed your look didn't you Mr.Potter?Trying to impress someone?
Harry:Not particularly...these guys made me go all out...::points at Fred,George,and Ron:
Ron:Uh huh...sure...maybe we should tell her who you're looking to impress...::smiles evilly:
Harry::Shoots a death glare at Ron and he laughs:
Arora::Shakes her head and guys wanna help with these decorations?
Ginny:Sure!Me and Hermione'll help you with these wreaths!
Arora:Alright,but first...Harry...since the rest of them know my other 2 siblings...this is my little brother Keiba...::points to Keiba and turns around::Skye!!!!Come here!
Skye::Jumps down off of the balcony and walks up to them::What is it?
Arora::Turns back around to face Harry and them::And this is my older sister Skye.Keiba,Skye...this is,if you can't tell...Harry Potter.
Keiba:Oh!I didn't recognize you at first!Welcome to Riddle Manor Harry!
Skye::Nods to him then walks back off to do something else:
Fred:What's up with her?
Arora:I don't know...she must be hacked off at telling with her really.Well,lets get to work,shall we?Fred and George...did you being the fireworks?
George:You know it!!We'll just go set them up!::they walk off with a bunch of Weasley's fireworks:
Arora:Harry and you 2 mind help me,Ginny,and Hermione out?We've got tons of wreaths to hang and it'll go much quicker with all of us.
Arora::Her,Hermione,Ginny,Ron,and Harry go and start on the wreaths again:
::An hour and a half later:
Keiba:There!Done!Now,lets all get ready.Do you guys mind waiting in the gameroom?
George:Not at all!!That place rocks!::him,Fred,Harry,and Ron go upstairs to the gameroom:
::Hermione and Ginny go into Arora's room with her.Skye goes into her own room and Keiba goes into his:
::In the gameroom:
Harry::Is over checking himself in the mirror when Fred,George,and Ron come up behind him:
Ron:Hopefully you won't turn into Malfoy now that you've got a new look...well,at least for tonight anyway.
Harry:I think i'll keep my look like suits me I think. look what we've done!We've created a Malfoy double!
Harry:I think i'd ever wanna be like that ferret-faced prat!
Draco::Him,Carson,Blake,and Blaise walk in::You'd never be able to achieve my good looks anyway Potter...::smirks:
Ron::Him,Fred,George,and Harry turn around to look at them::Malfoy...who invited you?
Blaise::He was usually a quiet Slytherin,but when the summer came,he turned into as cold a person as Draco was.His short brown hair was much lighter than his eyes,
which were a dark auburn color.He was Draco's right-hand man and was usually seen with him wherever he was::Nobody has to invite a Malfoy to come to a party.
Fred:Really?Because Arora doesn't seem to like him coming to her parties much.
Draco:Well...she'll just have to get over it won't she?Because in a few months...she'll be my wife.
Harry:WHAT?!?!How could she ever THINK of getting married to you!
Draco:Jealous are we Potter?::smirks:
Harry:Not a chance!
Arora::Heard the shouting and her,Hermione,and Ginny walked into the room.Tonight she was going for a look that would get Harry's attention,little did she know,
that she already HAD his attention.She wore her hair up in an exotic do with braids and curls falling around her shoulders.A brown leather halter top with a low V neck showed a bit of her cleavage and a black mini-skirt that showed off a good bit of her tanned legs.Finally,a pair of black boots that tied all the way up on both sides of each one::What's going on in here?
Draco::Every guy in the room had their eyes on her,as he walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist::Well,hello sexy...::kisses her neck:
Arora::Pushes him off of her::Disgusting...I have Malfoy germs!!!!::wipes her neck off::Now,can someone answer my question?What's going on in here?
Ron:Zambini and Malfoy came in here starting stuff.
Arora:Doesn't surprize me in the least bit...well,the party's about to start...everybody go down there and behave until I get there!::they all nod and walk downstairs,
while she heads back into her room for a few more braids.She comes downstairs 5 minutes later and walks up onto the stage once again,grabbing the mic::Welcome everyone to my New Year's Eve party!!Now,since this IS a holiday celebration,there will be a bit of alcohol in tonight's drinks,so anyone who is underage and drinks some,I will know because you will turn a nasty shade of green...and I doubt any of you want to turn that color.So,without further ado...lets get this party started!
::The music starts playing,she puts the mic down,and walks back over to her friends:
Ginny:I'm too young to drink!It isn't fair!
Arora::Smiles::I'll un bewitch a cup for you...only a small one though...and only one.Lord knows I don't need your mother owling me about you getting hungover!::pours some into a cup,un bewitches it,and hands it to Ginny::So,enjoy what you have!::laughs:
Ginny::Takes a sip::Hmmm...this ain't too bad!
Arora:You guys want some?
::They nod and she pours them all a bit of the spiked punch and hands it out to them:
Harry::Drinks a bit:
In this story,wizarding drinking age is 17
::30 minutes later:
Harry::Is on his 3rd glass of punch and is dancing with Hermione,and surprizingly isn't feeling too drunk at all,considering this'd be his first time drinking alcohol:
Ron::He,on the otherhand,had drank a couple of times himself and was on his 5th glass of the punch.Still quite unfazed,he was beginning to feel the alcohol's sudden effects.He was over somewhere dancing with Arora::Hey Ora.
Arora:Yeah Ron?
Ron:Do you fancy someone right now?
Ron:Just wondering...and are you really getting married to Malfoy?
Arora:Huh?What in the world would make you think that?
Ron:He came in a bragged about it earlier...that's what started the fight...::drinks the rest of his punch and fills it back up:
Arora::"Father must not have called it off...i'm definately gonna kill his ass...might as well get drunk and forget for tonight..." she grabs her 6th glass of the punch and makes her way over to Harry::Hiya you 2...mind if I cut in Mya?
Hermione:Not at all...where's Ron?
Arora::Points to where he is and Hermione goes over to him::Drunk yet Potter?::smirks:
Harry:Not quite yet...why?
Arora:No reason...just asking.
Harry:Are you drunk yet Ms.Riddle?::grins:
Arora:Just about there...::finishes that glass and puts it down on the table,then returns her gaze to Harry::You look really good tonight.
Harry:So do you...::looks her up and down slightly::Are you really gonna marry Malfoy?
Arora:Of course not Harry...believe me...i'm going to talk to my father tommorow and get it all straightened out...why?Jealous Harry?
Harry:Maybe...::smirks::What's it to you?
Arora::Runs her fingers through his hair and moves closer to him::Who knows...maybe I want you to get jealous.
Harry::Puts a hand on her waist and pulls her even closer::And who knows...maybe I am.
Arora::Their lips meet in an electrifying kiss and she slides her arms around his neck:
Harry::Puts both of his arms around her waist as he kisses her back:
Draco::Blaise pokes him and tells him to turn around,and what he saw did not make him happy at all "WHAT THE HELL IS POTTER DOING ON HER?!?!" he walks over,pulls Harry off,and then throws a punch at his stomach:
Harry:Dodges that and glares at Draco::What's your problem Malfoy!
Draco:My problem is that you're kissing my fieance!
Harry:Like she'd marry you!
Arora::Gets inbetween them both::Draco!Harry!Stop!
Draco::They both look at her::Why'd you let this bastard kiss you Ora?
Arora:I kissed HIM!!!!Jeez!What don't you get Draco?!I don't like you,i'm not going to marry you,and i'm sure as hell gonna kill my father for letting you come to all my parties!!!!You do nothing but start trouble!!!!Now,I want you,Blaise,Carson,and Blake to leave...NOW!
Draco::Turns on his heel,gets the other 3,and they leave:
Good thing everybody was so wasted they didn't care that a fight was going
Arora::Looks at Harry::You ok?
Arora:Sorry about him...well...that ruins the night right there.
Harry:Who's to say it's ruined?We've still got all night...::grins:
Arora::Smirks::Didn't know Harry Potter was naughty.
Harry:Well must not know the real Harry Potter.
Arora::Grabs the chains on his pants and pulls him out of the ballroom and up to her room,where they were occupied for the better part of the hour:
::The next morning:
Arora::Her eyes open slowly and the first thing she notices is an arm wrapped around her and that she had no clothes on.She then remembered the night before and smiled as she turned over to face a sleeping Harry::God...he's so cute when he's asleep...::pushes some hair out of his face and kisses his forehead as she removes his arm and gets up,putting her robe on and heading into her bathroom:
Harry::He wakes up when he hears the shower turn on and rubs his head as he sits up.He then remembers the events of last night and grins:
::He got up,put the sheet around his lower half,and knocked on the bathroom door:
Arora:You can come in Harry!!::rinses out the conditioner and grabs the brush from the counter and brushes her hair in the shower:
Harry::Walks in and sits on the counter::You were great last night Ora.
Arora:You were really good too Harry...::pokes her head out of the curtain and winks at him before putting her head back in and closing the curtain::So,who'd you lose your virginity to?
Harry::Is a bit startled by the question at first,but eventually gets over it::A girl at my school...her name's Lavender...who'd you lose yours to?
Harry::Laughs::Are you kidding me?!That guy freaks me out!
Arora::Laughs::Well,I was young and stupid so to speak...anyway...what school do you go to?
Arora:Durmstrang...but,i'll be transferring to Hogwarts this year...what house?
Harry:At this his spirits lifted considerably::Gryffindor...what about you?Or do you know yet?,I guess we won't be seeing much of each other then huh?
Harry:Guess not...but,I suppose we'll see each other in class?
Arora:I'm pretty sure the Astronomy Tower'll be empty after midnight.
Harry::Smirks::Hope so.
Arora::Turns the water off,grabs a towel,wraps it around herself,and steps out of the shower:
Harry::Gets off of the counter and walks over to her,wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her neck::Did that tattoo ever go away?
Arora:No...did yours?
Harry:Nope.I wonder what it means.
Arora:Me me yours.
Harry::Turns around and points his finger at the spot he put it under a cloaking charm::I didn't want anyone else to see it.
Arora::Puts at finger on it and it appears.She runs her finger around it and then kisses the middle of it::It's the same as mine...not a thing is different...::puts the charm back on it and he turns back around:
::Outside in the main room,Ron was knocking on the door::Ora!
Arora::Still in only her towel,she walks to the door and answer it,magicking the towel to stay up without her holding it::What is it Ron?
Ron::Tries to look at anything but her::Ummm...have you seen Harry?
Arora:Actually...he's in here...he'll be right out...::shuts the door on a shocked Ron::Harry!Ron wants you outside!
Harry:I'll be there in a minute!::walks out of the bathroom with his boxers and pants back on and he was just now slipping his shirt back on::What does he want?
Arora:He just wants you outside...didn't say why.
Harry::Kisses her quickly and opens the door::Hey Ron...what is it?::waves at her and walks out:
Ron:Why were you in there? I have to explain in detail?
Ron::His jaw drops::You SLEPT with her?!Lucky Harry!!!!!!!!!!::pats him on the back::