The Fables of Kyros

No one will ever believe him. Would you believe a story about sleeping in the sky on beds made of cumulus? Would you believe that a young boy holds within him the power of the Ancients? You wouldn't, if you weren't Arderians.

Would you believe that this boy possibly held the power to defeat Agram, Ruler of the Core?

Join me, fellow Magi. Join me as I, the storyteller, Sorreah, chronicle the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of Kyros, the Hero of our Nation. Kyros, savior of the Moonlands.

The Beginnings of Tony Jones

What we know of The Great Magus Kyros is definitely limited by time and skewed perspective; nonetheless, it is my duty to recall for you exactly who he was. He was not born a Magi. His birth name was not Kyros. His home was undoubtedly another world. All we know is that Eidon, an elderly wiseman from Naroom, found him. When I read his mind from my Haven, I learned that Kyros came in a red 'hoodie', beige-colored 'cargo pants' with many pockets, and 'sneakers', and he had blonde hair. Although I didn't really understand what that meant, I think I can picture him in my mind, can you?

He first appeared to the Moonlands in the Glade; a heavily forested area in Naroom, the Forest Nation. There, Eidon found him battling with two mysterious Magi! Kyros had a Furok at his command, while the two unknown Magi controlled what seemed to be a deformed Agovo. The Furok made quick work of his adversary, but then disappeared into nothingness. The two Magi disappeared as well. Remember now, listeners. Eidon does not yet know who the stranger is.

"Who are you? How did you get here?" asked Eidon.

The stranger replied, "Dodgeballing tin paper!"

"What? What are you saying?"

"Clocker lightpost television whaling!"

"Here, put this on," Eidon said. He handed to the stranger his translation bracelet, kept handy for just such an emergency. After the stranger wrapped it around his wrist, Eidon said, "Did it work?"

"Hey, I can understand you now!"

"Whew, that was getting silly. Now, who are you?"

"I'm Tony. Tony Jones. But where am I?"

"Tony, eh? I'm Eidon. May I see the ring you used to summon that creature?"

"Ring? Creature? All I have is this…" Tony said. He handed to Eidon a piece of infused animite, which we all know about.

"You used THAT to summon the creature? That's odd."

"Hold on! I have no idea what's going on here!"

"This is most interesting. Perhaps you should come with me to town so that you can speak with Naroom's elder."

"Naroom? Is that what this place is called?"

"Yes, Tony. This is Naroom."

"Whatever. Sure, I'll go. Just get me out of here!" With that, Eidon led Tony out of the Glade, past the expansive Monor plains, to the town of Vash, where the next phase of the story begins.