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Trish Stratus couldn't help but smile to herself as she drove to her hotel. Things couldn't be better, she was the champion; the maid of honor at her best friend, Amy's upcoming wedding; and she had Jeff. Good sweet Jeff, she loved him so much. They had been together for a little more than two years now and Trish couldn't think of anyone else she'd rather spend the rest of her life with.

Trish was still glowing when she got to the parking lot of the hotel. Jeff would be up in their room no doubt with something romantic planned. He always did this after she had a successful match. She nearly squealed in anticipation as she entered the elevator, she wondered what he had planned for tonight. Like an excited child at Christmas, Trish pulled out her key card and ran down the hall to her door. Taking a deep breath Trish inserted the card into the door and opened the door slowly not at all ready for what she was about to see.

Lying completely naked on the bed was her dear sweet Jeff with none other than Torrie Wilson on top of him in a very compromising position. Apparently neither of them realized Trish was standing shocked in the doorway because the two just kept going at it.

"Oh yes Torrie!" Jeff moaned.

"Tell me Trish has never made you feel this good. Tell me baby." Torrie commanded.

"Yes Jeff," Trish said making her presence known, "tell her."

"Trish!" Jeff yelled in shock pushing Torrie off of him. "Trish honey, sweetie, baby this isn't what it looks like. I...I..."

"How could you? How could you with that tramp! After everything she put Amy through? After everything we've been through? Jeff how could you?" Trish yelled through tears as Torrie lay on the floor with a satisfied smirk.

"Trish, honey I can explain." Jeff said quickly.

"You know, I thought I wanted you to explain but right now I can't stand to be near you!" Trish grabbed her bag and in a flash she was gone. Running back down the hall to the elevator where she promptly began to sob once the doors closed. She didn't know where she was going but all she knew was that she had to get out. The elevator doors opened and she blindly began to run out of the building barely stopping when she ran strait into Jason Reso.

"Trish, Trish honey what's wrong why are you crying?" He asked trying to get her to look him in the face.

"I don't want to talk about it," she said stepping out of his grasp. "I have to go now." And without so much as another word Trish took off for the door.

"Trish wait!" He said deciding to go after her. She appeared to be in no condition to drive. He went out of the hotel and began to look for which direction she ran in when he heard an ear-piercing scream followed by a gun shot. Jay's face turned white as he ran in the direction of the shot praying he was wrong.

Running down the rows of cars he found what he was looking for. Laying there on the cold cement in a pool of her own blood was the WWE Women's Champion, Trish Stratus.