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Chapter One: Scroll of Destiny

"You can't be serious!"

Maya just smiled patiently at the distressed tone of Kendrix Morgan's voice. Granted, she probably should have told her that she was taking the next shuttle to Earth before she started packing her meager belongings, but it was a moot point now. She folded her pajamas and placed them in her knapsack on top of a change of clothing. Kendrix would see the logic of her plan eventually and not be so distressed.

Kendrix frowned at Maya's lack of a response. "Why are you leaving?" her best friend and roommate tried again.

She smiled at her, trying to be reassuring. "I'll be back." She moved towards the bathroom to get her toiletries so she wouldn't see the sputtering that Kendrix was about to indulge in.

"That still doesn't answer why you're going to Earth!" Kendrix called after a moment's pause. "You've never even been to Earth before!"

"Earth sounds similar to Mirinoi from what you and the boys have told me," she replied mildly. "I'm sure I'll adjust. Besides, I have people I need to contact."


"I'm not entirely sure yet, but I'll find out soon."

Kendrix sighed, an exasperated expression coming over her features. She was a high-ranking science officer and didn't set much store by Maya's sixth sense. It puzzled Maya since Kendrix had been lost to them for so long in some kind of rift between the realms—the mortal realm where all faded away and the spirit realm where things were eternal. That rift had been long talked about in legends on Mirinoi, but none had been known to pass into it and come back whole. Kendrix had. Maya strongly suspected that her skepticism had something to do with it. Plus, the Quasar Sabers were mysterious and powerful devices. Even though the pink Saber chose Karone to be Kendrix's successor, the Saber still had a powerful bond with its original owner for this era. It was enough to bring Kendrix back to them.

"I don't know how you can live life like this," Kendrix whispered, brushing a loose strand of blonde hair from her face.

Maya smiled. "I'm not asking you to understand entirely." She paused. "Remember what it was like in the rift? Remember what you saw?"

Her roommate sighed again. "I remember."

"Something is wrong," she whispered. "Something is wrong between the realms. I know I must go to Earth and find the others who can help me with this task."

"You've been chosen?"

"We are all chosen to do something. I have heard the cries and seen the signs. I have to go to Earth to complete this task."

Kendrix sank into an armchair in their quarters. "How do you know this?"

"Trini Kwan told me."

Kendrix visibly paled. She knew as well as Maya who Trini Kwan was. Power Rangers passed their history down to one another. The Galaxy Rangers, the team she and Kendrix had been members of, were given the history when they met Andros. He had been the Red Space Ranger and the bearer of the history. Traditionally, it was passed down through the red rangers, although they usually chose to share it with their team as Leo chose to share it with them. It was a tradition that no one made a big deal of. It ensured that future teams knew who they could contact in dire straits.

And Trini Kwan had been the original yellow ranger in this era. She had been the first to dawn that color and take up the legacy once more. She had also passed away in a freak car accident almost four years ago.

"That's impossible," Kendrix said hoarsely.

"You know as well as I do that it is not," Maya replied patiently. "You were stuck between the realms. You know that it is not impossible for beings from either realm to contact others in the other realm."

Kendrix didn't reply.

Maya smiled gently. "I have to go to Earth."

"You know, when Terra Venture left five years ago, I had thought that I would never see Earth again." Kendrix snorted. "Now with that shuttle route…" She trailed off. "But why don't we get the others together? We can help you-"

"No," Maya replied softly, but firmly. She knew who Kendrix meant—the other Galaxy Rangers, Leo, Damon, Kai, even Mike. "This task has been assigned to the yellow rangers."


Such a simple question with a complicated answer. "There is a scroll of destiny," Maya explained. "The ninjas saw long before our era what would happen. They had prophesized that only the yellow rangers could complete this task and even then, it is only a few of them."

"So you're going to Earth?"

"I'm going to Earth."

The former pink ranger let out one of her characteristic sighs and stood up from the armchair. She crossed the room to her dresser and opened one of the drawers. Her blue eyes were sad and distant as she lifted out a light pink sweater.

"It's going to be cold in California this time of year," Kendrix said softly. "You don't have any winter clothes." She held the sweater out.

Maya shook her head. "That's your favorite sweater. I can't take it with me."

"You can and you will." She put the sweater in her hands. "And don't tell me you're landing in Australia or something. All the rangers are in or around California."

Maya brushed her fingers over the soft cashmere of the sweater, tears welling up in her eyes. "I'll take good care of it."

The two friends embraced. Maya had not thought that she would make any close friends when she got stranded on Terra Venture, but she had been wrong. Kendrix had become the best friend she had never actually had. They felt like old friend—like they had known each other all their lives. But there was no word yet for old friends who just met.

"Send us a wire when you get to Earth," Kendrix said, putting on a front of bravado. "And take your saber."

Maya nodded. "I will."

She picked up her knapsack and left their quarters. Her shuttle left in a little over an hour and she had to go to the forest and retrieve her saber. It was time for her to pick up her task of being a Power Ranger once more.

Classes at the Wind Ninja Academy progressed as usual. Perhaps there was a bit more chaos than normal and the earth students had taken to making mud pies and then throwing them at each other, but it was mostly business as usual. Dustin Brooks strongly believed in allowing one's inner child to come out once in a while and the mud pies his students were making seemed to be the perfect outlet. He was a teacher at the academy and was in charge of the earth students. He had cautioned the students to make sure to use their ninja powers in making and throwing the mud pies before he had left them to their own devices.

"And people wonder why it takes the earth students longer to graduate than the others?"

He turned with a lopsided grin to Tori Hanson. She had been the Blue Wind Power Ranger (he had been the Yellow Wind Power Ranger) and was also a teacher at the academy. She was in charge of the water students.

"This is a valuable lesson," he countered.

Tori laughed. "Maybe you're right. I mean Cam does have all of us beat in terms of graduation time."

"Yeah, but that's because he's, like, a full-on ninja master and he only has, like, three students." Dustin continued to grin. It didn't bother him that the others' students graduated before his. The competition in his life was limited to the arena of Motocross. In everything else, he tended to be laid back. Sometimes he was accused of being lazy, but he just took it all in stride. He was also accused of being unperceptive.

That was starting to seem like a lie. There was something wrong, but it was too elusive for him to grasp it or describe it. He had decided to keep his mouth shut about it to the others, especially Sensei. The others would shrug it off and say he had an overactive imagination from too many video games or being dropped on his head as a child and Sensei would demand more details. He didn't feel like dealing with the former and didn't know how to get more details for the latter.

Sensei had always told him to listen to his inner ninja and to be mindful of the immediate future. At first, he had laughed and thought it was something straight out of a Star Wars movie, but soon he learned that Sensei had been right. So much was to be learned and disasters were avoided from that small mindfulness. And this… disturbance… seemed to fall into that category. It was still unclear like a rumbling of thunder too distant to make out before the storm hit and demolished everything. He would have said it was like a constant buzzing in his ears, but it seemed to be gaining momentum. None of the others seemed affected.


He snapped to attention at the sound of Tori's voice. "Yeah?"

"I asked you what you were doing this weekend. You kind of spaced out," She paused and gave him a searching look. "You all right?"

"Sure," he replied mustering up a fake smile that fooled Tori. Perhaps he could find something in the library and then go to Sensei about this nagging sense of precognition. The only problem with the library would be avoiding Cam and the samurai students—they watched that place like hawks. "Could you keep an eye on my students for a little bit?" he asked her.

Tori looked to the mud battle that was raging and smiled. "Yeah. I think they have themselves occupied for now."

He hurried away from the woods and stepped easily onto the small pond underneath the waterfall—it looked like he was walking on water, but he had learned early on to levitate himself just over the water using his ninja powers. It was trick all of them learned. He held his hands up to activate the portal that led to the actual school building. In a flash, he was standing on a bluff that overlooked the huge building that was the Wind Ninja Academy. A quick scan of the place told him that the air students were doing katas in the practice field, a few water students were practicing sword technique and the obsessive-compulsive samurai students were having some sort of powwow under a tree.

That might mean the library was empty, but he wasn't going to hold his breath since he didn't see the fearless samurai leader around anywhere. He shook his head and hurried across the grounds to the building. The library was on the first floor and was supposedly open to all, however, Cam frowned upon loitering in there without a purpose so most steered clear of the place.

The library appeared empty when he entered. Breathing a sigh of relief, he hurried to the section that held the scrolls of destiny. Something had to be there about this—some ancient prophecy. Next to the scrolls of destiny were the volumes that held the legacy of the Power Rangers on Earth or, sometimes, Earth-originated space colonies. It had been a strange day when a man named Cole Evans showed up in the woods around the portal looking for the newest team of Power Rangers. They had never fought alongside with the Wild Force Rangers, but had met them and could recognize them. Cole had wanted to talk with the red ranger. Shane had ended up sharing the information with them and letting Cam catalogue it. It had been the history and it was up to them to chronicle their adventures with the power and to pass it on to the next generation of rangers.

Shaking his head, he picked up the first scroll of destiny.

"That's not the one you're looking for."

He froze in the act of unrolling the scroll. Cam entered the library and crossed the room to him. He had been the tech man for the Ninja Storm Rangers and had later become their Green Samurai Ranger.

"Wha-what?" he stammered.

"That's not the one you're looking for," Cam repeated, taking the scroll he had been holding and putting it away. He took down a scroll from one of the upper shelves. The scrolls were in order of when they had been written, starting with the earliest. The upper shelves held some of the most ancient scrolls—most of which had already come to pass. Cam handed him the new scroll.

"What is this, dude?" he asked, wondering what Cam already knew.

Cam gave him his signature bored look. The samurai was good at silencing people with one look or betraying his loathing of a situation with nothing more than a glance. Dustin felt that it would be prudent to read the scroll and figure out what Cam was talking about.

He unrolled the scroll and his heart froze at the writing and drawings there. A demon would rise from the grave, after having been defeated at the hands of a great power twice. She would, with the help of a previously silent demon, open the gates between the mortal realm and the spirit realm. No, she wouldn't open the gates. She would destroy them. All creatures could be able to pass between the realms and chaos would ensue. It was up to five with a great power to stop her. He looked at the drawing of the five.

Power Rangers… the five were Power Rangers. And not just any Power Rangers, they were the five most recent yellow rangers who were still in the present. He recognized all of them. It was himself, Taylor Earhardt and Kira Ford. The other two were Maya, the Yellow Galaxy Ranger, and Kelsey Winslow, the Yellow Lightspeed Rescue Ranger. Of the other four, he had only met Taylor and Kira.

"It's you," Cam said softly.

Dustin looked up. "But… how? I don't know how to contact these people! I don't even know if this thing has started yet!"

Cam rolled his eyes and let out a long breath. "You've felt it. I know you have."


"Dustin, you're never this quiet. You never come into the library unless you have to. You must have felt the disturbances."

He fell silent. Cam was right. "Have you felt them?"

The older man shook his head. "No. Only you and the other four yellow rangers can feel them. You have been chosen for millennia to take on this task."

He glanced at the scroll. It didn't say who would be victorious. "It doesn't say who will win," he whispered.

"They rarely do," Cam replied.

"What should I do?"

Cam smiled. "Keep your eyes open. I'm sure Maya will end up on the front step of the academy looking for you soon." He paused. "Besides, read the scroll and it might tell you something useful."

He left the library. Dustin glanced back down to the scroll. It said that Maya had the power to convince the other three. He shuddered. For some reason, it made him slightly uncomfortable to think about this woman he didn't even know. It was probably because she might have powers that exceeded his own. Well, he might be able to get Cam to tap into the shuttle records from Mirinoi to Earth and find out if Maya had come to Earth yet, since she was on Mirinoi.

How had things gotten so complicated?

Vypra, the Princess of the Demons, had once risen from the grave to help Queen Banshera and her goons rise to the dark power they had once had. After that, she had risen from the grave to seek revenge against the ones who foiled her queen's plot, the Power Rangers. There had been whispers in the spirit realm of a way to obtain a great power, greater than any ranger. Now, the time was right to rise from the grave again. And there was nothing in her way, especially since she now had Jareth on her side.

Jareth was a demon, king of the goblins, but he had greater power than Lucivar and the Council of Light. For millennia, he had remained uninterested in anything going on the spirit realm. Most of their petty problems had bored him, so he chose to remain in his labyrinth, surrounded by smelly, stupid goblins. But he was the only one powerful enough to help her that could be persuaded in that direction. Lucivar would never have helped her in this endeavor, leader of the Dark Council or no. He believed those stupid stories about the gates, how the spirits and mortals could not mix, how the gates would blink out existence when destroyed. He was a stupid gullible fool. He had not helped her either time she had risen before, there was no reason to believe he would help her now.

The ceremony would take place in one month—on All Hallow's Eve. If it did not go smoothly, it would not be able to be performed for another one thousand years. The alignment of the moon, sun and planets had to be exact and the particular alignment happened once every one thousand years. If one tiny thing went wrong, all would be lost.

But nothing would go wrong.

She had seen part of the scroll that prophesized about the five that could stop them—those pathetic yellow rangers. Jareth had more power than her ghouls and Queen Banshera. To him, the rangers, especially rangers without powers, meant nothing more than a flick of his wrist. Eternal sunshine was what the scroll had called them. Well, maybe Little Miss Lightspeed Ranger was and her friend the Galaxy jungle girl, but the others might not fit that description.

Smiling, she rested her hand on the stone altar. This was the perfect place to perform the ceremony. Banshera had left many underground caverns in her wake and the Lightspeed Rangers had hardly tapped them. This one was a temple, far underground. No one would think to look for them here. And no one would hear the sacrifice's scream.

"Could you have picked a moldier, dirtier place?"

Vypra rolled her eyes and turned to the cavern's entrance. Jareth stood in the entry, looking around disdainfully. His blonde hair was slicked back today, rather than one of the puffed up mullets he tended to prefer. His black robes were immaculate and his black shoes clicked across the stone floor as he crossed the large room towards her.

"You spend your days with goblins. What are you complaining about?" she snapped.

"Just because I consort with goblins, does not mean I like dirty, moldy places!" he retorted with fire in his voice.

"This is the only place," Vypra said with sweet venom. "Other places will be detected or they do not have what the ceremony needs to go forward."

"No one's going to find us in any of these caves," he muttered. "The rangers are always so complacent. None of them will check down here until it is too late."

"Don't underestimate them," she hissed.

"I don't want to overestimate them."

"You do not know what they might be capable of if the rest of the spirit realm gets behind them."

"That won't happen."

Vypra fumed silently. Of all the arrogant, powerful demons, the one with the most power and the biggest attitude had to be the one she needed. Well, if she was lucky, he might be eliminated during the ceremony and she wouldn't have to deal with him. If she was lucky…

"Put the goblins on guard," she snapped.

"I already have."

"Do you trust your goblins?"

Jareth took a step closer to her and ran one long black fingernail down her bare arm. She shuddered from the contact, fighting the tendrils of seduction that wove around her mind. He made her skin crawl.

"Owling is my Master of the Guard," he whispered. "I stole him from the Fairy Court where he was the best master in five thousand years. I don't think we'll have problems."

She yanked her arm away from him. "See that we don't."

His blue eyes blazed with icy fire as he turned on his heel and clicked out of the abandoned temple. Vypra glared after him. He might be the perfect demon for the job, but that did not mean she had to cherish working with him.

She picked up a rag and began to dust off the altar.

To Be Continued...