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The Request

It was that time again. No demons meant no work which meant drinking time! Dante sat behind his desk in his office, Devil May Cry, bored as hell. He drank away at a beer very pissed at the fact there were no demons to slay. It wasn't uncommon that there were periods of slow work but this was going on for two weeks now! "Heh, maybe the fuckers are too scared of me now to even come out and play." He took another sip of his drink.

Then a knock was at his door and he looked up and at his clock. It was 11'o'clock, who the hell was here at this hour?! But on the other hand it may mean work finally. More knocking pursued on the door and he wondered if the person was going to bust it open if they kept on. Opening the door he saw an old man. He had hair down to his shoulders and it was braided in two thick strands. Looking more closely Dante realized this man was of native american descent.

"So gramps, what are you doing out at this time of night banging down my door?" "You are Dante, Son of Sparda, am I correct?" Curiousity began to tick at the devil hunter, how did this man know him to be Sparda's Son? "Yeah. That's me. I will ask again why are you banging down my door at this hour?" "I need you to find someone for me Mr. Dante." "Hey hey now, if you need someone found then I suggest going to a detective." "Ahh but that is a problem. If I go to a detective and they do find her then they will kill her." At this statement Dante looked at the man with suspicion in his icy, blue eyes.

"Why would your person get killed gramps?"

"She is different Mr. Dante, VERY different. Her blood is combined of different species..."

"And these species would be?"

The old man sighed and looked at him with weary chocolate brown eyes. "What the humans believe to be fake or myth is real, you and I know this to be true. Her blood is of Vampire and Lycan. She was born half-human but then a single bite changed her. I do not know all the details for she does not speak of this event."

He rubbed at his forehead and closed his eyes. Dante could tell fatigue was beating at the elderly man and he stepped to the side. "I have searched all I could for her, but I have found nothing."The native american elder groaned with frustration."It's ok, you did all you could. Wanna come inside and sit down and tell me more?" "Yes...I would like that." They both stepped inside the building and the old man took a seat while taking his wide-brimmed hat off.

Dante sat at his desk and was silent for a minute thinking over the facts that were told. "Is she dangerous?" The words came from his mouth starkly. The elderly man looked up and grinned. "If you mean her harm, then yes." Danted nodded and continued. "How long has she been missing?" "Two days now." "Two days? That's it? You're worried over two days?" "I know her Mr. Dante, she does not stray far. It is very rare that she stays away for so long a time." "So are you her father or grand-father or something?"

"No. I am a friend that is worried for her safety."

"What is your name by the way gramps? I didn't ask when I first saw you."

"My name is Sahale." Dante tilted his head as he heard the name. "Cool name gramps." "Thank you for your err-compliment, but back to the situation at hand. I am willing to pay ten-thousand for you to find her Mr. Dante." Hearing this Dante nearly fell off his desk but quickly regained his cool composure.

"Wow....she must mean a lot to you." "There are people in this world who will do anything and everything to hurt a being that is not normal Mr. Dante. She has suffered enough, I can tell this everytime her mind wanders. Will you accept my request? Please?"

Moments of silence passed while Dante thought on the issue. Then when Sahale began to shake his head in defeat Dante spoke up. "I will take the job Sahale. You can pay me after the job is finished." "Are you not worried about failing Mr. Dante?" Turning around with his beloved guns, Ebony and Ivory in hand,he merely smiled. " I know I won't fail. This person of yours sounds too interesting not to find. Now all I need is a picture of your person." Sahale nodded in agreement and pulled out a single photograph and handed it to Dante. Taking the photo in hand he examined it and instantly was interested. The woman in the photo had long ebony black hair, dark sapphire blue eyes, and lovely rose red lips. Wow was the only word in Dante's mind as he gazed upon the face imprinted on the photo paper. Dante regained enough senses to ask about her name."What is her name?" "Her name is Aya Sanada." "Japanese?" "I don't think her last name is real but she has had it for a very long time. So she may not remember her real last name."

Nodding to Sahale's answer with understanding he continued to gaze upon the picture. Then he noticed how her eyes looked a bit sad even though she was not portraying sadness upon her facial features. Sahale was right, whatever had happened to her had been tragic enough to be imprinted on her very soul. It was said that through a person's eyes their soul could be seen and from what Dante could see Aya's soul was troubled.

Then the thought of how the old man knew who he was came back into place. "Oh yeah...how did you know who I was?" Turning around he saw the old man was at the door and he turned around to face Dante. "I have my ways Mr. Dante." A warm smile came across his old wrinkled face. "When you find her bring her to this address.." With those words he walked out. Dante stood up about to shout his name when a paper suddenly flew in through the opened door. "What the hell-" He grabbed the tiny piece of paperand read it aloud, "1345 Rain Bridge Street. Well this keeps getting better and better." He chuckled softly and began gathering his supplies. Once he was finished he went for the door.

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