Title: Pink Bludgers
Disclaimer: I'm not J.K. Rowling, so sue me! Or rather, don't.
AN: Random, I know. The idea came within a convo between my friend "Grace" and me.

Why are they all disappointed in me? It's not as if I've ever had to live up to anything. I'm not the "smart one," that Alicia. Angelina is the "boss-lady" always telling George, Fred and I what to do. Then there are Fred and George themselves, the "pranksters." And I can't forget Lee, the sidekick and is also "the bloody best commentator in the century!" according to George Weasley. I don't have a stereotype to fulfill, let alone break like the rest of them! So why is it me, Katie Bell, they decided disappointed them? I do stupid things all the time- how is this any different?

I assume you'll want to know what I did that was stupid, eh? I turned a bludger pink. I know, I know, how is that horrific? Or at all give teachers, friends, everyone a reason to be disappointed? That was what I thought until I found they know HOW I turned that stupid bludger pink.


We had just finished a very excruciating quidditch practice and everyone was tired except me. Angelina the most, she had been instructing us for hours on how to do this really difficult move, the sloth roll. My hands kept slipping! Good thing George was there below me. He's so sweet… and cute. Anyways, on with the story. So Angelina was warn out, she was captain and very stressed- scared she would lose us the game because she hadn't worked us hard enough (if she lost us the game it would be because she worked us too hard- I'm not going to tell her that though). I to put away the quidditch balls for her. As I was dragging the crate over to Madam Hooch's office, I saw how dirty the balls were! I wanted to surprise everyone and decided to clean the bludgers and the quaffle- the snitch was too small to wash and wasn't all that dirty anyways.

I conjured up the inflatable pool I used to wash pinky, my pig, in. I made a metal cover for it so that the bludgers didn't kill me or fly away.

After filling the pool with water, I dropped in the balls and locked the cover. I poured in Moon in over it (You know, Moon…"For doing laundry the Muggle way! On sail in stores everywhere! You can even get it by mail order! Send your owl to Moon's Delight and we'll send you back you're very own laundry detergent!"). As I was about to dry off the balls, I heard a red head yelling, "Katie!"

"Yeah, George?" I asked when he was in earshot.

"Where have you b—Why are the bludgers pink?"

" What are you talking about?" I asked. The bludgers aren't pink! Or at least, that's what I thought until I looked down, "I-I don't know. I was washing them and…"

"With the quaffle? Katie, didn't your mum ever teach you? Red runs."

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEnd Flashbackxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

So I guess that's how everyone knows, it's all George's fault! It's because of him they are all disappointed in me and it's because of him I'm now stereotyped. I'm the "dumb blonde." And it's all thanks to those Stupid Pink Bludgers.