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Summary: A 19 year old in the year2005 wishes to know about her past but she has no clue. Just a necklace with Konoha Leaf engraved in it. Will she find out? KakaOC Please RR!

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Cherished Memories

Chapter 1 – What's going on?

::"Run away! Go away as fast as you can! Now!! We don't have much time!" he screamed at me with sweat forming on his face. He grabbed my arm for me to run with him, but I simply wouldn't budge.

I looked around in shock, in fear. There was too much bloodshed. Just too much. I couldn't move. I wanted to help them. Why was he helping me? I don't even know him…I looked at my hands, it was stained with blood. Blood. The boy dragged me along into the deeper part of the woods, but suddenly he yelled at me again,

"Run! I want you to run now! I need to go save him! I can't believe he went to save his parents!" Soon the boy left me alone. All alone in the woods. A figure jumped out of nowhere and next thing I knew, I suddenly blacked out.::

I bolted upwards from my bed with sweat all over my face. It was that dream again. The same dream I always have. The thing is that I don't even know who that person was…it seemed real…but it couldn't be true.

I jumped up when my alarm clock rang. "Rinnngg!! Time to get up! Time to get up!" I sighed in relief and turned it off. I got off my bed and shivered when I touched the cold, hard wood floor. I headed to the window, which was on the other side of the room, and pulled back the light blue drapes to reveal the dazzling light, stinging my eyes. I yawned and rubbed my eyes. It was a nice day today, sunny and warm, the usual weather.

I slipped on my black slippers with light blue stars and headed to the bathroom across the hall. I dyed my hair a more than 7 months ago black and the black seemed to be wearing off showing my original hair color, blonde. The only reason I dyed my hair was that it obviously didn't seem to fit my personality.

I combed my hair, brushed my teeth, and went back to my room to get the clothes I selected last night, black jeans and a blue sleeveless blouse. My fashion sense is so plain compared to those wealthy girls that I always see. Oh well, what could I do? I'm not rich and I can't do a thing about it either.

I grabbed my heavy books and ran downstairs quickly, afraid I would be late. I had to walk to school and am so glad I lived near Tokyo University, where I attend. I hopped down the stairs, two at a time, and suddenly I slipped and fell down the stairs. "OWW!!!" This was probably the millionth time I fell down those darn stairs. I wouldn't be surprised if my buttocks had a bruise already!

"My, my dear. You always make so much racket in the morning as usual. Be careful next time when you come down the stairs." I heard my mother say, but I could tell she has some sarcastic ness in her voice because she was pretty sure I would fall down again. She appeared from the kitchen with a piece of toast and a cup of orange juice with a smile.

"Well, I can't help it! We should get an escalator or something! Thanks for the breakfast mom!" I gulped down the juice quickly, grabbed the piece of toast, and placed it in my mouth before yelling a muffled bye.

I'm Kinomoto Akari, 19 years old, and a first year in Tokyo University. Everyone says that my parents looked nothing like me. For example, how can I turn out to have blond hair when they both have dark hair? But I know for sure they weren't my real parents. I arrived at their door when I was 7 years old. I didn't know anything about myself and my past. They were very generous enough to take me in as their child. I smiled at their kindness and glanced at my watch on my wrist. 7:51?! Crap!!

I picked up my pace and pushed open the doors of the university after almost falling down the stairs along the way. 'Whew!' I smiled, '3 minutes to spare! I'm saved!'

I quietly walked to class and seated near the window, up the stairs. I opened my notebook and I suddenly started drawing the boy from my dream. Why was I always having this dream? Why? Does it have something to do with me?

Without notice, my teacher already began his lesson and here I was doodling. I looked out the window, absent minded as always. My friend poked me with her pencil top and whispered, "Hey Akari-chan! Pay attention! You'll be a doctor like that! Hmm…but I always wonder if you'll ever be a doctor! Hehe, you're so clumsy, absent-minded, yet cheerful and energetic. Hehe, I'm kidding!" She laughed as I softly slapped the back of her head.

She's my friend, Kaeda Shizu. We've been friends since elementary and I can't believe we're in college together too! It was thanks to her that I made it this far. She's intelligent, a great joker, and a true friend. She's the one who encouraged me when I gave up. She was something I lacked. Inspiration. Back in junior high, I was always called dumb because I was a blonde, but Shizu-chan helped me in my academic areas and in exchange, I helped her in physical education.

"Whoa, who's that you're drawing?" Shizu looked at my doodling of the boy.

"I don't know actually…he came from my dream…" this statement made me sound dumb and crazy.

"You know what, Akari-chan? I don't know why you didn't go to an art school instead…you draw incredibly well and you are here learning to be a doctor." Shizu smiled.

"I don't know…" I seriously didn't know why I wanted a career in medicine. Then I was startled to hear my friend giggle.

"You always say you don't know. There has to be something you know!" She tried to cover her mouth to hide her giggles.

"Hey, don't you two ever shut up?" A male behind us whispered. It was Kazawa Hioshi.

I stuck my tongue out and replied, "It's not like you pay attention either! You always fall asleep!"

"Geez, you're so childish…sticking your tongue out like that…" Hioshi ran his hand through his light brown hair.

"I'm trying to preserve my youngness!" I gave him the peace sign and winked.

"You're 19 for goodness sakes…a 19 year old that has a short attention span" He smacked his forehead and sighed.

"Whatever, whatever!" I waved my hand in front of him. "I need to take notes now…" I took out a brand new sheet of paper and focused my attention to the teacher…or tried to. My thoughts kept of tracing back to the dream. I shook my head several times. No time for that now! I have to focus on the teacher…

Then I heard my friend laugh quietly, "What's so funny now?" I rolled my eyes. One of the weird things about her was that she would laugh all of a sudden.

"You and Hioshi argue like a married couple!" She said between laughs and chokes. My eyes widened at the statement. A married couple?! I stood up and slammed my hands on the desk loudly that it echoed throughout the class.

"Is something wrong miss?" The teacher looked up at me, startled.

"Uhh…nothing…" I had my hands in front of me and move them left to right frantically. "Just…uhh…nothing…" I nervously laughed. "Heh…heh…"

The entire class giggled at me and I turned bright red. How embarrassing! I sat down immediately and covered my face with my hands. I can't believe I did that!!

--An hour later--

The bell rang loudly and it was time to head to the next class. I stood up and grabbed my books, about to walk down the stairs. Then I stepped on my untied shoelaces and fell down the stairs. Second time that day!! I hit the floor with a loud thump and people past by giggling.

"Are you okay, Akari?!" Shizu helped me up.

"Yeah…I'm used to it…" I kneeled down to tie my shoes. "My shoelaces probably untied when I was running to school, heh…"

Hioshi laughed and pointed at me. "Shut up!" I gave him a flick on the forehead.

"You…haha…have to admit that was funny!! Gosh…haha…I need to breathe…" He inhaled a lot of air and quickly resumed to laughing until tears formed in his eyes. He clutched his stomach, "Oh my god, my stomach hurts from laughing a lot…"

I went up to him and kicked him in the shin. "OW!!" he rubbed his shin. "That hurts you know!"

"I know! That why I did it!" I stuck out my tongue and gave him a flick on the forehead again before running away with Shizu-chan giving my books to me along the way.

Shizu and I giggled when we ran inside the bathroom. He'll surely get revenge!

"Shizu-chan, there's 5 minutes left to get to class…too bad we have different classes from here on! Call me when you get back to your dorm okay? I'm pretty sure that my parents won't be home…like always you know! Always out flower picking or something," I gave her a hug and waved good-bye at her.

--At home--

I skipped in happiness down the roadway to my house. I can't believe I got a good grade on that hard test I took in physics! I arrived at my porch and searched for my house keys inside my pockets. My index finger felt the cold metal part of the key and I brought it out, but a quarter fell out.

I sighed and went to pick it until a dark figure appeared in front of me, causing me to fall back. I closed my eyes in fear and shouted, "Don't hurt me!"

"I'm not going to hurt you, why do you think I would do that?" A familiar voice reached my ears.

"Hioshi?" I opened my eyes to meet his violet eyes staring at my sea blue ones. "Don't appear out of nowhere like that! You scared me to death!" I sighed in relief.

"Hey, do you mind if I talk to you a bit?" Hioshi offered me a hand to help me up and I accepted.

"Sure, just come in for a cup of tea." I nervously opened the door and step aside for him to walk in.

Hioshi sat down on the couch in the purplish living room with light blue drapes. I poured some water in the kettle for it to boil and took out a packet of tea, must be prepared.

I sat down on the armchair and crossed my legs, right over left. "What is that you want to talk to me about?"

"Have you ever grasped the feeling of loneliness? You know my parents died in a car accident…I been alone since 14… Heh, I was quite envious of those people who still had their parents up till now. Forget about that…I came here to tell you that you are…" His voice trailed off to a silent murmur.

I leaned closer and said, "I can't hear what you're saying!" That moment he cupped my chin with his right hand and whispered near my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

"I said I came here to tell you that you are annoying, childish, strong as a monster, weird, dumb, and you should improve your short attention span," I was ready to tackle him down now, but he continued his sentence, "but…I like you for that…" He hugged me.

"You are the one who covers that loneliness…please, would you be my girlfriend?" His hug tightened and I could feel his tears on my shoulder. I was shocked, but I didn't know what to say. He was crying…I hugged him back, and whispered in his ear, "I'm sorry Hioshi…I'm not ready for a relationship…but I'll be your best friend…I'll always be there for you…that's all that I can offer…"

I felt guilty for saying that. It made me sound evil, but the truth has to be said. I didn't like him, I only thought of him a friend.

He released the hug and nodded. "I understand…See you tomorrow….Ja na!" He ran towards the door quickly and shut it.

"I'm sorry Hioshi…" I whispered through my tear stained lips. "Sorry…"

I wiped my tears and turn off the stove fire that was boiling the water. I walked up the stairs slowly, in guilt, and went to my room. I sat down on the desk, which is located on the right side of the window, and opened the drawer. I took out a diary and opened the little silver shaped lock.

I began to write my thoughts in:

"Dear Diary,

I had that dream again. That same dream I have everyday. I desperately need to know if this dream has any connection to my past…

On another note, I feel guilty for what I did. I refused to go out with Hioshi and I feel like a bad person for hurting his feelings...

When he asked me if I felt loneliness before…I certainly never have before…I really want to help him, but I don't know what to do…

Sorry that today is a short entry, but I must clear my head for a bit."

I closed the blue diary and locked it. I stood up and headed towards my closet, taking out a sketch pad.

I opened it, which revealed many sketches of the guy in my dream. I must have memorized his looks already…I wonder what happened to him…

There was this weird headband he had on…I looked at the sign. It looked familiar…something I had when I came to this house…Oh, I remember!

I checked underneath my bed and brought out a dusty box that had childlike words written on top that said, "Memory Box."

I blew the dust off and opened it. It was in here somewhere…where was it? Ah, here it is! I took out a silver necklace that had the same sign as that guy. I looked at the back and saw "Konoha Leaf" engraved on it.

Konoha Leaf? What was that anyways? I wore it around my neck and suddenly there was a black out.

That was really strange…this house hardly has any blackouts…I stood up, only to fall back down. There was a…a…ghost in front of me…what the hell was going on!?

Then the ghost spoke up, "Akari, he needs you now…"

"Who…who n-needs me?!" I stammered out of fear.

The ghost walked up to me and touched my necklace, causing it to glow.

"Take care of him…"

"Hey!! Come back here! Take care of who!?" I crawled closer to him, but he disappeared and the surroundings around me began to spin so fast that everything was just plain black. I closed my eyes and when I opened them again, I wasn't in my room anymore! I was falling downwards, like I jumped off a cliff somewhere and I tried to scream, but no sound came out. I was mute…I felt as one of those grains in a timer…I looked down to see a shining light.

It was kind of like a movie…transporting into another place…but what was really going on?!


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