A Digimon Frontier Fanfic

By Sakura Martinez

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The Chronicles of Time: Cyber World

Tomorrow Will Surely Be Sunny

"A bomb exploded near Shibuya district's subway earlier today. Police reports indicate the number of injured by the blast to be around fifty people. Having said that, however, there are no fatal injuries nor deaths according to the police. It is quite baffling, to say the least, that an explosion which is said to be as powerful as this one, could hold no fatalities amongst those within the range of the blast. It is still a mystery where the explosion originated from. Some witnesses blame faulty wiring in the station while others say that it was a gas leak. No one can tell for certain what is true, however, we can confirm that this is not a terrorist attack. That should put everyone's minds at ease." The female reporter with short, black hair and pale skin wearing her usual business attire said over the television. "It will, however, take a long time for the Shibuya Station to be up and running again. Local government has estimated over half a million yen is needed to fix all the damage wrought by the said explosion. That being said, people would need to take the long way to Shibuya and from Shibuya considering that there would be no trains, subway or otherwise, going to and from the said station. This is Reina Arashi reporting to you live from Shibuya Station."

As soon as the reporter finished her report, Kouji immediately hit the off button on the remote, shutting the television off.

"And that's what the news are saying but, we all know what really happen, don't we?" He said as he slouched on the sofa.

The four other people around him nodded.

"Still, it's strange that we end up here with you still bandaged up, Takuya." Junpei said as he, and the others, looked over at Takuya who was sitting comfortably on the hospital bed, still full of bandages. "Those guys that brought us back here sure have a lot of humor in them."

"Yeah. I swear, I'm aching all over." Takuya grumbled. "Couldn't they have just sent us, I don't know, about a week AFTER we saved the world from Chronosmon the first time around?!"

"Quit complaining, Takuya." Izumi told him, she was sitting on his bed as well. "I bet they have their reason for choosing this time instead."

"Izumi's right, Takuya." Tomoki nodded in agreement then stopped, and faced their only female companion in the room. "Still, I can't believe you actually got controlled by Chronosmon, Izumi."

"Hey! I thought we all agreed to let that one slide." Izumi pouted.

This, of course, made everyone laugh.

It had just been a few hours since they found themselves back in the wreckage, that time when Chronosmon first let his presence known. The vortex that they had all jumped into was, apparently, a vortex created by the Dead Sea of Dreams to send them back to a safer time and place – their original timeplane before the whole Chronosmon adventure fully kicked in, with a few 'minor' adjustments.

One of which is that, no Digimons attacked the Shibuya Station however, as the explosion had already occurred, what the Dead Sea of Dreams made everyone believe, save for the Spirit Shinkers, is that it was an accident that caused the explosion.

Of course, since the explosion had already occurred and the Dead Sea of Dreams can no longer move time backwards too much, Takuya was still trapped and injured by the debris, which is he still ended up being in the same hospital room he had been before. Everyone else was safe and sound however, as they were only there to visit him and keep him company.

Another minor adjustment made by the Dead Sea of Dreams is that they all retained the memories that they have gained from their adventures, which, in this time plane, won't be happening anymore. Although they did retain their memories, the other five Spirit Shinkers were still sent back to the place where they were at that moment when the explosion occurred. Which is partly the reason why Junpei is a little bit pissed.

"How long do you suppose you're going to be kept here, Takuya?" Kouichi asked, trying to sound cheerful than how he was really feeling inside. "I hope you're not planning on staying in this room for too long."

"Why? Do you have plans, Kouichi?" Takuya asked.

Kouichi shook his head. "No. It's just that, it's such a waste of time to just stay here. I can confidently predict that the weather from here on out will be sunny."

"Of course you can 'confidently predict' it." Junpei scoffed, "We all know what the weather will be like tomorrow."

"But, that's about all we know about the future." Takuya told them. "After all, from this point on, it will be a lot different than before."

"Takuya's right." Kouji agreed. "Besides, I guess I understand why the Dead Sea of Dreams decided to allow us to keep our memories this time around. It's too ensure that we don't make the same mistakes twice... especially regarding Chronosmon."

"I'm definitely not going to make THAT mistake." Takuya told them. Of course, those who did not know the history behind Chronosmon would not understand what Takuya meant when he said that. After all, only a few people truly knew of the reason why Chronosmon was created in the first place.

The day went by quickly after that. Takuya was forced to stay in the hospital with his mother looking over him thanks to his injuries, while the others waved their goodbyes at him and told him that they would come visit him again tomorrow.

That night, Takuya could not help but think about all the things that had happened. The world had changed, they helped changed it. But, even as it had changed, only ten people knew of it while the rest of the world will remain oblivious forever.

Truth be told, Takuya really did understand why the old man decided to bring them here instead. He knew that this was the only time plane where the virus that had wrought so many troubles for them were not yet in his system and, that this was the farthest time that old man can send them to what with his hands tied with Chronosmon at that moment.

Takuya then proceeded to wonder what could have become of Chronosmon. Was he truly defeated? Is it really the end of their battle against that demented Digimon? What happened to his other self and what of the others from the future?

He shook his head. "No. I'm sure it's all over now. We're here, aren't we?" He told himself soon after those thoughts escaped his head. "There's nothing to worry about now. Everything is finally back to how it should be."

And with that, Takuya fell asleep – the most peaceful sleep he had in a long, long while.

A few weeks had passed since then. Everything was back to normal – well, as normal as they could possibly be. People were still talking about that freak accident in Shibuya Station but, there were no more conspiracy theories or hush-hush talks about the government and terrorism. Shibuya Station was also on its way to recovery.

Talking about recoveries, even Takuya finally stop wearing those bandages, much to his liking. Everyone could still remember that look of relief that he had on his face when the doctors finally said that it was okay for him to stop using them.

School was about to start a week from that day as well, which made everyone busy though they still made it a habit to hang out after taking care of their back-to-school preparations.

It was on a Friday, that last Friday of their current vacation that only Takuya, Kouichi and Izumi managed to find time to hang out. And the place they chose to go to was a recently opened Italian Cafe.

They were waiting for their food to arrive when Kouichi let out a sigh that caught both Takuya and Izumi's attention.

"Is there something wrong, Kouichi?" Takuya asked. Ever since the whole fiasco after becoming Flamon for a long while, Takuya had grown quite close to Kouichi and had been really thinking of him as a brother, like how he thinks of Tomoki.

Kouichi looked at Takuya. His look held that of someone saying 'Isn't it obvious'.

"I should have just turned you guys down when you asked me to hang out with you both." Kouichi said as he played with the fork that was neatly placed beside the spoon on top of the white, table napkins. "This makes me look like some chaperone."

"Oh, quit complaining Kouichi." Izumi said after giggling. "It's not like this is the first time this ever happened."

"Izumi's right, besides, we aren't even on a date." Takuya said grinning. "Don't tell me you're only saying that since you're still bitter about the whole--"

But before Takuya could finish, Kouichi gave him a deadly stare that could match Duskmon's. He hated talking about that.

"No, I'm not." Kouichi said, though his voice sounded so sure of it, Takuya knew better while Izumi could only guess.

Thankfully, before anything else could be said, the waiter arrived with their food. The trio then happily ate while they chat about various random things while making sure not to touch the delicate subject regarding the battle with Chronosmon. Of course, Kouichi was not the only one thankful for that but also Izumi, for the others had still been teasing her about it even now.

You know how time passes by so fast when you're having fun, and how it passes even faster when you wish it to stop? Well, that is what happened. Soon, their vacation was over and classes was back on.

The new term brought so many changes for Takuya and the rest of the Spirit Shinkers. For one, he and Izumi are finally on the same class after Izumi transferred to his school; Kouji got a different class from that of his brother thereby only allowing them to only see each other during their lunch breaks.

Junpei was thankful for the new term which allowed him to keep his old classmates whom he had grown quite close to over the past half-year. Tomoki, on the other hand, skipped a year when he was accepted to the school just beside Takuya and Izumi's school. On breaks, one could see him jumping over the school fence to eat his lunch with his two friends.

The other Spirit Shinkers weren't doing too bad as well. I suppose you can call it a gift from the Dead Sea of Dreams when Hikaru and Max managed to pass the entrance exam to pass the grade. Erika, having mixed feelings about this new term ended up deciding to make the best of it before she gets shipped to Japan as an exchange student – which added to Junpei thanking the new term.

Kira was feeling a bit nostalgic about the new term as well, after all, this would be his last term before he steps into the world of a middle-high schooler.

All in all, however, it was pointing out to be a good year for our heroes. Everyone was happy and could wish for nothing else – the world was safe, their lives were back to normal, and they were all expecting this to be a good term.

All, except for one, was actually enjoying the new term.

Kouichi, still feeling under the weather and still unable to let the memory of Yumi and her sacrifice rest, was slouched on his chair in class awaiting for Homeroom to start.

In his class, he was the only one who was sitting on a desk that was meant for two people, and that pushes him to depression even more as he thinks 'What if Yumi was here'.

He could feel his classmates eying him curiously. This was not the first time they have had him as their classmate so, he was sure that their were merely curious as to why he would be so depressed so early.

As to the reason why no one was sitting on that extra chair, well, simply put, their class was odd in number. Someone was bound to sit by his or herself. As luck would have it, however, Kouichi was the one who ended up sitting by himself.

Kouichi, being so lost in his own thoughts, did not realize Kouji had entered the classroom. Only when Kouji spoke did Kouji earn the surprised look out of his twin brother's face.

"I can't believe you forgot your lunchbox again, Kouichi." Was what Kouji said as he placed the said item on Kouichi's desk, which was what actually brought Kouichi back from his reverie. "This has to be the third time in a row that you did that."

"Oh! Kouji!" Said Kouichi, surprised. "Y-yeah. Sorry about that."

Kouji looked at his twin's classmates that were eying them, wondering what the twins were talking about. Of course, most of those that were looking at them were girls – something that Kouji had grown accustomed to and Kouichi had yet to get used to.

"You should really stop torturing yourself over what had happened, Kouichi." Kouji whispered to his twin. "Don't you think it's about time to just... let it go?"

Kouichi looked at his brother knowingly. He sighed. He knew that Kouji was right about that but... "I thought I can easily forget about here but... It's just that I can't. She's just..."

Kouji placed a hand on his shoulder. He wanted to say that he understands what his older twin was going through but, how could he say something that he doesn't mean?

"I know it's pretty much impossible for you to do that, Kouichi." Kouji said before he turned around to return to his own classroom as it was almost time for homeroom to start. "But, hard as it may be, you know you'd have to forget about her soon right? I'm sure she would have wanted you to be happy as well. Your parting was inevitable after all."

Kouichi nodded. He knew that. He had always known that he would also be feeling this way as well.

"Time heal all wounds, right?" He said while smiling weakly. Even as he said those words, however, Kouichi also knew that no matter how long ago it was, losing the most important people in your life is still very hard to forget. He will still feel lonely.

Kouji smiled back before finally leaving the room.

As soon as he got out of the room, Kouji was surprised to see Kouichi's homeroom teacher already on his way to his class.

Ayakawa-sensei. That small, stout, spectacle-wearing, whiskered, old man whom everyone in their school loves greeted the young Minamoto who in turn bowed his head in acknowledgment and respect while saying a 'Good Morning' to the said teacher.

"Did Kouichi forgot his lunch again?" The old man asked, a kind smile on his face.

Kouji nodded. "Yes. This is the third time in the row, Ayakawa-sensei. He's still... feeling blue."

"Hm. I see." Ayakawa-sensei said as he played with is mustache as he always does when in thought, the smile however, was still there. "Well, perhaps today will be different."

"How so, sir?"

"Because I will be introducing to them a new student." Came the reply.

"A new... student?" Kouji asked, it was then that he realized that someone was behind Kouichi's Homeroom Teacher.

The moment that Kouji saw the new student, his eyes widen in surprise. But, even before he could say anything, Ayakawa-sensei had already went into the room with the new student in tow.

All Kouji could say as the doors of Kouichi's classroom was shut close was, "No...way..."

Kouichi stared at the window beside him that overlooked their school's field. He could still see some students scurrying their way to class and thought how pointless it was that they were still hurrying up even though they were already late – no matter what they do.

It was for this reason that he did not see, nor hear, Ayakawa-sensei enter the room along with the new transfer student. Either his thoughts about students being late for class was so deep as the Mariana Trench, which happens to be the deepest known part of the world's oceans, that he also did not hear his classmates' delight with the arrival of the new student.

It was only when he heard his name being called that he looked up at Ayakawa-sensei, out of his thoughts.

"Yes, Sensei? What is--?" He was about to say but stopped mid-way through his sentence when he caught a glimpse of the student beside the said teacher.

"Still daydreaming, Mr. Kimura?" Ayakawa-sensei asked with a laugh that cause the whole class to laugh along with him. Kouichi could care less however, as his eyes were still fixed on the new student. "Yes, now, Ms. Akihabara, why don't you go sit right beside that young man."

The new student, whom Ayakawa-sensei called 'Ms. Akihabara', nodded before walking towards Kouichi, who was following her every movement. Once she got to the desk, she sat down beside him.

Ayakawa-sensei then began talking about that day's topic for homeroom. But, Kouichi did not care about that at the moment. What he cared to know about was this girl – Akihabara, was it?

"Is there something on my face?" Akihabara asked in a low voice when Kouichi was still staring at her.

Kouichi, surprised at the question replied, "Ah... n-no. It's just that... you look a lot like someone I...used to know..."

"Do you say that to every girl that comes your way?" She asked, it wasn't in an annoying tone though, mind you.

Kouichi shook his head and immediately said 'No', then added, "I really mean it, Akihabara-san. I'm just saying..."

"It's Yumi." She said, after hearing Kouichi call her 'Akihabara-san'. "I really don't like formalities all that much. Kouichi, was it? To be honest, you do seem kind of familiar. Have we met somewhere before?"

You can imagine how surprised Kouichi was when he heard Akihabara's full name. Yumi Akihabara, a name reminiscent to that of the Yumi he knew. She looks a lot like her as well – so identical in fact that it was impossible to say that she was not a different person. But, Kouichi, who saw what happened to the Yumi he knew, knows that it was impossible.

"Ah, I don't think so." Kouichi said, then quickly added, "Unless your real last name is Kanbara then I believe we have met before."

Yumi laughed. "No, it's Akibara."

"Well, I'm just saying..." Kouichi said, scratching the back of his head.

"You're a pretty funny guy, Kouichi." Yumi said after a while, "I think we can friends."

"Same here." Was all Kouichi could think of replying.

At the corner of his eye, Ayakawa-sensei saw that Kouichi was finally getting out of his slump. He smiled seeing that he was, slowly but surely, getting back to his old self. It was at that point that the stout homeroom teacher made a prediction to himself, that this term was going to be an interesting one.

"Everything lives by blending, interconnecting, and mutually influencing one another. Even a merely trivial meeting brings about changes of both heart and body." The old man of the Dead Sea of Dreams said with a smiled.

"You are enjoying what you are watching, aren't you, old man?" the older Takuya asked.

"Of course, it is very interesting to see the reactions of people when they meet someone whom they did not expect to meet." The old man said. "People, you see, when they must meet someone, they meet the person they must meet..."

"...and surely, if one keeps wishing, their wishes will come true, that's what you were going to say, right?"

The old man nods. " Everyone wished for Kouichi to find happiness, as much as Kouichi wished for it himself and the strength of their wish just made enough of a difference for Yumi's incarnation. That's how strong the power of wishing is. And, if you use that strength to keep on wishing,the dream will become reality. But, if you wish for someone's unhappiness, you'll also become unhappy proportionally to the strength of the wish. Those who feel they are unhappy now, are bitter towards someone and wish for someone's unhappiness. You, of course, made too many wishes, and paid too many prices, my friend."

"It is all to set things right." older Takuya said with a smile. "Besides, helping you run this place, doesn't seem to be too bad of a deal."

"So you say now." The old man laughed. "Now, how much will change in their destiny from this point on?"

"Well, no matter what lies ahead, I am sure they'll all pull through in the end. Nothing is predestined, after all." Takuya said as he turned around and began to walk away, "For even if there are tears in what lies ahead, those tears will turn into hope someday. For surely, the day when everyone could laugh will come. If there is anything inevitable that I know of besides death, it is that. After all, even if one is filled with uncertainty, is it not best to think that tomorrow will still be sunny?"

"Tomorrow will be sunny, eh?" The old man whispers to himself as he looks back on the floating mirror that is showing Kouichi Kimura and Yumi Akihabara. "That is a nice thought to always carry around."

All dwelling in one house are strange brothers three, as unlike as any three brothers could be, yet try as you may to tell brother from brother, you'll find that the trio resemble each other. The first isn't there, though he'll come beyond doubt. The second's departed, so he's not about. The third and the smallest is right on the spot, and manage without him the others could not. Yet the third factor with which to be reckoned because the first brother turns into the second. You cannot stand back and observe number three, for one of the others is all you will see. So tell me, my child, are the three of them one? Or are there but two? Or could there be none? Just name them, and you will at once realize that each rules a kingdom of infinite size. They rule it together and are it as well. In that, they're alike, so where do they dwell?

The End.

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