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Reflections (chapter 1)

He was alone. It was after sundown and this was his time to think. "Uh!" he grunted as he sparred with his practice dummy. "Why didn't they trust me? Arr uh! I know what I saw! Hya! What did I do…eh uh… that was so wrong?" He kept talking out loud as he practiced, always the same thing, always questioning himself. Asking why he'd done what he'd done just days before. Soon the berating took a different turn. "Why do I have to be so obsessed? Yah! I almost killed myself and I endangered my friends!" He paused for a second. "What the HELL was I THINKING?" he cried out as he broke the defenseless dummy in half. Robin fell to his knees and hunched over with his head in his hands. 'I hurt her. I hurt her and I didn't say anything.'

He finally gathered himself and stood. 'I should go talk to her. -Wait, what the hell would I even say? 'How's the bruise healing? As nicely as the mental anguish that I caused you?' Yeah right.'

She had always been there for him and she deserved the same in return. 'I just don't know how to even explain,' he thought. 'I know that if I was thinking straight nothing like that would have ever happened.' He realized that he was just wallowing in self-pity now. Finally, he figured that whatever he would say had to be better than nothing, so he headed back to his room to make himself presentable before he faced her.

He'd been in a similar position before, when the obsession with knowing who 'Slade' had been had caused him to become the enemy. But as Red X he had never actually hurt the Titans, he couldn't. He'd only disarmed them. Even as Slade's apprentice he was reluctant to fight them. Especially her. He had knocked them down and shot energy beams in their general direction, but he had never really wanted to hurt any of them. But, this was different. This time his mind was so gone, so entirely focused on finding this…this… no, not just a man…his equal -his evil, ruthless, maniacal equal. Nothing would come between him and his objective. This is why, when she couldn't see Slade, even though he'd been right in front of her, he had been outraged to the point where nothing mattered, nothing, but finding 'him.' So, he had hurt her without even giving it a second thought. Until now.

He stripped down and jumped into the shower. He welcomed the sensation of the water raining down on him. It had a calming effect and he could feel his thoughts just melt away. It didn't last as long as he had hoped for. Just as he stepped out, Cyborg's voice boomed through the speakers. "Titans, let's move!"

'Why Now!? I need to talk to her!' He grumbled internally, 'But as much as I really don't want to, I guess duty calls. But, damn it! I had finally gotten clean!'

As he was getting dressed, he flipped out his communicator, "Where are we headed Cyborg?"

"First National. Some dumbass is robbin' the bank again."

"Alright. I'll follow you guys on my R-cycle." He slipped on his final piece of equipment, his all-important mask, and he was off. He zigzagged through the town as he headed toward their target. He noticed that Raven was with Cyborg in his car and Beast Boy and Starfire were scanning from the sky as usual.

For a moment he almost wished that Starfire wasn't able to fly so that she would be "forced" to ride with him. But as soon as the thought entered his mind he dismissed it. 'Why deny her the pleasure of flight just so that I can have a little fun. She looks so happy.' For the past few days Robin hadn't seen that familiar sparkle in her eyes. Her usual cheerful self had been replaced by a much more subdued version. He had watched Beast Boy try his hardest to cheer her up, but to no avail. He realized now that it was his fault that she had been this way.

When they arrived outside the bank he didn't see anything out of the ordinary. "Uh, Cy? You sure this is the place?"

"Yeah man. I'm sure I'm sure. This is the place that showed up on the scan…" Cyborg started. He was abruptly cut off when the ground shook behind him.

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