Chapter 5

Buffy raced through the cool night air towards Spike's cemetery, reveling in the feel of the wind teasing her fur-covered body. A plan formed as she nimbly made her way through the tombstones. Spike had managed to discover her secret fantasies while he was transformed, so turn about seemed fair play. 'Hmm only problem is that Spike knows I'm a cat.' She shrugged slightly, 'Oh well, I'll just have to be extra sneaky.' With a small grin she began running faster towards her goal, not noticing the figure in the shadows that had turned to watch her progress.

"I wonder if the slayer knows she's a cat?" Clem dug one hand into the open bag of snacks he held, shoveling some into his mouth before following the small feline at a more leisurely pace, "Better make sure she gets to Spike's ok."

Buffy sat in front of the door to Spike's crypt, small yowls of frustration rumbling in her throat. She had been all around the outside of the structure and hadn't been able to find a way in. She had found a small hole near the back wall and had started to wriggle forward through cobwebs and goodness knows what else, when she had come to a sudden stop, her access blocked by something that looked suspiciously like human bones jammed into the gap.

After a few moments of awkward pushing, Buffy had given up and crawled back out, making her way back around to the front and staring forlornly at the door. Maybe she could glare a hole through it?

"Uh hum."

Buffy jumped slightly before spinning around, hissing and spitting at the intruder.

Clem raised his hands in surrender, stepping back from the snarling bundle of fury before him "Umm, slayer…. do you know that you're a cat?"

Buffy relaxed when she realized that it was Clem standing before her.

"I don't think Spike's home yet Slayer, haven't seen him for days."

'Ok, how does Clem know who I am?' Buffy cocked her head to the side to study the floppy demon before her, unconsciously mimicking Spike as she did so. An idea began to form as she turned to stare at the closed door before turning back to Clem and mewing pitifully. Buffy waited a few moments to see if Clem would understand her actions, shaking her head slightly she repeated her cry before moving forward and weaving her way through his legs, shuddering internally as she brushed against his saggy flesh, before making her way to the door and scratching lightly at h its surface.

After a few more heartbreaking cries Clem seemed to get the idea, stepping forward and pushing the door open, almost tripping as Buffy's small white body flew past him and into the darkened crypt. Poking his head round the door Clem called out softly, "Spike? You there?" His eyes searched the gloom for the Slayer. "I'll just leave you here then? Tell Spike I said 'hi'." Clem lumbered back into the night, not giving a thought to how Buffy would be able to give Spike his message, but certain that Spike's demon would recognise the Slayer in her new body.

Buffy wandered around the crypt trying to find the perfect place to hide and wait for Spike's return, worry starting to niggle at the back of her mind. 'Why isn't Spike here yet? He should be here by now; there's no way I could have beaten him here. Not unless I'm like this super cat with special powers. Oh, I wonder if I can fly or something?' Buffy leapt down into the lower part her legs splayed wide as she tested her super cat theory. At the last moment she realized that, no, she was not going to sprout wings, so she best try and land on her feet. 'Ok, so no super powers, well other then my super nifty slayer powers.' She stared back at the ladder leading to the upper level. 'I better go look for the bleached wonder I suppose.' Frowning as she noticed how far away the opening seemed, 'Maybe not.'

A loud bang suddenly echoed through the crypt. "Oh, bloody hell."

Buffy franticly looked for cover, finally settling on a quick dash under the bed, peaking out from behind the dangling sheets, just as a pair of bare, mud covered feet came into view.

Spike gingerly made his way across the crypt, wincing as he trod on a discarded bottle top. Reaching forward he pulled aside a small curtain, exposing a crude pipe jutting from the wall, Spike twisted a small valve on the side and a spurt of water began to pour forth. Carefully taking off his duster he threw it towards the bed, give a small cry of victory as it landed neatly on its surface.

Buffy huffed in annoyance as the hem of the duster obstructed her view. Shifting her position she was rewarded with a clear view of Spike's taut buttocks as he stepped under the water.

Spike placed his hands on the wall before him, leaning his head forward, allowing the water to hit the nape of his neck and run smoothly down the planes of his back. Sighing, he blindly groped for the soap that he had secreted away in a small crevice in the wall before turning around and leaning his back against the wall.

Buffy felt a soft rumble begin to move through her body as she watched the play of Spike's hands on his taut muscles. Mesmerized she watched as his movements became more sensual, suds slowly snaking their way downwards across his body. Buffy watched in fascination as a small cluster of bubbles slowly slid downwards from just above his left nipple, moving inwards to caress his abs before moving outwards, sliding around his hip and winding its self down his leg. Buffy licked her lips, wishing that she could trace the path with her soft tongue.

Spike groaned, shifting his body to put his head under the small stream of water. The past few days had been the best and worst of his life, he had been given the opportunity to be close to the woman he loved and enjoy the affection she had poured onto him. But he had also been tormented by the knowledge of what he would never attain, a grin spread across his face, 'Not exactly unattainable though was it, Spike ole boy.'

Spike let his tongue flick across his lips, savoring the slight hint of taste that still lingered on them. Inhaling deeply he reveled in the scent that seemed to flow from the bed; Spike opened one eye, half expecting the Slayer to be in the room with him. He spied his duster hanging loosely from the edge of the bed, and he felt himself harden at the memory of Buffy wrapped in nothing but the soft black leather.

Moving the soap down to his cock Spike leisurely lathered the curls surrounding it, before letting the soap drop to the ground. Grasping himself firmly Spike began to move his hand along his hard length; his mind conjuring pictures to fuel his arousal. Buffy moving small shards of ice across her taut nipples; the small mewling sounds she made when his mouth covered her swollen clit; the lust and desire in her voice as she called out his name.

Spike began to murmur softly as his movements started to quicken, his grip becoming firmer and the tip of his nail occasionally flicking at the weeping slit at the tip of his cock. "Buffy." Spike took in an unneeded breath, "That's it baby, touch me." He moved his other hand down to cup his balls, "God Buffy, love you so much, need you. Want you, always you, only you." He repeated his litany over and over until a low growl tore from his throat, long strands of cum shooting outwards.

Bonelessly he slumped back, turning off the stream of water before bracing himself and striding towards the bed. Small droplets of water coursed down his body before he snatched up a towel and vigorously rubbed himself dry.

Crawling into his bed he pulled up the sheet to haphazardly cover his hips, one leg still bare to the night air. Almost as an afterthought he snatched up his duster, and pulled it towards his face. He reveled in the intermingling of scents, his own unique signature of whisky and cigarettes now mixed with a hint of vanilla and what Spike could only describe as sunshine. Both of these however were overlaid with the heady musk of sex and arousal, Spike felt a deep feeling of loss wash over him, 'Bloody Scoobies will have her convinced it was all the bloody demon spit by the time she's back to normal.'

Closing his eyes Spike inhaled deeply once more, letting images of Buffy fill his mind as he replayed every moment of their time together, his hand moving to gently caress his cock as he drifted into a blissful slumber.

Buffy cautiously crept out from her hiding place, her ears pricked to detect the smallest sound to indicate that her prey was aware of her presence. Jumping nimbly onto the foot of the bed she watched him while he slept, the smooth planes of his chest moved lightly as a whisper of breath seemed to come from his lips. Creeping forward Buffy was fixated by the almost nonexistent movement of his soft lips. Buffy remembered the small feeling of surprise that had filled her when Spike had first kissed her. She had never dreamt that a man's lips could be so soft and luxurious yet still cause every nerve ending in her body to tingle with anticipation. She watched as his lips moved once again, "Buffy," the merest whisper pushed its way through to tantalize her senses with the devotion and reverence that it held.

Buffy continued to watch him for what seemed an age, her mind racing as she tried to process all that had happened in the past few days. Finally a decision made, she stood, stretching her lithe body before turning to make her way back towards the end of the bed. She had only taken a few steps when she noticed the movement of the sheet that covered Spike's hips. Gently picking her way across the bed, Buffy managed to maneuver the sheet so that it slipped down Spike's hips a little, exposing the tip of his cock and the hand that occasionally drifted up its length.

Buffy felt a surge of feminine pride, not only was Spike dreaming of her but he was dreaming of her. She growled in disappointment as he shifted in his sleep, turning more fully onto his back, his hand pulling the sheet higher before returning to stroke his cock. Buffy tried to pull the sheet downwards again, huffing in a fit of pique when she realized that one edge was now firmly tucked beneath his hip.

Pacing back and forwards Buffy carefully took note of the scene before her as she tried to form a plan of attack. She wanted Spikey goodness, and she wanted it now, damn it! She stomped one dainty paw on the bed, a small frown marring her feline features as she stared at the end of the bed; a small movement catching the corner of her eye. Buffy crouched down low ready to pounce on whatever it was that had drawn her attention away from the man lying in the bed before her. There it was again, a twitch in the sheets at the end of the bed. A huge grin split across her face as she noticed the toe now lying bare to the world. 'Ohhh me thinks I've found an in.'

Buffy crept down to the very end of the bed, balancing carefully on the edge as she nosed her way under the sheet and worked her way slowly upwards between Spike's splayed legs. 'Go the night vision.' Settling herself down Buffy contented herself with watching the lazy movement of his hand.

Spike was dreaming; he knew he was dreaming because he was caught up in one of his favorite fantasies. Buffy in his bed, her hot mouth working on his cock, while her small hands roamed across his body, one cupping his balls while the other followed after the movement of her mouth.

He squeezed his eyes tight refusing to heed the call back to reality, concentrating instead on the sensations he was experiencing in his dream world. 'Hang on.' His dreams had never been this intense before; maybe his brief time with Buffy had caused his mind to subconsciously provide more detail to his fantasy. Soft mewling sounds filled his ears, accompanied by a small vibration against his cock. 'Ok that's new.' Spike snapped his eyes open, drawing in a deep breath to steady his riotous emotions; instead he was overloaded with the musky scent of arousal, the heat enveloping his cock increasing more and more.

Glancing down he stared in shock at the large mound over his hips. He had awoken from his dreams with a large tent in his sheets before but nothing like this. Whipping the sheet to the side, Spike stared down at the blonde head that was bobbing up and down on his cock. The head suddenly stopped moving; Spike watched in a daze as a face slowly swam into view, green eyes peaking up at him as his cock slipped from her warm mouth with a soft pop.

"About time you woke up mister," Buffy licked her lips slowly as she began to creep up his body, dragging her body across his, teasing his senses with the friction. "Ohh, look at that lip, gonna get it." Leaning forward she caught one lip between her teeth nipping it lightly before catching his mouth in a deep kiss, sliding her tongue into his mouth as she continued to slide her body against his.

"Buffy?" Spike's voice sounded like it hadn't been used in years, his cock throbbed with her every movement, his skin burning at her touch.

"You were expecting someone else?" Buffy laughed at his shocked expression as she slid her hands round to grasp his buttocks, pulling him more firmly against her so that his cock ground against her clit.

"What? How?" Spike frowned, "Buffy?"

Buffy giggled, "Good questions, but no talky now." She wriggled forward, effectively positioning the tip of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. "Right now I want you," she levered herself up slightly, gently pressing backwards so that the tip of his cock pushed into her heat, "in me." Sitting back further Buffy felt the length of Spike's cock fill her.

Spike stared up at Buffy in wonder. This was real, it wasn't a dream, Buffy was here, in his bed, naked, his cock sheathed in her tight passage. He groaned as Buffy began to rock slowly, her muscles clenching around him.

"What's the matter Spike? Don't you wanna play?" Buffy teased, "I can always leave, mind you I don't have any clothes, but I don't suppose too many people would mind if I walked home like this." She ran her hands across her bare breasts to emphasize the point.

Spike growled; sitting up suddenly and grabbing her by the shoulders, "Like hell!" He pulled her to him roughly kissing her before twisting them and pinning her to the bed. "Got you now Slayer, and I'm gonna have myself a … real … good … day." He pumped his hips forward grinding against her clit as he did.

Buffy wrapped her legs around him. "Come on Spike," she lowered her voice, "You know you wanna dance."

Spike stared at the woman before him, her eyes sparkling with lust and happiness. "Buffy?" uncertainty crept into his voice, "What is this? Is it just a one time thing?" Spike swallowed hard, silently berating himself for asking the question, but he had to know. If this was all he was going to have he wanted to make every minute last, imprint it into his mind so that he could savor it for the rest of his unlife.

Buffy looked at the man above her, looked into his eyes and let herself become immersed in the love and desire that they held. She also allowed herself to see the pain and desperation that they held in their depths. "This is us Spike," she smiled tenderly as she drifted her hand across his face, "And I think I kinda like us."

"You do?"

Buffy felt her heart constrict at the hope those two words held. "Yeah I do." She pulled him forward for another kiss, "You can be the most annoying, stubborn, frustrating vampire in the entire world, but you're mine."


"Yup all mine, and if you think I'm going to let anyone else have you, then you've got another thing coming mister." Buffy rubbed her hands across his chest, "Now less talking and more luvin'. I wanna enjoy my spankin' new boyfriend."

"Spankin', huh?" Spike curled his tongue against the back of his teeth his eyes gleaming with mischief before he sat back suddenly, causing Buffy to pout with disappointment. Without warning he turned her over; bring his palm down sharply against her backside with a loud slap.

"Hey, what was that for?" Buffy tried to wriggle away from him, when she was stopped by the feeling of his tongue as he lathed the tender spot before pressing his mouth against it. She moaned as he spanked her again, quickly followed by his mouth once more. "You do know you're evil, right?"

Spike leant forward to catch her ear lobe between his teeth before murmuring in her ear, "That's right baby, I'm the big bad."

Buffy ground her backside against him, "Well Big Bad, are you gonna show me what you've got? Or are you all talk?"

"You're one step away missy." Spike wagged a finger in Buffy's direction enjoying the playful banter between them.

"Ohh help, Spike's gonna scold me." Buffy rolled off the bed dashing across the room, Spike following close behind.

Grabbing her around the waist he pushed her against the wall, "Sounds like someone needs to be taught a lesson." He reached behind her and grasped a large curtain, tugging on it sharply to reveal a full-length mirror propped against the wall.

"Ummm Spike, why do you have a mirror?"

Spike paused before answering, "Harm got it, thought it would be fun to put it over the bed."

"And what would two vampires need with a mirror above their bed?" Buffy growled at the thought of Harmony in bed with Spike, he was hers now and she had decided that no other women were permitted to exist in his past. Nu uh they would all be conveniently pushed into some dark corner and never spoken of again.

"Buffy did you just growl?" Spike felt himself harden at the thought of her jealously, "Ohhh kitten's got claws." Before she could work herself up into a fit of righteous indignation Spike quickly continued, "We both know that Harm was an idiot, but you got to admit it was a good idea." He turned her back to face the mirror, running his hands across her body.

Buffy watched as her skin showed the gentle play of invisible hands running across it, one breast lifted slightly, the nipple puckering as unseen fingers rolled it softly "Alright, it is a good idea I suppose," she gasped softly as Spike brushed his thumb across her clit.

"Trust me, kitten?"

Buffy twisted to stare into his brilliant blue eyes, "With my heart."

Spike grasped her chin, pulling her forward for a gentle kiss, before grabbing her hands and bracing them on either side of the mirror, "You're gonna want to hang on for this, luv."

Spike dropped to his knees before her catching her clit in his mouth and sucking lightly, smiling to himself as her arousal flooded his senses. Slowly he began to lick, suck and nip at her clit, before moving to the tender flesh of her inner thigh, slowly working his way back up to the planes of her stomach, then her breasts, before returning to her back and concentrating on her neck.

Gripping her hips Spike pulled Buffy back a fraction, nudging her legs wider with his leg, before slipping his hand down to play with her slick entrance. Positioning himself carefully Spike surged forward into her heat, before pulling back and thrusting forward more forcefully.

Buffy moaned at the sensation, tilting her ass backwards to give him better access, a loud purr began rumbling through her body.

Spike's legs almost buckled as the vibrations hit the muscles that held his cock in their tight grip, unbidden his own purrs began to echo Buffy's causing her to writhe against him, purring and mewling she closed her eyes and let her head fall back onto his shoulder.

"No, I want you to watch," Spike gently pulled her head forward so that she once again stared at herself in the mirror. "What do you see?"

Buffy fought the urge to lose herself in sensation as she took in the sight before her. Her skin was flushed, small beads of sweat making her skin look slick and dewy; her eyes were lust filled and heavy lidded. Letting her gaze drop Buffy took note of the indents on her hips where Spike's fingers dug into her roughly, holding her in their punishing grip. Her eyes drifted to the small thatch of curls at the junction of her thighs; she watched, as the skin surrounding her pussy seemed to pull slightly as Spike thrust deep within her, her clit swollen and almost pulsing with life.

"What do you see Buffy?" Spike repeated his question angling her so that he could deepen his thrusts more.

"I see you." Buffy gasped as she felt Spike's blunt teeth nip at the base of her neck, "I see you surrounding me, filling me." She moaned as he began to thrust into her more rapidly, "I see you loving me, even when you're not there."

"'m always here Buffy." Spike bit down with his blunt teeth more forcefully as he continued to quicken his pace, "Won't ever leave you."

Buffy felt a small thrill race through her body at Spike's declaration. She looked deep into her own eyes, reflected in the mirror at her. Her whole body seemed ready to explode. "Change." She arched her head back as she felt his teeth latch onto her skin again. "I want all of you the first time."

Spike didn't hesitate, moving one arm to wrap around her waist as he continued to thrust into her; he bit deeper into the nape of her neck, before allowing the demon to come forward. Slowly his fangs descended into the soft flesh of her neck, Spike felt her writhe and thrust beneath him, desperately wanting to warn her to be careful of her movements while his fangs were so close to so many nerve endings. With a low possessive growl he bit deeper, allowing one fang to press against them before taking a long, leisurely pull, her rich blood exploding onto his tongue as Buffy screamed with pleasure, her muscles convulsing around him.

Buffy woke slowly, her body felt boneless, sated, leaving her eyes closed she extended her senses, taking note of the soft bed that she lay on and the gentle hands that glided across her body, "Mmmm, you can do that forever."

Spike chuckled, "Do what luv?" He slid his hand across her nipple before trailing it downwards to circle her clit, without quite touching it.

Buffy pouted and wriggled her hips, her breath hitching when he brushed the tip lightly, "Touch me." She opened her eyes to watch the movement of his hands "Spike touching is very much of the good."

Spike stilled his hands, "Even the biting?" He studied her closely, waiting.

"Hey!" Buffy wriggled beneath his hands, urging him to continue, before noticing the seriousness in his eyes. "Yeah even the biting." She leant forward nipping his shoulder sharply.

Spike moaned as her teeth bit down harder, before tracing a path up to his neck. He sighed in bliss as she bit down hard before suckling at his tender throat "Luv?"

Buffy giggled. "Shhhhh, biting." She mewled in disappointment when he pulled away suddenly.

Spike stared down at her in apology, "Sorry luv, but someone's coming." He hastily jumped out of bed, pulling on a pair of jeans before making his way to the upper level.

Buffy grabbed the sheet wrapping it around her before moving to stand at the ladder, straining to hear what was happening.

Spike relaxed as Dawn bounded through the door, thrusting a small bag towards him as she glanced over her shoulder. "Ok, I think they're only about 10 minutes behind me tops." She smirked when she noticed the teeth marks peppering his neck, "Looks like someone had fun last night." Moving towards the ladder she waved to Buffy, "I stalled them for as long as I could, but they finally worked out you were missing." She snorted lightly, "It only took them, what fifteen hours or something. Oh, and I bought you some clothes too." She whirled around to snatch the bag from Spike and tossed it down to where Buffy stood. "You better put a shirt on Spike cause if Xander sees those." Dawn waved at his neck, "His head's probably going to explode."

Buffy's voiced drifted up from below, "And no Spike you can not see if you can make it pop; now get down here and get dressed."

Spike grumbled as he slid down the ladder, "'m bloody whipped already." His grumbling ceased when he caught sight of Buffy's lace clad backside as she slid her jeans up. "So what's the plan luv?"

Buffy turned round, "Well first thing is I tell the others that they can mind their own business, then a quick patrol. Then I think we can head back home where you can do all those naughty things you're thinking about right now."

Spike stalked forward, catching her lips in a hard kiss as he started to bend her backwards towards the bed, fluttering hands and a small whimper her only protest. Deliberately he ran one hand up her body, across her neck and…reached over and snatched up his shirt, leaving Buffy to fall onto the soft mattress with a grumble of protest.

"You're mean," pouted Buffy, jutting out her bottom lip with a mock quiver.

Spike smirked. "You do know I'm evil right?' he repeated her comment from earlier.

"Oh yeah baby, you're bad to the bone." Buffy pulled on her shirt before snatching up her shoes and heading upstairs. "Hey Dawnie, look I'm all Buffy again."

Dawn hugged her sister, "I kinda figured that seeing as Spike was all with the post sex hair, when I got here."

Buffy blushed deep red, "Dawn!"

"Oi," Spike lifted a hand and ran it over his hair in an attempt to smooth down the riotous girls.

"Hey no messin' with the sexy curls, they belong to me now." Buffy played with his hair until it sat in a perfectly created tousled mass, before nodding her satisfaction, allowing her fingers to gentle run through the soft curls almost unconsciously.

Dawn grinned as she watched Spike stand still while Buffy played with his hair, his face a picture of contentment, soft purrs rumbling in his chest. "You are soooo whipped."

Spike murmured his agreement, blissfully angling his head to follow the path of Buffy's hands, his purrs increasing.

Buffy pressed herself against him, fascinated by the feel of his hair running through her fingers, purrs of her own joining his.

"So umm Spike, how did you react when Buffy cat showed up on your doorstep?" Dawn tried to casually interrupt the enthralled couple.

Dawn watched as Buffy pulled back, a small frown marring her face, "Actually I got here first, Clem let me in." She looked at Spike questioningly, "Why did you take so long; you should have gotten here way before me."

Spike eyes darted around the crypt, desperate to look anywhere but into Buffy's face. "I um got a little distracted on the way."

Buffy began to tap her foot impatiently, "Spike look at me." She waited until his eyes settled on her face, "What could possibly have distracted a half naked vampire on his way home?" Her face darkened at the possibilities, "Did it involve other women, cause if it did…"she let the threat hang in the air.

Spike look astonished, "No, nothing like that, honest luv." He looked down guiltily, "It's just I was on my way back, and I got distracted by a mumph."

"Huh? A what?"

"A mumph," he mumbled again.

"Spike speak up, I didn't hear you. Now what distracted you?"

"Oh bloody hell!" Spike sighed in resignation, "You wanna know well here it is. I was on my way home and I forgot for a minute that I wasn't a cat anymore, and I got distracted by a mouse."

"You were chasing a mouse? That's why you were late?" Buffy gave a loud snort before collapsing into a fit of giggles, tears streaming from her eyes.

"Did you go all grrr and fangy?" Dawn watched as Spike turned even paler, "Oh my God, you did."

"Yeah go on, have a good ole laugh at Spike's expense," he pointed to Buffy, "Don't come crying to me when it happens to you."

Buffy and Dawn ignored him completely, focusing instead on images of a vamped Spike hunting down and killing a defenseless mouse. It wasn't until Dawn casually mentioned the possibility of Spike chowing down that Buffy sobered, turning horrified eyes towards him, "You didn't did you?" She blanched, "Ewww mouse breath." Suddenly she stilled, "I kissed you!" She began to spit lightly, "I kissed lips that ate a mouse." She rubbed vigorously at her lips, trying to wipe the offending thought from her mind.

Spike snatched at her hands, forcing them to her side. "Buffy luv, I didn't catch the bloody thing. I remembered that I wasn't a cat anymore, I just ended up taking a little detour is all."

"True?" Buffy looked at him hopefully, "You didn't catch it?"

"No luv, I didn't catch the bloody thing. Now can we drop it?"

"It would have been cute though." Buffy snuggled into him, letting her voice become low and husky, "My big brave hero arriving home from the hunt, ready to ravish me."

Spike just stared at her in astonishment, one minute she was being a typical grossed out girl, the next she was a wanton sex kitten, practically crawling up his body. He lowered his head pulling her tighter to him and catching her lips in a searing kiss.

"Umm guys," Dawn's voice pulled them from their trance. "First can I say …ewww…. really don't need to see the whole uncensored thing." Dawn gave a small shudder, "I mean it's great and all but I so, so don't wanna know about it." She grinned as the pair reluctantly pulled apart, "Also from the noise outside I'd say the rest of the gang have arrived."

"Alright then let's get this done." Buffy strode to the door pulling it open sharply, "I wanna go home and have loud obnoxious sex with my boyfriend."

"Buffy!" Dawn protested, sticking her fingers in her ears, "I told you I didn't want to know about that."

"Know about what Dawn?" Buffy grinned as her sister began to softly sing la la la, her fingers jammed firmly in place. "That Spike does this thing with his tongue where he…" her voice died away as she turned to come face to face with a horrified Xander. "Ummm, hi guys," she waggled her fingers at them, "I'm back."

Xander stared at her in shock, his face turning a bright shade of purple, while the three girls eyed Spike speculatively.

Spike merely smirked, hooking his thumb into the waistband of his jeans and letting his fingers splay out across his crotch.

Buffy watched his display transfixed, her tongue unconsciously darting out to moisten her lips as she started to purr softly once again.

"Buffy you're purring?" Willow stared at her friend in amazement.

"Uh huh," Buffy answered absently, as she began to sashay towards Spike, her eyes fixed on her goal.

"Buffy!" Xander protested loudly, grabbing her and pulling her away roughly.

Buffy hissed in protest as Spike moved forward to grab her back growling loudly.

Xander stepped back. "Ok see that," he pointed an accusing finger towards the pair, "With the purring and the hissing; she's still under the demon spit's influence." He looked at the others, "We have to save her."

"Xander, I don't think she really wants to be saved," Tara motioned to the pair, who were once again wrapped around each other, whispering, soft purrs rumbling through their bodies.

"But look," he pointed, "She's behaving like she's in heat or something."

Spike leapt towards Xander only to be blocked by three very angry women. Tara crossed her arms fixing the brunette with a pointed look, "I don't think that was a wise thing to say Xander."


Willow slapped his arm, "Xander, don't be mean."


Anya reached forward and slapped him sharply across the back of the head, "Xander Harris, how could you say something like that; it's just a little aftereffect from the transmogrification, and I think it's very sexy." She slapped him again, "And if you want orgasms tonight, you better apologize to Buffy right this instant."


Dawn pushed through the others to stand in front of him, arms crossed as she kicked his shin. "Yeah Xander apologize to my sister." She quirked an eyebrow, as she waited.


Buffy looked back at him with hurt eyes. "You're a pig Xander," she turned to burrow her face into Spike's chest.

"Now look what you've done whelp." Spike hooked one finger under her chin. "He didn't mean it kitten," he turned to glare at Xander, "Did you boy?"

"But…" Xander stared at the glaring faces in front of him before looking into Buffy's hurt filled eyes, opening his mouth to speak

Buffy cut him off, "Ok, this is how it is, I'm back to normal Buffy, except I now have this spankin' new boyfriend." She gestured towards Spike, jumping a little when his hand softly paddled her backside, 'mmmm spanking.' She grinned to herself, "and he's not going anywhere so you'll just have to get over yourself Xander Harris." Buffy took a deep breath as she prepared to continue with her rant, "and another thing…duck."

Buffy leapt forward grabbing Dawn and Anya and pulling them to one side, at the same time as Spike wrapped his arms around Willow and Tara and pulled them in the opposite direction.

Puzzled Xander turned around just in time to see a Klishnar Demon send a large globule of spit in his direction. He stood motionless as it hit him square in the face, slowly sliding downwards to fall to the ground with a large plop. He stared at the mound at his feet in dumbfounded, oblivious to the fight going on around him, only looking up when someone called his name.

"Xander, don't touch anything!" The others stood around him warily, the demon lying prone to one side, "Ok, if we get him home and under the shower, will that neutralize the effects?"

Anya nodded, "Yes, that should do it, good old fashioned soap and water."

The others motioned for Xander to start walking, careful to avoid any possibility of contact.

Xander gingerly began to creep forward, his eyes darting about for stray insects that might inadvertently fly into his face. So intent on scanning his surroundings he didn't notice the low headstone before him until too late, falling head first over it and landing on his back on the ground, just as a small brown rabbit darted out from a bush and straight into his arms.

Xander stared at the squirming brown animal in his arms, before his ears registered the terrified screech emanating from his girlfriend.

"Oh My God," Anya began to flap her arms wildly, "You touched it, you touched it."

Xander stared at her nonplused.

"You're going to turn into a bunny!" Anya shuddered at the thought her face going deathly pale, "You can't come home with me; you'll have to find somewhere else to stay." Anya twirled round and fled into the night.

Xander stared at the others, "Guys?"

Spike moved to stand over him, "Come on whelp, on your feet." He gave a sly smirk, "'m sure Buffy's got a nice box somewhere you can use."

"Ohh and lots of juicy carrots," Willow added as the friends began to banter back and forth.

Tara giggled, "What traits do you think he'll have leftover when he changes back?"

"Twitchy nose?" Buffy offered.

"Or maybe big feet?" Tara added.

Spike grinned, "I'm betting on a cute little cotton tail."

"Betting? Do demons play bunny poker, Spike?" Dawn's soft laughter floated back to Xander on the cool night air; slowly he clambered to his feet and began to follow miserably behind.


Thanks to everyone who has read this fic, your reviews and comments are much appreciated. A huge thank you also to my fab Beta Holly and also Corrina (Alwaysjbj), Li and Julie, for letting me bounce ideas off you. And lastly to my precious cat Snap, who woke me at 4am one morning (just to chat) and told me all about this great idea he had.